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Here's What Happens When Hillary and Bernie Try to Out-Progressive Each Other


Here's What Happens When Hillary and Bernie Try to Out-Progressive Each Other

Charles P. Pierce

DURHAM, NEW HAMPSHIRE—As it should be obvious by now, the next nothingburger on the Clinton side of the menu is, "Release the transcripts! Why won't you release the transcripts? What do you have to hide in those transcripts?" To be honest, I, too, would like to know what Hillary Rodham Clinton said to Goldman Sachs that was worth 670 large. (I really don't care what she said to the American Camping Association.


Here is another writer who mentions that Hillary has the record and the wherewithal to get elected.

We constantly talk (if not battle) about Bernie's record which is fine but somehow all Hillary has to do is say she has a record and everybody repeats it back again. Hillary has the record this and Hillary has the record that... Could somebody tell me what record Hillary has?

She was a senator who did literally nothing. She was a Sec of State but a relatively incompetent one (imo) or at least an unmemorable one with no record of accomplishment. So what the hell is this record that she keeps mentioning?

Why is it that progressives and others leave that out? Are they afraid republicans will watch on to the quotes? Hillary is tagging along behind Bernie and wherever her advisors sense a big weakness, Hillary starts claiming the opposite.

Progressives have been saying vote for Bernie based on his record ... Hillary has no real record except being Bill's wife... and so next Hillary starts saying she has a record over and over again.

The same exact thing happened with the term progressive. Hillary sensed she was losing out because America wants a more progressive leadership to change things so suddenly she switches from condemning Bernie as being too progressive to saying that she is a progressive.

What is absurd and something that reveals both her cynicism and her lack of respect for ordinary people is how she claims Obama is a progressive (since when?) and Biden is a progressive too. In fact according to Hillary the status quo democrats are all progressives so why change anything. Elect the new and improved progressives in the same original formula status quo democrats.

Didn't you know that in Hillary's universe... progressives are bought and sold by the oligarchy. Progressives get paid $625,000 a speech by oligarchy?

Hey maybe the oligarchy is progressive too... let's ask Hillary... she's one of them...she'll know!


Had Sanders not jumped in there would have been pretty much the same debate between Clinton and O'Malley. It was going to happen unless nobody decided to step up and represent the left side of the Democratic Party. The difference would have been that O'Malley is a policy wonk and there would have been more debate over details of policy. But O'Malley saw himself as the progressive alternative to Clinton and would have had much of the support that Sanders now has. The two sides of the party were going to fight it out. It was mainly a matter of who was going to take on Clinton.


May I chime in and say "Bravo" to you? Somebody in BERNIE's entourage has GOT to catch HRC out. Not only does she NOT have a record of accomplishment, wherever she stuck her hawkish finger while SofS, she was the "Queen of Chaos", as Diana Johnstone brilliantly tags her in her book subtitled "the Misadventures of Hillary Clinton."
She is claiming her authorship of the welfare program for poor children; I've read in the Boston paper that it was actually Senator Ted Kennedy who fathered that program; his co-sponsor, Senator Orrin Hatch was quoted. Lying again, dear, and caught out.


It should have been obvious to the universe that as people kept saying Bernie was progressive that she'd start glomming on to that word. Then when she saw the weakness about her not having a record she tries the manipulation trick of saying it over and over that she has the record of getting things done but she never mentions just what she has gotten done.

I think everybody knows that she was Sec of State but she doesn't talk about all that she has gotten done while in that office now does she? No because she didn't get anything done worth mentioning.

She is really running scared and hoping to pull the wool over people's eyes before the primaries by talking the talk. I think that is why the dems agreed to more debates. Because Hillary needs to convince people of things otherwise they would compare the two candidates records and guess what? Hillary hasn't gotten anything done whatsoever. The scariest thing is that she is running on her husband's record as if she had done most of it.

She's not competent (I watch her face and I wonder if she is actually sane... I kid you not) really but Bill still looks good to many people and so Hillary gets a free ride on his coat tails. America may regret placing her in the oval office. She'd be president not Bill.


And when she talks about universal healthcare ! Her miserable plan was more top-heavy with insurance company thumbs-on-the-scale than even Obamacare, which is a disgrace. Why can't we have singlepayer as a right just like every other civilized [well, it's doubtful if I should use that-does a civilized country have more guns than fleas?]-just like every other "westernized" country? Because this is the United States of Greed and Corporatocracy.
To refer again to the Diana Johnstone "Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton" one reads that she really DOES have a record of accomplishment: too bad that it is only in meddling into the affairs of other countries, all to the military chaos and destruction she wreaked there: Honduras, Libya, the Ukraine-and her chilling boast about Gaddafi: "We came, we saw, he died." is worthy of Genghis Khan or Attila the Hun, not a compassionate being.


I don't like the way she gets a pass on all this supposed expertise in foreign policy.

As Jeffrey Sachs laid out in a very powerful piece on C.D. today, what that experience consists of is like a Domino Theory working in reverse. Everything falls apart! At its core, rather than see Democracy spreading and nation building, there are absolute, calamitous implosions of entire nations. NOTHING she's done in the way of foreign policy has resulted in any improvement to the lives of the millions of citizens impacted by disastrous State Department/MIC martial policy.

I wish Sanders would say something along those lines... bring up the state of Iraq today, or that of Libya, or what happens when the U.S. sends/sells major arms to the Saudis... in the form of bludgeoning the people of Yemen... one of the poorest nations on earth. And so on.

Unfortunately, there's been such war fever pumped up since 911 and so much public indoctrination into policies of aggression that maybe Sanders would do better to speak of the $ hemorrhaged on defense that should instead go to building up the nation. THAT would be a different approach to so-called National Security.


Suggestion: send your ideas to Bernie.com? Otherwise, I don't know exactly how to impact BERNIE'S foreign policyspeak.


Clinton sez: "Senator Sanders is the only person who I think would characterize me, a
woman running to be the first woman president, as exemplifying the establishment."

Um, no. He's not the "only person" making that characterization.


BOTH Bill& Hillary Clinton were ALL IN for so-called "welfare reform" (surprised that allegedly Ted Kennedy was for unraveling the social safety net created by the New Deal & Great Society--though Orin Hatch is NO surprise). The DLC "New Democrats" started by teh Clintons CO-OPTED REPUBLICAN POLICIES so that Democrats could get far more of the Corproate cash. Hillary demands that we "count" her time as First Lady as part of her vast expereince---and she was a BIG CHEERLEADER for many Clinton Administration polices, icnluding "Welfare form", "get tough" Crime bill that included "3 STRIKES & YOu're OUT" LIFE sentences 2/3 being served by NON-VIOLENT drug offenders & ADDING 48 MORE crimes eligible for EXECUTION and REPEAL of Glass-Stegall (which she STILL SUPPORTS).