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"He's Describing a Massacre": Trump Touts Herd Immunity Strategy on Covid That Experts Warn Would Kill Millions

I can’t divulge those names, Pony. Sorry about that.

We have two manxes, a brother and a sister, extremely close friends.
They snuggle together every day even after turning 15.
The brother has that polydactyl mutation – 26 toes instead of 20.
Unfortunately, that causes some health issues, but he’s a trooper and as loving as a cat can get.
His sister is skittish by comparison – not interested in strangers like her bro – but quite loving with us.

And missing the ones who came and went, yet never really left – they leave a big void, man, right?
It’s amazing how much they worm their ways into your heart and form loving attachments.


When my first marriage began to end with a betrayal and a proclamation of not being in love anymore, I had Moses who was 1 at the time, and my other boy, Basil (like Rathbone, not the herb) a 6 year old Airedale Terrier.

Like you, the boys helped me keep my shit together as my love life came crashing down.

I owed those two animals my life.

I lost them both within a six month period 10 years later, Moses first after developing Yellow Jaundice in a kennel I boarded them both in when I took a vacation one year, and Basil six months later at the age of 16. He couldn’t see, hear, barely walk, I ended up putting them both down as I held them at the vet’s. Took them both home and buried them next to each other out back. Cried my eyes out both times.

Crying right now. It’s been 25 years.


Should we make sure that Trump is one of the next people to be infected with COVID-19, so he can contribute to the herd immunity?

I’ve read that acquiring herd immunity without a vaccine will involve so many people in the US getting infected that the resulting number of deaths will be around two million.

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Seems only right. Right?

Had a snowshoe. Absolutely a pleasure in every way. She loved strangers.

A homie once brought his male rottweiler over. In ten minutes they made friends. Absurdly cute.
We couldn’t have asked for a better friend.
The only creature she wasn’t all that close to was our other cat! They just kinda co-existed.

The reason you couldn’t find a reference is that somebody at CommonDreams is deleting my posts almost as quickly as I post them. Perhaps this site has a hidden agenda of vote blue no matter who, or it may be one angry editor. I’ll call tomorrow morning to find out. Cheers.


We’ve made our cases. We agree on a lot, but we come to different conclusions. That’s not a problem for me.

It may be a problem for you. I hope not.

It seems to be a problem for most Democrats. Somehow they must believe they’re right and everyone else is seriously in error, due to logical, moral, or other handicaps.

I hope that’s a cognitive shortcoming you don’t possess. It’s possible for equally rational, equally well-informed, equally moral people to disagree for valid reasons. Perfect rationality is not a trait humans possess. Would that it were otherwise.

I prefer to avoid phrases like “far off base.” They add nothing to any argument. To the contrary, phrases like that detract from civil discourse. It’s enough to say something like “I think you’re wrong.” In fact, it’s not generally necessary to do even that, because it’s usually obvious.

I should stop here, but there are other things I want to add. They’re not directed at you. Please don’t take them personally.

Democrats, generally speaking, are now McCarthyist in style and thought. They are not at all reluctant to make serious accusations of treason and traitorous behavior, with no basis. They throw out serious accusations of dishonesty, lack of intelligence, lack of morality without hesitation.

No one is allowed to question any Democratic/establishment dogma. Democrats, again in general, support restrictions on free speech that should be intolerable. They claim to fear fascism, but, in fact, they advocate it. They advocate protecting people from “fake news” by limiting what is allowed speech and thought.

They no longer believe in the famous quote

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it

To the contrary. Do you have doubts about the impact of Russia on the 2016 election? Then you’re a worthless human being who should be shunned.

Do you question Biden’s suitability as President? Likewise.

Can you admit that Trump was right to stop the TPP? That he has done anything at all laudable? Those are thought crimes.

Democrats have an unquestioning belief in everything the corporate media claim. They have forfeited all independent though and no longer question anything they’re supposed to believe. They try to prevent others from having “impure” thoughts. They don’t say “That seems odd. Why did the NYT write that?” The don’t value questioning of their trusted sources. They trust, but they don’t verify.

Many of these failures have always been part of Republican style. But now the contemporary Democratic Party shares them. The current party is precisely the opposite of the one I grew up with. I miss the old Democratic Party, but I fear it is gone for good.

Again, I don’t accuse you of any of this. These are general observations I want to “get off my chest” and now seems as good a time as any to do so.

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This is not a simple black and white situation. When people die, always their heart and lungs stop functioning. So per your thinking everyone should be assigned a death diagnosis of cardiopulmonary arrest, and ignore other pertinent factors. Unfortunately this does little to help the researchers and statisticians. It is important to list the pertinent causative factors on a death certificate, whether it be by gunshot, poisoning, heart attack, alcoholism, emphysema, covid-19, and so forth. It is not inconsequential that a person dying of pneumonia may also have Covid-19 infection and both should be listed as causative factors in death. This is not deception.

My political perspective in a nutshell:

  • the two traditional parties are thoroughly and irrevocably corrupted by and fully committed to the oligarchs and big corporations
  • they will never again genuinely represent the best interests of “the people” and any further investment in them by the people is not just futile but self-defeating
  • we must establish and support a political party that will genuinely represent the interests of the the people in the respective seats of government

I agree with everything you say up there about the Democratic Party. It’s all true and, to be clear, I don’t just “fear” that the Party is gone for good; I’m thoroughly convinced of it. That’s why I take little comfort in the recent wins by professed progressives like AOC and the Squad, and the more recent victories against incumbent Dems. They’ll be smothered by the corrupt machine and will morph into Sanders-style Dems, occupying their little niches of progressive identity, occasionally protesting to maintain that identity as a progressive, but accomplishing little of real consequence. The Party will not allow those individuals to materially affect party policy or jeopardize their big money gravy train. All they’ll accomplish within the Party is what Sanders has accomplished - keeping progressive voters in the fold where they would be supporting the Party with their votes but not consequentially influencing policy.

And here’s where I struggle with where I think you and perhaps some others posting here are or may be on all this. I see Trump as a uniquely existential threat to the basic institutions of our government. He literally intends to blow things up and restructure things to his liking. It’s what he has in fact already accomplished to a significant degree. If he remains in office, I believe he’ll finish off what is left of those institutions, vitally important things like the rule of law, separation of church and state, the three separate branches of government and more. As I’ve mentioned before, all one has to do to see that is to read the articles trending on CD right now and every day. The evidence of the existential danger that is Trump in the White House is everywhere and it is overwhelming in quantity and quality. You say that Biden and what he promises is also an existential threat to the country and I agree. But there’s a basic distinction between the two alternatives. It’s the speed with which each would likely accomplish that destruction. I believe there are many meaningful differences between the kinds of harm the two would bring. But there’s one crucial and all important difference. Biden and his party will not destroy our government over the next four years. Trump and his Cult will. The evidence tells us so, overwhelmingly.


Regarding what you wrote about the parties, we’re in total agreement. I like what you wrote.

Regarding Trump, I don’t care for him, but I don’t share your fear. He is a bad President. We’ve had worse. I think the MSM and the Progressive media has intentionally “fear-mongered” regarding him. Our controlling powers wanted and expected Hillary. They screwed up and they’re trying to fix their mistake.

I tend to agree with Caitlin Johnstone, who has described Trump as a normal President:

“Biden Can’t Return US to Normal, Because Trump is a Normal President”

So we’re very far apart on Trump. We’re probably far apart on Biden too. I fear him tremendously: in part because he’s more normal than Trump: he’s even worse than GW Bush, who did far more damage to the US and to the world than Trump has. Our country and world is in better shape (excepting COVID) after 4 years of Trump than it was after 4 years of Bush. Had COVID not happened, I think it is certain that Trump would be re-elected easily.

Again, the point is to share perspectives. We can affect how others think, but that doesn’t mean we can determine how anyone else thinks.


I would like to think you are right. I wonder who the ‘we’ is in we can start rebuilding. My fear is that if there is a total breakdown and chaos that the most popular faction will be the one with all the guns promising frightened people to restore order that will even be more fascist than the present one (there are examples in history of this). I am not sure there are enough people that would push things in the right(read left) direction for it to be a net positive. I confess I don’t really know how any of these scenarios would play out. There are a lot of unknown dots to connect when predicting the future. Two things I know are that frightened people don’t think clearly and that it makes no difference what I think. If history is an indicator human suffering will end when humans do.

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If the pandemic hadn’t happened it would have been Trump in a landslide.

He kept us out of new wars.
He’s even extricating us from two others.
The economy hummed along because he ran up huge deficits during boom years.

Like a Democrat should do.

He’s terrible overall, but Biden/Harris? A disaster waiting to happen, leading to worse than Trump.


Hi Aleph_Null. Your charts and graphs are fantastic. Thank you for your service to our community. You help keep us informed about the dangers of the viral pandemic.

Would you be willing to expand your service a bit and keep a running tally of glyphosate-caused cancer deaths? How about a running tally of fracking-caused cancer deaths? Or perhaps, would you at least be willing to give us a weekly tally of deaths caused by fossil fuels?

Perhaps we could use your charts and graphs to urge governments to lock down the fracking industry, or to lock down the refineries along Cancer Alley.

I mean, in their responses to the coronavirus pandemic, governments have demonstrated so much good will and concern for the People. Governments have used their awesome powers to do so much good, by protecting people from coronavirus. Now let’s urge them to do even more good! Let’s use your charts and graphs to convince them to lock down Cancer Alley!

Just saw this. Infuriating! I hope you can get it to stop. Your posts are rational and informative. They’re certainly consistent with “community standards.” There is no reason to participate in a forum if there is an enforced point of view.

I’ve only had one post removed – supposedly because it violated “community standards.” It didn’t and I was angered.

You’re wrong. Many doctors expressed alarm over this. This was a change in procedure created by the CDC just before this all took off. You can have covid or the flu and not be sick. Asymptomatic. Your immune system is working as it should. Many people get colds, the flu, etc. There are different levels of intensity on this. Not everyone gets the cold from hell or dies from the flu.

The entire world was locked down causing extraordinary misery and hardship to the people and destroying economies which will create further misery. All based on stats that have been proven to be overblown.

If we are indeed in a pandemic as declared, then understanding of the lethality of the disease is paramount. No excuses.

I’ve seen health officials declare that you could be in hospice, given two weeks to live by a doctor because of a non-covid factor and if they find you to test positive (using a PCR test that was not designed for viral detection) despite being asymptomatic with covid not at all a contributing factor, you are declared a covid death. That’s bullshit.

This article covers that and much more.


We are talking about two different scenarios. If someone has symptomatic Covid infection and is in Hospice and dies, the Covid infection is listed as a contributing factor. Otherwise this becomes extremely subjective. If a person is given 6 months to live with a cancer diagnosis and becomes infected and dies before six months, do you state that he or she was going to die anyway of a fatal disease and Covid should not be attributable. This is a fairly straight forward Covid attributable death.

If you are saying there is fraud in the reporting, I would suggest cases are being underreported rather than over reported. It is much harder to make a diagnose of a Covid case with negative testing than it is with a positive test. But I do agree that not all tests or all labs are precise, but in numbers I think we are looking at a small percentage of incorrectly diagnosed infections. With preliminary positive screening tests, a more valid diagnosis is made with the followup antibody test.

As to the issue of an “asymptomatic” Covid positive tested individual and that person dies of whatever cause, then I or you may have a very difficult time stating emphatically with certainty that the death was totally unconnected from Covid. We do not have enough experience or knowledge of this disease at this time to make these assumptions. This is a murky gray area. Maybe in a straight forward case of death by violence and the person was asymptomatic Covid positive, then I would not list Covid as a cause.