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'He's Making Fun of Genocide': Trump Appears to Joke About Trail of Tears in Tweet Mocking Elizabeth Warren


'He's Making Fun of Genocide': Trump Appears to Joke About Trail of Tears in Tweet Mocking Elizabeth Warren

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a tweet on Saturday mocking Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) with the racist nickname "Pocahontas," President Donald Trump appeared to make a joke about the Trail of Tears, the forced relocation of Native Americans in the 1800s that led to thousands of deaths.

"Today Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to by me as Pocahontas, joined the race for president. Will she run as our first Native American presidential candidate, or has she decided that after 32 years, this is not playing so well anymore? See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz!" Trump wrote.


Songwriter: John D. Loudermilk
Performers: Paul Revere and the Raiders (1971)

This song wasn’t part of my schooling but it was part of my education.


Warren sure has a big mouth… Let’s see if she can put it to good use! Looking for a candidate that can not only take on Trump but take him down as well.


So as not to express my true thoughts and feelings, I will just say, “This too shall pass.” (And not a moment too soon!!!)


His base will either love him for it or make excuses.


This is also corrosive and flaccid narcissistic bullying, utterly unacceptable in a president, and a form mental illness in my book. This man is clearly unfit. We have an entire swarm of septic bottom feeders that will take a generation to remove, cleanse the legislatures and bring a renewal in governance. There is no time like the present. For the next generation, the planet, the ecosystems, sanity, health, coherence and regeneration.

Regeneration Nation!


Trump would be a nobody if he did not have the full backing of much of the media, the entire GOP (moderate Republicans were purged during the Dubya regime) and his devious base.

Trump mocking a woman AND native Americans in the same paragraph gives him extra cred with his base.


It generally helps when we respond to schoolyard bullying, whether done by 10-year-olds or by 72-year-olds going on 10. Exception: occasionally on the Alzheimer’s ward someone’s dementia is too severe for them to learn anything.

In this case we definitely want to teach listeners, third parties, that passive or active participation in bullying is a ticket to long-term passive avoidance by potential employers, by potential lovers, by everyone except for other hard-core bullies and a few hangers-on.

In some ways it’s like joining a cult. You’ll find out someday that the hard-core bullies are by and large a rather selfish and abusive lot. They’ll focus their manipulative abilities on you. The bullies will often claim that if you’re not 100% with them, that you’re one of those hated others, in fact you’re worse than those others because you deserted them.

That’s how street gangs work. That’s equally how American neo-Nazi skinhead groups work. Cross them and they’ll threaten to shoot you dead, like a really bad death cult. Meanwhile, the worst of the gang members look so tattooed with racial invective and they naturally talk so disreputably that many of them can’t hold steady jobs. That hurts their lives.

Mr. Trump was born rich and so he can buy friends and lovers, although few staffers can stand his rages. Most of us aren’t billionaires and can’t really afford to be abusive all day.

Now in Senator Warren’s case we see racial abuse used to feed a bullying crowd of Mr. Trump’s supporters. Sen. Warren is covertly being accused, with the nickname “Pocohontas”, of having mostly Indian ancestry. I see a parallel with labeling someone with 1/4 Jewish ancestry as Jewish. Second, Mr. Trump is dragging up simplistic racial stereotypes of a huge group of people, First Peoples, in order to tar and denigrate the entire group.

I’m writing because racial denigration is evil. I don’t want to patronize any business that hires a real nut.


The “Court Jester-in-Chief” Strikes Again.

Can we please just arrest him and give him a speedy trial, and immediately move to send him to the Gallows?

Pretty please.


Trump isn’t a President, never will be.

He’s a Con-man pure and simple. Accent on the simple.


That portrait of Andrew Jackson–a hater of the rightful inhabitants of this land, the First Nations–speaks volumes with regards to just how uncouth is this cretin-in-chief. Sigh.


Which rhymes with pimple.


Trump is an absolute moron – multiplied over and again by his ignorance and

And this “mob boss” is about to close down our democracy/government again.


Your point #1 should alert all readers here at that you are the new troll on the block. Please don’t stay long.


Thanks for that! Never realized what a great protest song that was. Powerful lyrics.


Will Tanner’s command of the langwage is treemundus, dont ya think?

hypocracy, repairations, factually guilt, US Aide, enterance, Swannee, repairations (a reprise of reinforcement, I guess),…

Oh, hes gonna learn us real good, dontcha think?


A con man named Walter Trump comes to town filled with gullible people promising to save it’s citizens from impending doom.


[quote=“Will_Hanner, post:19, topic:60286”]
When looking at genocide, murder and kicking Indians off their lands, it happened to many tribes at the hand of OTHER TRIBES with frequency. It is classic hypocracy for Indian tribes to ask for repairations from the US govt. when same tribe was factually guilt of worse atrocities.
WORSE ATROCITIES! Europeans nearly exterminated a WHOLE RACE of people and your saying other tribes committed worse atrocities! Piss off! Oh, and its spelled, Reparations and Hypocrisy.


And theres nothing cute about him, not even a dimple.



Morally bankrupt imbecile catering to his brain-dead followers.