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Heritage’s Corporate Lobby Inside Trump’s Government is Not the People’s Heritage


Heritage’s Corporate Lobby Inside Trump’s Government is Not the People’s Heritage

Ralph Nader

The Heritage Foundation, with an annual budget nearing $90 million a year (including over $1 million for the salary of its president), calls itself conservative, but more often than not it practices the kind of corporatism dear to the impulses of President Trump. The Washington-based “think tank/lobbying firm” has quite a score card with the failed gambling czar who lost the popular vote but won the vestigial Electoral College tally to become head of state. In fact, they’ve given him a checklist, and he seems to be obediently implementing the Heritage Foundation’s agenda.


Weak minded Trump, lacking any substantive ideas of his own, gladly gloms on to those shoved his way by the likes of the Heritage Foundation. Like most buildings bearing his “brand” he gets to brand HF’s ideas as his initiatives and play leader. The dark forces of HF are happy to remain in the shadows as are all true brokers of power in the corporate conspiracy class. Until his brand is fully repudiated expect more of the same.


Good work Ralph - documenting the hypocrisy of conservatives supporting small government while they promote big government is right on.
The conservative version of liberty currently appears to be corporate rule for all.


Romneycare and Obamacare are both rooted in the Heritage Foundation’s corporate welfare program disguised as health care reform and first itnroduced to Congress as part of Newt Gingrich’s contract on America more than two decades ago.


Gingrich did not propose an expansion of Medicaid. To the contrary, in 1995 he proposed the elimation of the existing Medicaid as a national program.

For the record, The Heritage Foundation and Republicans generally long ago turned against any kind of insurance mandates, a necessity if pre existing conditions are to be covered in an insurance system (yeah, yeah, different argument).


Whenever I contemplate leaving the U.S., I remind myself that people like Nader, Chomsky and Richard Wolff haven’t given up. In the moment, that helps.


I am sure his buddy Mike Pence turned his ear to America’s enemy, The Heritage Foundation.


Is this article really by Ralph Nader? If so, I would expect better research and at least a grasp of what the subject, Heritage Foundation, is all about - it’s not like there isn’t plenty of reliable information available. For example, Jim DeMint (pictured in the headline) is not the president of Heritage, that would be Kay Coles James. And I don’t know who Michael Mulvaney is, but he sure isn’t the director of OMB. That would be Mick. The article is full of disinformation and error. Mister Nader, do you even read any reliable news sources or do any research before you write?


Once again, Nader lays it all out for us, as he has done for decades.


Ralph, Enough with the namby pamby rhetoric. The Swamp is replete with criminals from the Pentagon to the congress. People who steal from the commonweal are literally criminals. The lies of imagined enemies to the inside trading and double dealing on Wall st need to be called out in language that will wake up the sheeple. Mild explanations won’t suffice.


Chomsky is a gate-keeper for the two seminal issues of the last 60 years. the hit on JFK and 911. Until he addresses those events honestly he should be shunned.