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#HereToStay: Undocumented Students and Allies Across Country Stage School Walkouts to Demand Supreme Court Defend DACA

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/08/heretostay-undocumented-students-and-allies-across-country-stage-school-walkouts

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This is why so many Latino/a support BERNIE. Obama and the Democrats lied to them for years and basically used them for votes only to turn around and do little or nothing when elected, particularly the DACA youth. After all Obama had put in the template for incarceration and deportation that Trump is using right now on steroids.

Because we should be willing to fight for someone we don’t know.


Love to see these youth vote with their feet. Sure hope they take their feet to the voting booth when they come of age!


These people were raised here. They have nowhere to go home to. Trump is a sick puppy.

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Here’s to most of us maintaining our humanity through this next year.

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