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Here's the Real Deal on 'Medicare for All'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/04/heres-real-deal-medicare-all


Problem is, all that money the healthcare industrial complex throws around is effective. Outside of Bernie and Tulsi, all the other d-party candidates offer avenues for the profiteers to keep the money grab going.

In fact, the current frontrunner is crystal clear about making sure the for-profit sector dominates the “industry” and continues to get taxpayer subsidies to do it.


" Everyone deserves, as a human right, affordable access to quality health care." Jim Hightower.

No Jim, everyone deserves quality health care as a human right.


It would have been helpful Jim Hightower if you mentioned the Humanitarian Architect of Medicare For ALL, Bernie Sanders, who has been single-handedly keeping the prospect of Universal, Single Payer Health Care alive and at the forefront of Politics.

A terrible oversight by the author.

BERNIE - 2020


Obamacare got more people insured. Whether it improved access to healthcare is a separate issue, and one that ought to be answered differently.

Obamacare was a plastic bone thrown to the progressive base of the Democratic Party, consisting of over 2,000 pages of loopholes written by industry lawyers. Since its passage, expenses continue to rise and services fall, and the IRS has been enlisted to coerce people into the system.

No, private and privatized American health insurance–as very much opposed to health care–has to be gutted. Health spending accounted for a bit under 20% of US GDP. Insurance itself was about 20% of that.

American ethics seems to involve the fantasy that there is some sort of moral superiority in collecting money from doing damaging worth rather than loafing and hurting nothing, but that does not make much sense when you get to analyze it. The “real deal” is that insurance loot speaks to Democratic representatives, too. The bribes are what maintains the industry. And the industry should be gutted, reduced to a tiny percentage of its current volume.

Doctors and nurses should, for the most part, be well salaried, not independent for-profit actors. There should be zero financial incentive for doctors to overprescribe, over-operate, and over-intervene in general. This goes for hospitals and clinics as well. If we let doctors work decent hours, get their sleep, and even meet their families, we might have fewer suicides among them.


I agree that Bernie has been a tireless advocate and force for Universal Single-Payer health care insurance reforms, and to be recognized as a Human Right, but I don’t think Jim Hightower forgot or ignored his roll, it’s just there have been others throughout the years that have sponsored, advocated and fought-for that concept as well. John Conyers and HR 676 among other proposals - not to denigrate Bernie’s strong contributions and leadership, especially at this critical time.


Kudos should include the first baby step. The ACA.
My son recently had to leave his job because of an injury he suffered on the job.
The company offered him COBRA @ $880.00 p/m.
ACA would have cost $400 plus.
ACA with subsidy, which he qualifies for $50.00 p/m.
Three wildly different prices for the same care. WTF?
He now says he will vote democrat across the board. He was leaning right before.


Hightower graciously or naively writes, “The proof of that is made clear by the Affordable Care Act, the admirable attempt passed almost a decade ago to mitigate the effects of unrestrained corporate greed.”

The ACA was not in any way shape or form an ADMIRABLE attempt to mitigate the effects of unrestrained corporate greed. Quite the opposite, it was a neoliberal intentional plan to keep the unrestrained greed of for profit insurance and pharma cartels in the driver’s seat of our health care for the benefit of their very greedy and excessive profits.

ACA has been and continues to be an extremely successful program for the purposes for which it was written and implemented. The insurance and pharma cartels are doing better than ever while 30 million Americans have zero coverage and millions more lack access to health care due to excessive premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. Annually thousands find themselves in bankruptcy because of insurance denied or lack of coverage to begin with. The ACA is working as designed.

Do not be fooled. Anything short of HR1394 and S1129 National IMPROVED Medicare for All will not fix the problem. All the other proposed plans (including public options and other so called Medicare for All) are intentionally designed to keep the cartels in business and keep our health care chained to the bottom line of the greedy cartels.


“Everyone deserves, as a human right, affordable access to quality health care.”

No, no, NO! For goodness sake, why can’t you get it right? It’s not NOT about “affordable access” - it’s about free access to all at the point of delivery. “Affordable” implies a cost, and that is never affordable to those with no money. It has to be free to all people who live in the US, paid for by those who pay taxes.


As a Medicare recipient I can testify that Medicare is for all intents and purposes owned and operated by the same for-profit Wall Street Insurance Companies that are the rationing agents for the non health care we receive. The insurance companies rip their profits out of one’s social security check every month and then send many seniors into bankruptcy through copays and/or other fees. A senior with a life threatening illness faces structural maneuvers orchestrated solely based upon cost to rush the “inevitable” in order to protect the profits of the insurance companies. The entire system is based upon the initial care by the Primary Care Physician being dispensed through a for-profit medical practice and it only gets exponentially worse as one is passed to the more profitable levels of the medical non care system. If one needs surgery or is faced with an infectious disease and can personally afford the cost of treatment beyond the insurance disbursements then one does have an excellent chance of actually receiving what can be termed “healthcare”. Medicare For All is simply a political distraction that can best be described as cosmetic. Simply changing who pays the cost will not solve the real problem of the lack of health care and will not make good quality healthcare a universal right. We have to tear down the entire for-profit medical system system and allow healthcare practitioners to actually try to deliver healthcare that we as human beings need and desire and not the multitude of “treatments” comprising the so-called standard of care that generate obscene profits for the select few upon the pain, suffering and necessary death of the majority.

gandolf he must not have listened to you growing up.