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"He's Down to Steal This Thing": Kavanaugh Echoes Trump Mail-In Ballot Lies as Supreme Court Bars Extension of Wisconsin Deadline

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/27/hes-down-steal-thing-kavanaugh-echoes-trump-mail-ballot-lies-supreme-court-bars

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Thank you to all who vote.
Taking time to wisely select your representatives, local and state judges, school board members does effect you, your family and community.

An October surprise
is due to arise


A word to the wise in Wisconsin, or any other swing state for that matter. Don’t mail your ballots at this late date go get in line next Tuesday morning and vote. The SCOTUS will now do everything in it’s power to delegitimize mail in votes.
Fascism is now clearly on the ballot.


I second that knowing too that it is asking people to potentially risk their lives.


I wonder how much beer Trump promised him for this.

Was watching a documentary on WWII tonight. They played scenes of Nazi rallies even as the war was being lost. The fervent eyes of the followers in the audience seemed familiar.


Ruling class memo to the six Supreme Court judges they have in the bag:

Any argument will do. We don’t even need to pretend to be reasonable anymore. We just need a string of words constructed to SEEM like an “argument.” It doesn’t matter that everyone knows it’s pure bullshit. If you can pretend to believe it, that’s enough for us. Science, reason, logic, epistemology, ethics… none of it matters a bit anymore. We are all nihilists now. We are all adrift and unmoored. With our money we can make anything stick. Words are mere instruments to accomplish short-term goals. When we need to reverse ourselves and “believe” the opposite of what we “believe” today — in truth we don’t believe anything — well then we’ll say the opposite tomorrow. Might makes right and we’re crude, degenerate ratfuckers.


“For important reasons, most states, including Wisconsin, require absentee ballots to be received by Election Day, not just mailed by Election Day,” Kavanaugh wrote.

Doesn’t this imply that he acknowledges that this is not they case of all states and, therefore, undermines his own argument? Transparently disingenuous.

Also, he undermines his argument of wanting to avoid the “chaos”, “impropriety” since not every state agrees with such strict voting deadline in the era of a deadly pandemic. He has no sense of the spirit of the Law which would require the balance of severity and mercy, hence, justice as best we can conceive it.


Yes, but was the Vietnam war, or the whatever in Iraq, any more important?

Very true indeed.

It’s interesting to me that with “true crime” television, movies and podcasts so popular, nobody seems to be taking a crime scene approach to the Trump presidency.
Any mediocre detective could put up a wall of charts showing the timelines and connections between the Trump/GOP gang and their many co-conspirators, how it all flows towards various goals such as sabotaging elections, using the presidency as a cash machine, sucking in and laundering foreign mob and other corrupt money, destroying regulations so industry can kill people and the biosphere, encouraging right-wing vigilantes, colluding with foreign enemies, wrecking the post office so mail-in ballots aren’t received in time while ruling against extending the receipt time for mail-in ballots, and on and on.
Senator Whitehouse used a criminal investigative chart strategy to show how sinister right-wing dark money operators have bought the federal judiciary including SCOTUS.
It now needs to be done for all the Trump Mob crimes, and heads should roll.


I think fascism is counting the ballots.


Ah, it reminds me of the old saying “voters decide nothing. Those that count the votes decide everything”
I would suggest shenanigans are afoot, but I believe at this point, it’s implied.


Washington state ballots need only be postmarked by election day, and are counted during the following week or so. Never has been a problem.


Very true indeed! Great points you brought up, so fitting since a Criminal cabal is, or certainly seems to be running this outrage of an administration. Not to mention trumps new bought and paid for supreme court suck asses.


Well, we’re NOT likely to see any herd immunity or effective TrumpCare® Vaccine, any time soon? So, choose your very best mask, gloves, eye protection ceramic/ Dyneema vest & helmet and shuffle off to LOTE for the racist, blatant senile kleptocrat of THEIR choice… then, sell your house to costal elite refugee & start practicing your Spanish or Portuguese?






First they come for the Postal Service,
then they come for the voting sites,
then they come for the courts,
then they come spreading the virus,
then they come with the militias,
then they destroy democracy,
then they come for you and me.


this is the direct result of the abject failure of the Democrats to protect our democracy for the last 50 years–failure to protect the vote -failure to stop the voter suppression-failure to stop the manipulations of our justice systems for the benefit of the right wing corporate agenda–even failed to put their guy on the court for over a year and then allowed the Republicans to walk their right wing religious bigot through in weeks-failure to even mount a credible effort to stop the nominations of so many right wing bigots now inhabiting the courts from top to bottom–they couldn’t have failed worse if they were trying—with friends like them who needs enemies—thanks a lot Democrats --for the crap your incompetence has given us–we’ll be feeling the pain for decades


They are NOT “Trump mail-in ballot lies”.

They ARE GOP “mail-in ballot lies”.

Trump is just the current godfather of the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP. The GOP’s stellar succession planning track record assures that their next godfather will be worse than Trump.


Based on some headlines of articles, Common Dreams is not in denial about our corrupt voting system with its wireless hackable electronic voting machines – which most choose to live in denial about – but the so-called “progressive” commenters certainly are. Does one’s denial serve one well? Or are they working operatives from the Democratic Party headquarters? That’s a 180 from the way it used to be following the 2000 stolen election. These days, the “progressive” commenters are using the same language as the right-wing. How easily most of the so-called “progressives” flip to the right, no matter what they call themselves.

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IMO: Democrats/neoliberals helped bring us trump----yes. Dems incompetence and being part of oligarchy which is ultimately a march toward destruction of people/life support systems of earth: yes.

But perhaps there is much more at play here than dems and trump for our collapse into fascism and eventually collapse of all life supporting ecosystems.

Food for thought----I found this piece interesting and alarming because it may not be as simple as blaming dems or trump et al. (as if that is simple!)

Shawn Rosenbert a 68-year-old Harvard- and Oxford-educated professor at the University of California-Irvine, political scientist believes:

“There is no single person or event to blame for this rise in fascistic populism’s popularity.”

“Democracy Devouring Itself: The Rise of the Incompetent Citizen and the Appeal of Right-Wing Populism.”

The upshot of his argument: “Citizens typically do not have the cognitive or emotional capacities required” to maintain a democracy. This deficiency was mitigated for most of our modern history by, for lack of a better term, political elites. The Cold War consensus meant that the differences between the two main parties was chiefly those of emphasis, and so subject-field experts moved easily through the halls of government regardless of which party was in power.

The lesson Rosenberg draws from developments like this: Democracy in the West is doomed.

“Even, or perhaps particularly in, well-established democracies like the United States,” he writes, “democratic governance will continue its inexorable decline and will eventually fail.”


And I must add one more thing to this post.
The fact that we do not include any other life forms in any concept of democracy (i.e. recognizing our interdependence on all life forms on earth) translates into extinction of most, if not all life forms.

We are so f----ing anthropocentric.

“Perhaps, out of respect for their existence and our own, it’s time to include non-humans in that all-too-human affair we call democracy.”

To me, this (in italics above) is an impossible notion given humans won’t even wear face masks to help other humans or themselves.