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"He's Describing a Massacre": Trump Touts Herd Immunity Strategy on Covid That Experts Warn Would Kill Millions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/16/hes-describing-massacre-trump-touts-herd-immunity-strategy-covid-experts-warn-would


It’s all about Donald, as usual. The rest of us are just the wildebeest on the savanna being predated by various situations that he has created for his own self-aggrandizement.


What part of Trump will happily spread the coronavirus for personal and political benefit do American’s not understand?


The numerous attacks on science also extend to the CD herd of closet trumpers conflating extreme proven mental illness with massive stupidity and arrogant malignant narcissism, to equate trump with Biden.
The DNC is only part of the charade of our corporate money dominated electoral processes. The original small herd of DP candidates was whittled-down to Sanders and Biden via primaries - then came the Clyburn South Carolina primary herd of centrist tools and Kool-Aid drinkers, supporting Biden, leading to Super Tuesday and big wins for Biden with only 2-3 for Bernie (incl CA)…then came the pandemic.
Blaming Biden’s nomination solely on the utterly corrupt DNC ignores the herd of voters manipulated or just ignorantly supporting Biden…and here we are; caught between a clear threat to all life and sanity and the corporate stooge who has (in political-speak) said “nothing will fundamentally change”.
The Science community along with many millions see the truth of being swept-away by a moron and his herd of simpleton maga hats, or opting to live to fight another day, a not unreasonable choice given the two options and the fact that what one has done in the past doesn’t always equate to what they (and those around them) may do in the future - strange things have happened in politics. The other path is a direct continuation of recent and current actions (instigated by those around him), of threats to sanity, gross stupidity and ignorant arrogance, bigotry, racism and white supremacy, environmental threats to all life, among near countless other atrocities and offenses against all except monumental ego madness and fantasy from Cloud Cuckoo Land.

So, trump apologists and diversionary Sanders attackers, please try to use the process called logic - of truthful analysis, and not lap-up the twisted narrative, poison, and claims of those with an alternative agenda that does not comport with the facts or wisdom - everyone is entitled to their own opinion , not truth or facts.
One path leads to a fight against government led by confirmed neo-fascist tendencies, corporatism, MICC worship, madness and deceit, and the other against a person with a record of corrupt rot and war-machine support (a major herd) but not clearly insane, and there are the people around them both to consider. Make it a good one - our lives and sustainable future depend on it…




We’re gonna be OK.

As soon as you, your enablers and every corporate democrat is OUT of office.


As a reply to @shhpeaceful, your comment is nonsensical. What would “playing hardball” entail, when it comes to the issue of coronavirus?

The rumpdump administration is playing hardball by trotting Fauci in front of the cameras every day to stoke people’s fear and provide cover for the ongoing GOP-DNC evisceration of democratic institutions, and the ongoing GOP-DNC dispossession of the People’s commonwealth. “Playing hardball” in these circumstances requires calling out the liars & fear-mongers in government and in the corporate media. That is exactly what shhpeaceful has done.

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Every dentist worth their salt is smiling in agreement…


Every once in awhile you’ll encounter someone who, snif snif, still holds to that “land of the free” song lyric – implausibly meant to mean USA? This country?

In USA our longing for a strongman dictator to free us from social responsibility is possibly overwhelming. Orangeman puts our collective authoritarian lust to the ultimate test, by presenting himself as Satanically as humanly possible – and yet still the outcome of our impending electoral exercise is shrouded in massive fear, uncertainty, and doubt. “Land of the Free”? Give me a break.


Meanwhile over here:

“The Madrid region, one of the worst hit in Spain, is to introduce targeted lockdowns and other restrictions on movement on Friday in areas with high numbers of cases, local authorities have said.”

Just in at the guardian.


Sorry Aleph. Just read this too:


I know you are worried about them. Poor innocent creatures.


The outbreak trajectories of major European states are spiraling out of control as we speak – that’s what the trendlines I browse are telling me. I’m distressed that Spain seems to be out front in this. It’s such a wicked tough microbe. Hang in there and keep out of prolonged indoor exposure if you possibly can!

Not long after we learn birds are what’s left of the dinosaurs, we’re seeing them possibly threatened by so much wildfire smoke. Rachel Carson’s nightmare appearing for Californians as a Silent Autumn.


“Herd mentality, herd-developed.” In those words you hear someone with degenerated mental capacity, someone challenged to remember “herd immunity”, the correct term. If he gets elected, he will be incomprehensible by his second year.


190,000 persons, dead before their time, prove you are wrong about the virus being a vehicle for advancing the interests of Big Pharma. So would the opinions of thousands of epidemiologists, most unconnected to the pharmaceutical industry. So would the experience of thousands of healthcare workers who had to deal with a lack of PPE, ventilators, and hospital beds. Covid-19 is a big deal, especially in the United States, where it was ignored or else encouraged through the actions of politicians. In China, it barely caused a ripple: Is that because its leadership behaved responsibly?


William Rivers Pitt on current orange gambits:

Such exhortations to violence from people like Caputo and Stone are not aberrations. They are announcements of intent from the bitter-enders still alive in the Trump bunker. “It is a little tempting to treat all of this as a distraction from the traditional campaign, from the polls and events and advertisements and general political spectacle,” writes Jamelle Bouie for the Times. “For Trump, however, this is the campaign, and it is laying the groundwork for chaos and violence should the outcome show the slightest ambiguity (and even if it doesn’t).”

People like Michael Caputo are dragging us all toward a terrible reckoning that, in the statement which defines the age, does not need to happen. We stand upon the blades of three crossed razors — COVID, climate crisis and constitutional collapse — and I fear that, with one wrong step, there will be blood like a river.



We need a moral imperative that everyone can agree on, in law. Light gives life.
The Pledge: I know light gives life to all living things, so I will do the same. Look at what light is like it is what we are It lives i us and surrounds us and we take it for granted. Light has all the qualities we look for in a human being compassion, empathy, oneness, beauty. Its easy to decide how to be look at light be like light Then take out the purveyors of darkness


Linguistics inform my ear that Trump overly relies on the word believe because he knows that no thinking person would vote for him (“I love the uneducated.”). He consistently appeals to emotions and never rational thought. He eschews details and speaks in vague platitudes almost as if speaking in tongues. His is the message of the carnival barker and the big tent is coming down. The question is will enough pay again to see the elephants and, if not, will the elephants leave peacefully or trample the earth.


why in god’s name do we even consider for a moment anything this sick psychopath says. Everyone treats him with respect as a person when in fact his is a nasty psychopath. He is not one of us he is a wants us all dead for his profit He is a psychopath


After Yahoo closed its comments section because of all the hatred there shown, some of the commentators must be coming over here.

Trump is responsible for 10s of thousands of unnecessary deaths, and he still has millions of supporters. Hellish. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did have a purpose you know. It was not created by the states and cities.


Good post.

I’m disheartened that the “Left” appears to have abandoned their critical thinking skills when it comes to this subject. Especially since there is clear evidence that alternative views are being silenced. That, alone, should sound the alarm.