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'He's Actually a Good Guy': CBP Commissioner's Wife Confronts Activists Projecting Images of Immigrants Killed in US Custody


'He's Actually a Good Guy': CBP Commissioner's Wife Confronts Activists Projecting Images of Immigrants Killed in US Custody

Jon Queally, staff writer

Following the "horrific" death last week of Jakelin Caal, the 7-year-old refugee from Guatemala who died while detained by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol in Texas, human rights activist on Thursday night were confronted outside the home of CBP's Commissioner Kevin McAleenan in Virginia as they projected pictures onto the house of Caal and other immigrants who have recently died or been killed while in U.S. custody.


Yea, we know - they are all good guys. They go to church, wear that little American flag in their label, coach their kids baseball…and help kill other people. It helps when the other people are different in some way. Of if the people they kill are poor or minorities. Nothing like building a career within an empire.


It’s good to see that this action is getting under their skin. Kudo’s to CREDO.


and at the top of the heap, a secretary who is clueless


I do not like the word “confront” used in the headline. She went out and talked to those protesting in front of her house. Not like she is “hair on fire” ranting. Compare her reaction to Tucker Carlson lies that antifa was beating on his door threatening to kill his family or even Elaine Cho screaming at restaurant citizens when defending Mitch McConnell.

I’m rather ambivalent about protests at a private residence anyway as it will inevitably lead to Nazis doing the same to progressives. Planned Parenthood clinic harassment springs to mind.

Also, McAleenan was the Deputy Director of CBP under Obama who highly praised the guy when he was nominated as director so I guess he isn’t the only one with blood on his hands. The guy is more bureaucrat than policy wonk.


This thing of accosting people at their homes strikes me as domestic terrorizm. Something very wrong with this approach.


LOL. 1st the guys was not accosted. 2nd anyone with a bully mentality should be called out. 3rd this is America and the NAZI already does stuff way worse then this. I just love that thes kind of people are being called out for what they are…Str8 Arseholes!.


Great! Let’s all just do the same thing to whoever bothers us…right now I’m pissed off at…so many but I’m not filled with enough anger to bother with lights and a bullhorn to harass folks and their families. Geez, aren’t there better ways? Do we want to be like Nazis? I don’t.


And what part of those shenanigans wasn’t bullying?


Methinks that this kind of attention to the actual endgame (death) of an innocent is not only well played but necessary. He is not a ‘good guy’ and does this to please a nutball in the WH! About time that these dismal actors behind the scenes be identified and shown that we know their crimes and will not go away. I am sick to death of NOT bringing these hideous people directly into the limelight; it is past time that they answer for their crimes against those seeking help, legally. so you actually think that a bullhorn is abusive? PLEASE. At least this guy has a nice home and security.


ok. Fine. But my idea of highlighting my protest would be to tar and feather and put in stockades but that’s illegal. The thing is, when we do these kinds of things it really does embolden folks to go the next step and then before you know it, someone is dead in a church or temple because they went too far in anger. It strikes me as very ineffective in affecting change and that is the goal, isn’t it?


Maybe, maybe not. And of course I do not advocate escalation of bullying and threats and danger. But in the midst of constant daily barrages of cruelty and monstrous humans-in-control a bit of comeuppance is satisfying. Personally I would be happiest if every single one in the WH were lined up and shot as traitors. JMHO


No. He isn’t a good guy. He’s a child murderer. Period.
No. He wasn’t just following orders. He murdered a child. PERIOD.


“Tar and feather.”
That’s called a prank. Not a protest.


Naah. We are just going to do nothing, right?
First they came for the activists, and I wasn’t one, so I did nothing.
Then they came for the protesters and --------- so I did nothing.
Then they came to deny me my rights, and I did nothing.

Finally they came for me and my pitchfork, and I stuck it in their faces cause there was nobody left to fight for me.