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Here's the Pro-Bernie Sanders 2020 Op-Ed The Baffler Decided Its Readers Should No Longer See


Here's the Pro-Bernie Sanders 2020 Op-Ed The Baffler Decided Its Readers Should No Longer See

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"They're cowering for no reason."



I loved Bernie. I truly believed in him. Then, Hillary Clinton and her hit squad stole what was rightfully his, the nomination.

We would be living in a different world today had it not bee for the “calculated hit” on Bernie by the Democratic Establishment, in every dirty way possible.

2016 was Bernie’s time.

This country has moved on from there.

Who will be the best candidate to stand up to the Republicans?

I can’t say cause I don’t know.

But I do know this.

The Democrat in 2020 must _never be facing Trump.

Trump must be History by then.

Impeached. Disgraced for his multitude of crimes.


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Great logic, good links, honest writing… no wonder it’s not endorsed in the establishment media.

Notice that our establishment media isn’t reporting on a MEDIA scandal of the Integrity Initiative. https://www.sott.net/article/403633-MI5s-temple-of-covert-propaganda-Integrity-Initiative-and-the-scandal-of-the-UKs-information-war



Bernie or bust? Yes! The others are neoliberals posing as a progressive. I won’t vote for one.



I would like to see Sanders run, if only to expose the so-called “progressive wing” of the Democratic party for the hollow, compromised shell that it is. Nevertheless, I’d rate his chances of getting the nomination even lower than Warren, Gillibrand and other long-established party Democrats. Sanders caught the Democratic party establishment by surprise in 2016, but the party elite and its supportive liberal elitist press is ready for him, now. Oh, the party will secretly welcome a Sanders run to let Sanders do his sheepdog thing, but they’ll torpedo him, once again, and, sadly, Sanders will let them, once again, for the sake of beating Trump.



I wish that were true PB. But, Trump’s lawyers and the U.S. Senate will drag this out at least until the election. That is unless they find cause to throw the cuffs on him. Or if a coalition of patriots make a patriotic move on Washington.
Wishing for peace is no longer an agenda item. It’s gone too far.



already trying to censor Bernie’s run before it has officially begun. what are they so afraid of???



Self censorship is the worst form of censorship there is, suppression, oppression, tyranny. Giving away rights to please an outside force is unamerican. Bernie is feared because of the truths he speaks, those that support truth are shoved into the shadows. I am more than willing to go another round of $27.00 at a time. It’s funny when reading other news sites, some have djt already serving a second term or Harris being above examination. We already know full well who Bernie is, in my mind there can be no other choice.



Just think back a little further if at the turn of the century Al Gore would of won, fought for his win and George Bush did not underhandley become president.



I support the author and her thoughts. Bernie it is for me.



Loved her piece. Awesome! It’s Bernie or Bust Bitch! Hell Ya!



I am already dreading the coming circus of the primaries next year. I see NO one on the roster that would get my vote other than Bernie, and he’s not perfect. But everyone else on the ‘list’ is pseudo progressive, firmly in the neo-lib camp. I imagine the Dims have it in them to go even lower than they did in 2016. Too bad there are so few forward thinkers among them.



Agreed – mostly, but there are a few others I’d vote for. Very Few. Sen Barbara Lee is on that list as are Pramila Jayapal, Raul Grijalva and maybe Kieth Ellison.

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Frost sez:
“Barack Obama was the very last ‘horoscope candidate’ — a politician who manages to speak so vaguely that his platform could mean anything to anyone.”

Fun read, but I have to disagree with this line.

Oh, Frost may be correct in that a ‘horoscope candidate’ can no longer win (let us pray), but I’m betting Harris, Sen. Mastercard and possibly Gillibrand — at least — will take this approach. And Beto all but plagiarized Obama’s entire campaign in his run vs. Ted.



PonyBoy, would it give you any solace if I assured you that there is a world where Bernie Sanders won the presidency? Reality consists of a multitude of worlds, each one the realization of what might have been. This is what Quantum Physics tells us.
Among all possible worlds there are some very bad ones where the Confederacy and Hitler won the war, and others where Trump becomes Emperor of the World. We live in one of the bad ones.

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Top on the alternates to Sanders is Tulsi Gabbard. I’m hoping she’ll be his running mate.



Too bad that the best candidate to oppose Trump will never have any chance to be nominated for POTUS by the DNC! The dems. are already claiming that Biden " IS THE MOST ELECTABLE".



Well, pony boy, if Trump is impeached, then we’ll have Pence, who would cause a lot more damage than Trump and would have a better chance of winning in 2020. And the election is only two years from now, so what’s the point? In 2016, I saw so many paid trolls lurking in social media who had the same formula: I really like Bernie but … he’s too-old/unelectable/too-socialist/etc. This seems like an interesting variant - “2016 was his time not now” ignoring the fact he’s the best, most easily elected candidate and the most popular politician in America…



The Sandernistas may be the only progressive block to stop the thoroughly rotten excesses and capitulations of the Center-Right Democrats, who are massing against Sen. Sanders and the Progressives/DSA wing. He’s the best hope we have to stop Trump and Democrats like Biden, The Beto and all of the rest of The Gang Who Couldn’t Lie Straight. Even then, it’s not a sure bet the liars won’t use drastic measures to undermine progressive legislation and policy. That’s their history under the Clinton and Ohbummer reign.
If it’s a fight they want, that’s their problem and not The Sandernistas. If they persist in their underhanded and low rent tactics to deny Sen. Sanders a deserved seat at the table, it’s a real fight they’re going to get.
BTW Democrats- being pragmatic is not the same thing as being pathetic. And, in the last 30 years, we’ve seen a lot of the latter being sold to us as the former. Just stop it, already.



I am never voting for another Democrat after what they did to Bernie in 2016 (left for the Green Party and never looked back), and I won’t have to worry about not voting for him in 2020, because there is no way in Hell the party is going to let him anywhere near the Democratic nomination for President. You can tell who the PTB wants as their nominee - Kamala Harris. They are convinced a brown Hillary Clinton is just the ticket, and that the voters are going to ignore the trail of corporate corruption she leaves behind. Well I can tell you that folks like me are going to continuously call her out every step of the way for the next 20 months. My goal is to pay back the Democratic Party for what they cost us in cheating us out of President Sanders by working very hard to kill them off for good.