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Here's What Neoliberal Democrats Who View Bernie Sanders as an 'Existential Threat' Have Yet to Realize

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/23/heres-what-neoliberal-democrats-who-view-bernie-sanders-existential-threat-have-yet


Yeah, but for centrist dems, particularly those in power, the duopoly is a win-win arrangement. If they lose elections, at least they reap the benefits of the tax breaks and deregulation. This isn’t sarcasm, the wealthy actually think this way.

The only case where it isn’t a win-win arrangement is if a progressive wins.


The entire question of myth / mythos and the mytho -‘logical’ would be well worth diving into in terms of wresting the ‘narrative’ from the cyclops of corporate /predatory capitalist power.

A society can share a recognized “culture” but the inverse is not necessarily true. If I define a culture as an agreed-upon set of boundaries, of both positive reinforcement and ‘punitive’ limitation, I have an armature from which to start to assess comparisons and definitions of my private experience with those of others.

One of our problems would seem to be that the media claims one nation as society when there are countless sub-cultures that erase some shared boundaries and then erect others. One can simply look at the militarization of local police forces; the centuries of white supremacy, much to the detriment of whites not to mention everyone else… and the list goes on. Agribusiness, the futures market and related “markets” are now, if public pressure is not constantly at play, totally divorced from creating a healthy human food chain that is coherently interconnected. Financialized agribusiness is utterly incapable of healthy coherence as are virtually all monopolies.

The system masters have screwed so deeply in their greed over the financial “boundaries” that they have now weaponized it while still trying to claim that it is what it was 50 years ago - which was still no prize, but could be tweaked. They did not like that one bit. Now debt and mortgages are held as ransom against a revolution they know is brewing because of their stupidity, avarice and incapacities. They are trying to imitate god as much as possible under the delusional notion that ‘monopoly’ is their ‘friend’. We’ll see how long that lasts under their model of cannibalism.


Outspoken progressive voices like Sanders and Warren, not withstanding, it is important to remember that the core of the Democratic party is still very much centrist, corporate-friendly and entrenched in neoliberalism. Now that the corporate center of the party is organizing against Sanders, a Biden candidacy looms ever larger. Sanders may have caught the party off guard in 2016, but they’re ready for him now.

As far as I’m concerned, a Biden candidacy will be a well-deserved end for the party. The question at this point is how many progressive voices like Sanders and Warren are willing to go down with the ship? Odds are, of course, that they will do just that and throw their supporters under the bus and support Biden for the sake of party unity. Same old dead end road for meaningful change.


Unfortunately, in the US there is no “other” to go through the motions of voting for while using the rigged and corrupt election process.

Bread and circuses.

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I don’t except your premise ( that Warren/Sanders are outliers ) and poll after posted here at CD shows that to be the case.
It’s posters like you, whose agendas and motivations are " fake prognostications ", who attempt to cause disruption where there actually isn’t any.
Please post in Trumplandia, where there is actually a " mental break ", based on real massive cognitive dissonance, occuring in real time.


Well, no.
Here a poll that included R, D, and I participants from 2016
Most of these results would make the 1% crap in their pants


Yeap, I held my nose and voted for Clinton. I will not do it again…nose my nose for a corporate, neoliberal democrat.


"Recent articles in Politico and the Guardian , detail how centrist organizations like Third Way have been pushing the narrative that Sanders is unelectable. The reason, according to Third Way leaders and other neoliberals, is the dreaded label of “socialist.”

They don’t believe that for a second. The centrists are very familiar with polling data from 2016 which showed Sanders fared better than Clinton in a match against Trump. They also know Joey Hair Plugs is Clinton/Obama redux and the only possible lane to victory for Biden (or clone) is hoping enough people hate Trump to hold their noses and pull the D lever. Thus the democrat rallying cry for 2020 - Better Than Trump!

The reason the DNC crowd is trying to sabotage Sanders, Gabbard and Warren is because the donor class doesn’t want any check on their power. So far their tactics have been relatively benign. Dismissve rather than outright opposition. But that will change if a progressive candidate becomes a real threat. And of course their ace in the hole is super delegates. Though the power of corporate dems was altered a bit, it’s still effective enough to catapult their guy to the nomination in a tight race.


Politics is the art of compromise. You don’t get to the “center” by starting in the center. Moving “right” “to the center” or “being moderate” or “moving to the middle” is capitulation, appeasement and not a negotiation strategy. Biden’s saying “I have a middle ground on climate change,” frightens me. Climate change can have no middle ground. We don’t need “Republican-lite” or “DINO” (Democrat In Name Only) candidates or policy platforms. “Incremental change” is just not going to sell to the masses or cut it with me. What do Democrats stand for? What are the principles that we will fight for? What is the Democratic Vision for the future? Returning to the status quo ante is not a winning strategy or goal. Yes, restore civility, compromise and debate, but we don’t need a “neoliberal” strategy or goal. We don’t need rich, white, heterosexual men in some smoke filled back room, dictating what our goals and vision should be. It should come from the masses, the base, the grassroots, not from the 1% corporate elite who think they know what is best for the Democratic Party, the Presidential nominee, the candidates, and the people of this country. The Democratic Nominee, who ever she or he is and the Democratic Party Platform should be bold, clear, specific and in clear contrast to the Trump Parties, right wing, reactionary, regressive racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist, xenophobic, profit addicted, "laissez-faire, unregulated, dictatorial, unconstitutional, unlawful, anti tax, anti-government, and backward policies.


I did that for Obama’s second term. I will not “Blue no matter” who again.

I skipped that section on the ballot when my choices were Her or Caligula


Yes! Exactly! All good people of love and mercy know why they hate the evil that is done by those who will not look at their deeds for the utter shame of how they hide their eyes from seeing all the torture and suffering with the brutal injustice pain they inflict on the helpless then, name them as the evil ones who have been the sole cause of the injustice they suffer, most often saying they
Deserve the suffering because they are too lazy to work hard (like I do) they smirk! The rich complainers of those who are poor innocent people
Accuse them by their very existence in the world and grin as the repeat what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine! They pay slave wages
Because grabbing all the money they can is what they devote their lives to. In their evil selfish hearts of glee when they are able to gain without even
Paying for it I’d their highest delight! They think they are playing the game of life and winning!
But no, they miss the highest prize of delight
When they never even want to know the look on
The faces of those humble ones in patient poverty who will not think of such measures because
they are innocent of such thoughts and who wish
that they could give all that they have to those who
ask. The most holy man’s best saying is, “give to
beggars”! Which does not mean those who just beg but all those who ask. And not just by those
who are needy but by those who would learn and give back and those who would do all good things to all who ask for help in truth and honor.
I say it is mostly the wealthy who scorn the poor thinking they are just lazy and want a free ride. It
Is easy scorn and leaves out all the good and honorable people who who spend their lives in
Joy delighting in bringing to others the help the
are desperate for to help them find ways to
mend the lives of loved ones and the lives of
those who suffer in mercy and caring acts of
Joy and giving. Blessed are the poor who have
given their wealth to those who need it more
than they did. Peace is their gift and no one can
take the gift of love in their hearts! No one who
Is mean can understand the happiness that lives
In that heart and the peace in the mind that gave the precious gift for the sake of the joy they saw
In the one who had no hope of having what they
needed most and the pleasure someday of finding
a way to give to another in need. So, let us live
And sing glad songs in our hearts today

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Actually, the population regularly polls to the left of both major parties.

The funders are to the right.


It’s not that neoliberal Democrats imagine that Bernie cannot be elected. Were that the case, they would be campaigning against someone else.

They just do not want him to win.


Corporate-Centrism is 1 big FAIL, all over the world.

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Unforntunately for you, history is on jneastra’s side.


There isn’t but there can be, although it would not be just going through the motion of voting it would be taking concrete long term action using the tools provided by our founding fathers.


Just about as easy to sign up and participate as signing up to comment here.

The thing about the electoral losing streak cited by the author that occurred as the d-party moved rightward, is that there are plenty of Third Way types who will tell you that it was the result of the Dems not moving rightward enough.

And this article just appeared over at The Intercept today. Uncle Joe, prioritizing working with conservatives instead of liberals in his own party, gets played by Mitch the Turtle:


“Americans tend to believe that freedom is embedded in the documents our founders developed; it’s not.”
This is true for most countries whose founding documents, constructed undemocratically by wealthy, powerful, minority interests, are presented as both a gift from god and as unchangeable and final statements of sacred nationhood.

Nations are constructed by the forces of history and their embedded power struggles. There is nothing divine or final about the choices humans make. We can and must rewrite the principles of governance. Otherwise, we are stuck with authoritarianism and its blind adherence to the false necessity of creating endless poverty, wars, and the entitlement of minorities to rule undemocratically.

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Unfortunately for you, based on your prior comments, I don’t pay any attention to what you have to say.