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Here's What I'll Do the Day After Election Day


Here's What I'll Do the Day After Election Day

Bernie Sanders

I am currently working as hard as I can to see that Donald Trump is defeated, that Hillary Clinton is elected president, and that Democrats gain control of the US House and Senate. The day after the election, working with millions of grass-roots activists, I intend to do everything possible to make certain that the new president and Congress implement the Democratic platform, the most progressive agenda of any major political party in the history of the United States.


It is certainly the most progressive agenda in 60 years, but quite similar to the 1956 Republican Platform. I would like to respectfully suggest that pursuing it from the "progressive" angle will fire up the base, but turn-off moderates and conservatives... On the other hand, pointing out that the United States Republican party was once upon a time this kind and compassionate, AND that our nation thrived when we taxed and programmed accordingly MIGHT be an easier pill for the moderates and conservatives to swallow.


I have the utmost respect for Bernie Sanders, he brought the socialist ideal out of the closet for the first time since the early decades of the 20th Century, but Bernie, the notion that your agenda is HIllary's is not the case. The Democratic Party Platform is a piece of paper, and that's all it is.


I was a strong supporter of Bernie, and this makes me nostalgic for his campaign and what might have been. But it doesn't persuade me to vote for Hillary.

Notably, this article mentions Hillary only once, after Bernie says he is doing everything he can to defeat Donald Trump. This may be Bernie's, and progressives' agenda, but it is not Hillary's, and no one should be fooled. Bernie also doesn't mention foreign policy, a wise move since Hillary's hawkish march to war is antithetical to everything genuine progressives believe in.

I am voting Stein/Baraka and I urge every progressive to do the same to help get the Green Party to 5% and build an alternative to the political duopoly that has brought us to this horrible place.


Yeah, Bernie . . . yadda, yadda, yadda.

Principled character, not just words . . . Stein/Baraka 2016


Because we have the movement and insistence from the bottom. Go Bernie!

And to the cynics, I would observe that Bernie wouldn't dare publish this in The Boston Globe if it wasn't what Hillary knows she's agreed to. Don't be fooled that what you've been able to observe is all there is.


"There is no moral excuse ... for one family (the Waltons) having more wealth than the bottom 42 percent of our population, ..."

And yet Hillary had no problem with that the 6 years she sat on their Board of Directors; how can you tell when a politician is lying? Its lips are moving!


Excellent reply HisStory. I agree and the flaw, I think, in Bernie's thinking all along has been his mis-judgment of Hillary's character, in that she will totally disregard what Bernie has to say or propose. The good thing is, I suppose, that we'll probably get to witness this scenario for accuracy...


Bernie I hardly know what to say or where to begin. Everything you say needs to be done and that you will work for I of course agree with, but it is not the agenda of the one whom you are working to elect. How do we know this? Her history, the circles of friends, advisors, and financial supporters, her remarks throughout the campaign concerning the military and our ongoing never-ending wars of ideological punishment and economic subjugation.

I fully expect, in her inimitably clueless fashion to discard you, to run as fast as she can away from you and everything you stand for, just as soon as the last votes are counted. The media will bury you and of course there will be no obituary. It will be as if you don't exist and the Democratic primaries never happened. She hasn't a progressive bone in her body and has only contempt for those that do not share her poisoned world view.

I don't believe (and never have) that you are one of those that live in and relish the limelight. But enjoy your freedom now to express all of these necessary truths, because you are about to know the experience of wandering friendless and unknown in the wilderness.

If I'm wrong I will be the first to admit it, and in fact will be overjoyed. However, there are mountains of evidence that it will not be so.


Bernie, Bernie, Bernie............
"we need a new administration that has both vision and courage." Maybe so, but that ain't Hillary and the Democrats. As you once knew.

A no-fly zone in Syria = war with Syria and Russia. That's Hillary's vision. Or is it her courage..............

I love you Bernie, but Hillary has lied to you too.  She won't push a single agenda forward that ruffles the feathers of her Wall Street backers.  HRC will get elected for all the wrong reasons like "she's a woman" or "she has the experience necessary", but she will ignore you completely after she becomes President because that is what a corporate sycophant does.  I'm sure you feel that you'll be able to hold her feet to the fire.  But where does this sense of power come from?  Corporate America doesn't care who gets elected, as long as it is either Trump or Clinton.  You were the only thorn in side of the status quo.  Once you decided to support the villain who stabbed you in the back and urged you not to support a third party, you became an after thought for the corporate establishment.
Supporting HRC is like giving an alcoholic the keys to a distillery and trusting them not to drink.  It's still not too late Bernie to come out and urge everyone to vote for Jill Stein!


Given that Bernie as well as Elizabeth Warren are spending a lot of time an energy campaigning for Hillary Clinton, you can be sure that their efforts will not be forgotten if she wins. Of course it is in the Green Party's self-interest since it wants to be seen as the party of progressives to bash any hint that Hillary will pursue a progressive agenda but the I think the facts on the ground say that she will, at least if the Democrats can gain control of the Senate.


So what are you going to do starting November 9?


It is fine to complain, but you all need to get over it and start thinking about what you are going to do starting November 9?


So is the solution to do nothing starting November 9?


Dear Senator Sanders, you could have beat these 2 sociopaths representing the Democratic and Republican parties. Now you want us to believe that you will hold Hillary accountable if elected? Hillary has no use for you once elected and she will rule as the neo-liberal, war-monger that she is.


Bernie Bernie.... do you know something about Hillary that the rest of us don't know?
If indeed Hillary has intentions of instituting a progressive agenda in her Presidency, why is it that you were at the very bottom of her possibility-list for Vice Presidential running mates? And why would she choose such a mainstream corporate loving VP like Kaine?


"Now is the time for our next president to rally the American people against Wall Street and corporate greed and stand up vigorously for the declining middle class." Bernie, what the hell is wrong with you? Green, popular resistance work, activism will be the primary rational responses to a Clinton victory (or a Trump victory, for that matter). To seriously picture Hilary Clinton standing up against Wall Street and corporate greed (or taking on the oil corporations, and so forth) is to be seriously addled. If you are not serious (or if you are) you're playing right into the hands of the oligarchy.


As a Green Party member and advocate for decades, I have to say that Greens, Libertarians, Socialist and other third parties have no chance of winning anything these days. In contrast, Bernie really shook things up and gave hope that there is at least a lot of support for upsetting the Democratic party and its DLC disease. Without IRV or some other voting mechanism that allows us to vote for whom we want, third parties can never win. Bernie's campaign was, in my opinion, the best I've ever seen in my 76 years and achieved the best possible results in today's corrupt, plutocratic political mess. My only change would have been for him to run, not as a socialist (which he really isn't), but as a second FDR.


I hope you're right....