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Here's What Happened When I Knocked on Doors in Pennsylvania

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/31/heres-what-happened-when-i-knocked-doors-pennsylvania


Way to go Jane - that’s a tonic to wake up to.

Truth is stranger than fiction.


I’ve done the door-to-door thing many times over the years. I can be pretty persuasive.

But so can the blowhards in the rightwing echo chamber.

And the disheartened voters Jane talked to didn’t get that way overnight. They watched a 2-party farce team up to preside over growing wealth inequality, militarized policing, mass shootings, climate chaos, and corporate control over our system.

So whatever Jane is peddling, she’d better sprinkle in some big solutions to big problems: Status quo politics-as-usual that messages one thing to the elites (wnk, wink) and another thing to the average joes doesn’t cut it, and it directly led to Trump.


“We outsmart the Facebook algorithms and digital foreign meddling by holding face-to-face conversations.” Thank you, Jane. This is a wise article. Going to look up the group and find way to support them. We must drive out Trump, Moscow Mitch, and the Republicans or this may be the last election.


“He said there’s no politician who will fight for him.”

Why didn’t you mention Bernie Sanders, Jane?


In Michigan (and elsewhere, really), Green Party and Bernie Bro holdout narratives about equivalency between the two parties and candidates led to a Trump victory. People have to vote strategically–voting “with your conscience” means being pragmatic about the outcomes. Look at the mess now–abortion rights, Supreme Court, federal judges–everyone fighting rearguard defensive battles rather than building on a momentum that should have rejected Trump on every level.


Actually, what led to Trump taking MI was Hillary.

160,000 Obama voters switched to Trump or didn’t vote. If your party wants to wage its LOTE “At least we’re not as bad as Trump” type of political battle, you’ll lose here in my state again. Or, of course, you can blame hippies, Bernie Bros, Russia – hell, blame sexists like me who voted for Jill Stein – your party always has plenty of excuses.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of MI and Hillary, did she even want to win?:


Waaaaa! Waaaaa! Politics is NOT supposed to be a fucking team sport! You are tlelling me and others that because we didn’t vote for a war-mongering woman that WE ARE TO BLAME for Dumbf??? BULLSHIT!!! Dumbf is in the WH because Killery was/is a neo-lib, right-of-center, status quo, LOSER!!! Grow and WAKE UP!!!


Good point to make as often as possible. Biden is selling Status Quo (“nothing will fundamentally change”) That works with his wall Street donors but apparently thinks that will sell to the 99%.
It won’t
You’d think they would have learned that a campaign that consists of " Status Quo" “Vote for me, I’m not him”, “and BTW you’re obligated to vote for me” and not much else will lose. Apparently not for the Wall Street Blue crowd.


Did you forget to blame the Bernie Bros (of 2016) for flipping 680 state legislative seats in 2010?

Are you blaming that flip on the extremely influential Green Party?

Which party controlled the White House and both houses of Congress in 2009-10 - just prior to the election that flipped those seats?


Any other candidate opposing Trump would have been “Hllaryized” by the social-media right wing trolling machines too. The oppodition research and fake dirt on Bernie Sanders was (and is) huge. I live in the rust bent and know how its voters act. Do you?

Electoral politcs is not how change happens. All it does is provide a (often only marginally) better climate for change. The change itself happens at street level.

Thank you Jane for this brilliant piece which should be known by all of us but we’ve lost connections with community and neighbors. I’ve admire you for over 50 years and you are my drummer. I say that because as a teenager and a young adult in the 60’s I always liked the drummers. You do a great jobs and now as a 72 year old I’ve followed your exercise and health tips and others so hopefully I can look as good as you when I get older. Like all of us I still don’t see myself as old as I have dancing and nature as my passions. Plus it helps me stay sane in a world of insanity.


Jane cannot fulfill all her activities in just one article. Keep it simple and she did and it was aspiring.


Sorry David but Green Party voters did vote strategically in 2016, they (myself included, though not a GP member) voted for the best candidate in the race. The question you might want to ask yourself is why didn’t you? And why do you believe in the two party “only” system, even when both of their candidates are losers? You seem to want to follow the DNC propaganda instead of taking a long look in the mirror at the real reason we’re in the mess we’re in.


Baloney, the democrat party put Trump in office. The people wanted real change and Trump lied his way into that scenario and Hillary was status quo that none of us wanted but I did hold my nose and voter for her. But I won’t do it for Joe Biden.



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You dop know that all that “Hilary the war mongerer” stuff was jsut a manufactured social-media leveraged propaganda meme out of the troll farms of St. Petersburg, don’t you? For for right-wing soicial media the message was that she was a “socialist” and perpetraing the “global warming hoax”, for the left, she was “war mongerer”.

She’s far from a pacifict of course; no politician running for president (including Bernie) is - and they would never get elected if they were. But she fully supported the Iran agreement, the INF arms treaty and further progress on strategic nuclear arms treaties - not to mention a strong program to address golbal warming. Have you forgotten that?

My dear buddy - the Russian internet trolls own your brain!


I once thought you were smart, awake, and had your shit together a while back. Boy! Was I wrong! You are a propagandized, programmed tool for the neo-libs and spout the line like a sold out media talking head. Russia?! Really?! Nothing you write anymore will be taken seriously…


If Hillary is relatively pacifistic like you say, why would Russia not want her to be President? Are they just itching for a nuclear war?
Where’s your sense of logic?


PLEASE!!! There is no RUSSIA anymore! That has been de-bunked months ago! Where have you been? Well, besides watching corporate MSNBC. Here’s a fun fact: IT WAS THE DNC THAT SCREWED THE POOCH…by stealing the primary for the “anointed one”, which led to the curse of Dumbf…NOT RUSSIA!