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Here's What Trump’s Fox News Cabinet Wants Him to do About Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/21/heres-what-trumps-fox-news-cabinet-wants-him-do-about-iran

Fox News is basically Warmongers Incorporated.

A War with Iran would be great for Fox News Business.

Fox is sprinkled with Cold Blooded Killers.

Sanctions against a Sovereign Nation and trying to Starve the Iranian people into submission is an act of WAR.

What right do we have to tell other countries what Weapons they can build to defend their people???

What is preventing us from Demanding that Russia, France, the UK, China, Pakistan, India, North Korea and Israel, give up their Nuclear Weapons and submit to whatever demands the USA makes???

It is only when we are in a position of Strength Militarily that we feel we can Bully a Sovereign Nation to comply with our Demands.

How about trying Diplomacy???


Tucker Carlson you epic prick, just STFU already.

What would Don the Con do without his trusty Faux News advisors.

So you want war with Iran? I despise Fox as much as anybody, but Carlson is the only commentator saying no to war at fox, besides this guest Joey Jones (and no Joey war with Iran will not be easy).

The rest of these commentators should be suited-up, equipped, and dropped outside of Tehran to get this party started.


Spare me the idiotic rhetorical question. The point is that Tucker Carlson is a fucking poser. That’s the only point I’m making. Duh, yeah you can tell by my posts I want war with Iran.

You freaking wack-a doddle, I’ll spare you of ever responding to you’re posts again, you do the same.

What, rhetorically asking me if I wanted war with Iran wasn’t an insult? I’ll respond to your “freaking wack-a doddle” posts if I see fit.

forget about fox—look at the regular corporate media-------the generals are very upset—Saudi Arabia is upset----Israel is upset----Kushner is upset-----Bolton is upset-----and these entities are not done pushing hate and war.

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No one is upset about anything. They will get their war, and they know it, including Trump. This is orchestrated propaganda.


Oops. Shanti, why are you jumping on Carlson on this issue? I grant he’s…not ok…but he’s saying the right things at this moment, in Dump’s ear, and I’ll take it!

Tucker has consistently been anti war. He Had Tulsi on and let her talk unlike Morning Joe Crew which kept trying to label her an Assad Ally . Give credit where credit is earned unlike the war mongers that supported The Obama Wars

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Oh like the dems are not war hawks. Don’t believe everything you read or hear or see. We now live in a world of confusion. Where the truth looks like a lie and a lie looks like it might just be true. See people our Body politic is playing (we the people) yet again. Unless we get a strong progressive ticket moving forward we will get beat down by this status quo. Both sides are BULLSHITTING us. Time to break it all down and start over. LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE!>

Thank God Fox News isn’t running the country! (Wink-wink)

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I always like to ascertain a person’s intent, authenticity, sincerity, and most importantly agenda.

If this prick actually were interested in influencing Trump on Iran in regard to making peace with Iran then the prick would have been all over Trump for all of his fucking war mongering on Iran for the last two plus years.

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda. Tucker is a right wing hack, pure and simple.

Feast on this lovely quote from him about Iraqis. Mind you, he claims to have been against that war too! He’s a clucking peacenick I tell ya!

Just realized you were responding to “shanti”. I’ll leave my response as I’ve criticized good ole Tucker as well.

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No problem. I can’t stand Fox and never tune them in. I just see pieces like on the comedians’ shows. And I don’t trust any politician or blabbermouth on the news shows. Well, wait…I did like Jill…dunno what happened to her. And I do like Amy Goodman. Otherwise…yech.

I just opened your link, and read the article. Others should as well. What a pompous little prick.

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