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He's A F#cking Kid: Briefly Walking In the Bus Lane While Black


He's A F#cking Kid: Briefly Walking In the Bus Lane While Black

Again: Thugs in police uniforms in Stockton, Calif. attacked a 16-year-old black kid trying to get the bus to school after he declined to accept their suggestion to walk on the sidewalk not in the bus lane, and tried to shield his face when one slugged him for his uppitiness. Nine goons eventually took him down. The good news: He didn't die. The bad news: This is (still) policing in America.


I can't even watch these videos anymore, I start to shake and weep. I loathe those monsters. Is there any escape from the Orcs who have taken over this country?


I have seen so many of this videos of late and one thing is common in all of them. A lone individual is singled out by a police officer for the most trivial of reasons and "backup called". Everytime I see that backup arrive they tend to pour out of their cars ready to do battle and every time that backup called it 10 police officers and more. It is like these guys are bored to tears doing patrol and when they hear about an opportunity to kick someones teeth in they gather like savages.

Had there not been so many people around with cameras they would have beaten that kid to death and would claim he had a gun or threatened an officer. These guys are out of control.


I've noticed this too - local cops stop a black person at a traffic stop and they practically call out the cavalry. I see 3 or more patrol cars blocking traffic and wonder what it's all about. Like the time they stopped a guy on my street with a lawnmower in his truck - lots of out of work folks in my town cut grass in my neighborhood. They had 3 cars and cops were approaching the guy with their hands on their firearms. The guy was very clean cut and intelligent looking (that isn't the issue, but I am saying he didn't look like a kid looking for trouble). I witness this all too often in this stinkin' town. Pulled over for DWB.


The best news will be when these thugs in blue are put out of commission.


Yep, SuturnIX,

We who live a few miles up I5 are well aware that Stockton is often called the murder capitol of CA or maybe the whole US of A. Makes one wonder when much of the violence of the day is
shown on our local channels, how the Stockton police, recently increased in number after your city just came out of bankruptcy have the time to hassle a single juvenile who is accused of
jay walking. Seems like the "thin blue line," might be able if they really were interested in ending major crimes than hassle a single teen.


Just to ad Saturix to the unadulterated crap one would expect from even a local channel label to be FOX or FAU:


Most times police violence in the small town I live in does not make the news. But the local media are all too happy to exploit other tropes that perpetuate racism. Usually things get out by word of mouth and social media, but still don't make the papers or TV news unless someone makes a big stink about it.
That word gets out and it gets people talking isn't enough. Social attitudes in general need to change with the times. The resistance to progress or the lag in others to accept change and co-exist with other cultures is making matters worse, and I am afraid it will only get uglier. I spend some time asking what can be done about it but there are so few answers. Maybe people have been too tolerant of racism because our so-called "democracy" allows these attitudes to perpetuate - without a strong enough counter movement to keep them in balance.


"Failing to obey a lawful command." I heard in the video.
Brings back a memory of when I was at the beach visiting with some friends one summer. I was walking across the parking lot to rejoin my friends when a police man ran upon me and screamed at me "Do not walk behind the cars - walk in the space in between them!" I was walking as anyone else would - in the lane along where the cars were parked straight-in in two rows facing each other. I had not done anything but the cop ordered me to walk in the narrow space between the front bumpers. There was not a lot of traffic and I could not understand why he was being so belligerent. He was so threatening in his manner that it made me, a mixed-race 15 year old girl want to cry. His attitude made me want to assert myself to him but I was alone at the time and thought the better of it.

Cops in that town have been in trouble through the years. Several years ago a mentally ill teen was beaten and suffered severe head injuries by a gang of several cops. There have been a few incidents since then but nothing has been done to change the attitude in the department - they just gave some of the guys a few days leave.


How many pigs does it take to bring Emilio Mayfield down? Six, I counted, and from the looks of it, all over 200 lbs. These animals are not only pigheaded, they're disgustingly obese. Is obesity and baldness a requirement for getting into the SPD sty? The additional three or four more who continued to arrive in squad cars were at least thinner.


Fire them all. We'd all be a lot safer.


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They do it for practice, because they know they can. Those who care don't count, and too few of those who count, care.

To solve the problem, apply a version of the three-strikes rule that cops love so much when applied to others: the first time a cop is caught on video beating someone up for anything less than felony assault with hospitalisation, they get their pay cut in half for 3 months. The second time, their pay is cut, their gun and badge are taken, and they're assigned to janitor duty for 6 months. The third time, they are out in the street jobless, pensionless, and permanently decertified.


If this is the police reaction - what they are taught to do - to an alleged jaywalker child, the obvious future is this childs murder at the hands of the occupying force that has become the reality (unless you're well-off and white) in America. We are subjected to an occupying force, as Aligatorhardt correctly points-out, very like Palestinians subject to racist abuse, violence and murder at the hands of violence-prone sociopaths wearing badges and empowered by the state to do anything including murder with impunity - lies and distortion of facts are the norm - in this case they were just looking-out for the childs "safety" walking in a bus lane, by attacking him with a club that will affect him for life!

A clearly disturbed/psychotic goon uses stock phrases (stop resisting) and extreme aggression to "handle" a situation - really about police demand for instant submission from anyone unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. After calling for "back-up" - a problem in itself because none of the responding goon-squad knows the circumstances - the "suspect/perp" could just as easily been committing any violent crime as walking in a bus lane, they do not know, and could maim or kill in their pathological violence, as Freddie Grey or Eric Garner - the common denominator is all are black. Police departments do not hire "smart" people, they want automatons that will follow orders - "Vere are your papers'?! Brown-shirt fascist goons are the reality as this video shows so clearly!

Criminal cops and those who lead them and teach them must be taken off the streets - but the powers that be want and empower such actions, and Congress is a useless squable of uneducated, arrogant children themselves............




California code 21957 states "No person shall STAND in a roadway for the purpose of soliciting a ride from the driver of ANY vehicle". So if he was walking there is no pc to stop the teen. In fact under CA code vehicles have to yield. His charges make no sense and police action clearly wrong. If my memory serves me right wasn't Stockton CA the epicenter for the CA housing foreclosures? Hmm.


This boy will carry this trauma with him for the rest of his life. It will not heal and there is no such thing as closure. I hope that somewhere somehow he gets therapy that will at least get him through the next few years to integrate this horror as to not destroy him. He will have PTSD the rest of his life. Childhood acquired PTSD is the worst form of the condition...But...because of Thing called color, he will more than likely be left to wander. Everyone has a shadow, it's with us where we are and all shadows are of the same color. In my minds eye I see only shadows.


That law you quoted seem to be an anti-hitchhiking law. The wording suggests that you can stand in a roadway for for other purposes that hitchhiking. I presume you can hitchhike too - but must stand off the edge of the roadway.


The law is from the code pertaining to pedestrians right of way regarding use of cross walks. In different paragraph the laws make reference to walking on the side of road when there is no sidewalk or place to cross. The key point is that he was moving not standing still. The law clearly states that vehicles must yield and if no vehicle was in the road when he started to walk, he was clearly within the law. So no real pc. Was the kid displaying lack of judgement walking in a heavy traffic area that is a different issue.


I have seen it again and again and have learned that when the police begin to talk about their duty as defenders of public safety we had better be very concerned. It is usually used as an excuse for them to use undue force to maintain their power and imagined absolute authority.

The only safety they are really concerned with is their own during their brutal overreacting to often petty misunderstandings and lack of respect from citizens whose taxes pay their salaries. I was taught that you have to earn respect and they sure as hell aren't even beginning to do so.

We are in absolute danger of becoming an even more fascist society!


Keep the lawsuits coming
Albuquerque is starting to work things in the right direction.
Since the two cops went on trial for murder it seems the new intervention team has been able to talk the last 14 of 15 calls without any altercation or violence.
Imagine That