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Here's the Video of Schoolchildren Just Moments Before Being Massacred by U.S.-Backed Saudi Bombing

Nice how you can compartmentalize. Because the company you work for builds people killing machines, but you don’t work in that department, your conscience is clear.

Don’t misunderstand my intent. I was in a similar situation. I could no longer accept my own hypocrisy so I left, giving up a VERY NICE retirement package. At least I’m not working for the pond scum anymore, killing Innocents.


Yea, and the Raytheon executives need more vacations, vacation homes, pensions, bonuses, etc, etc. It’s all about killing - make a “killing” - do a “killing.” Jump in bed with the Saudis. Not sure they have a soul like we might think of it.

should we all leave the U.S. or just compartmentalize what our government does in so many arenas?

Well, there’s always ICE - a great career opportunity. Or you could work in one of our many prisons - work death row. There are many, many opportunities in our government or the companies they outsource to. In the U.S. -you have to get on the “gravy” train cause you sure ain’t getting on the “soul” train.

They had no problem killing men, woman and children in the Operation Move house in Philadelphia or in Waco. There is a history. Mai Lai was just another day in the life for them. Nagasaki and Hiroshimi weren’t pretty either.

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The fastest way to change the existing reality is to change beliefs …beliefs create behaviours.


Nobody’s trying to steal food from your children’s plate.
650 children die needlessly on this planet every hour.
The Trillion we spend every year on weapons of defence and offence can change all this .

The war industry will be the losers in the near future ,but by that time capitalism with a conciounce will be the norm ,you will be looked after . Don’t worry …

Why must the world live in strife for a few folks to make a profit and continue misery for billions .

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I would not say my conscience is clear as I anguish over this everyday.

And since 55% of our income tax funded discretionary spending is dedicated to the war machine, aren’t we all in reality working for the MIC?

Why isn’t this called a terrorist attack?

As ye sow, so shall ye reap! The day of reckoning is coming to all those who murder innocent children in the causes of religion, power and greed. “Holy war” is the ultimate oxymoron. There are no armored bank trucks in a funeral procession. “Hatred begets only more hatred and violence begets only more violence.”(Elie Wiesel)

I wonder who adjudicated the paperwork lost on 9-11, which was an Israeli-U.S. conspiracy. G