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'He's Making Fun of Genocide': Trump Appears to Joke About Trail of Tears in Tweet Mocking Elizabeth Warren


Do you kiss you mother with that mouth?


Well, I guess all those misspellings and ungrammatical moments prove you’re not a bot!


You are an amazing rhetorician. In just two small paragraphs you aptly defend both genocide and bullying. BRAVO!! Even the tactically brilliant misspellings show that you would have the necessary anti-intellectual and anti-science cred to appeal in a big way to Drump’s base. There is definitely a place for you in the Drumpf administration, perhaps with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.


All this says is that Trump is an equal opportunity racist. Don’t you believe your own lyin’ eyes and ears?


Ah, he jes tellin’ it like it iz, ain’t he? Pure and simple, free of all that thar book-learnin’ and fancy-schmnancy spell-checkin’, by gawd.


Every single time that Trump calls Liz Warren, “Pocohontas,” Liz must return the insult, labeling the Con-man as "LocoPreziDunceO."

This being repeated on national TV, would make him pop a blood vessel. Or 2 or 3.




I think that you must have hurt it’s feelings.


Making FUN of genocide? APPEARS to joke? Headline on this article too nice!


Let’s hope it’s his cartoid arteries.


You are guilty of the worst kind of false equivalency, you piece of shit. When white Europeans arrived there were many. many millions of Native people here who had been living in various parts of North America for many thousands of years. By 1890 it was estimated that there were only a quarter million left in the United States. What a loathsome piece of propaganda you have spewed to cover for the atrocities of our “settlement” of this country. Go fuck yourself.


Correct. This guy us a complete asshole and typical of the utter bullshit we have to put up in the Age of Trump.


A deepening sickness of human spirit is on display. As if the hatefulness of calling her ‘Pocahontas’ weren’t enough. He needs to be checked for presence of heart. Does he have one? Is America great without a heart?


Is this what we are? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gombe_Chimpanzee_War


The ironic thing in the case of the Cherokee Nation was that they were among the few Native American tribes that had bought into the “White man’s ways” lock, stock, and barrel…and it did them absolutely no good in the end.


" ‘He’s Making Fun of Genocide’: Trump Appears to Joke About Trail of Tears in Tweet Mocking Elizabeth Warren"

I think you might be giving him too much credit. It would imply he actually knows about the Trail of Tears. Half of us being shown a picture of the Vice President would have no idea who he is. Given the level of education in the US these days my guess is less than that know about the Trail of Tears including the POTUS.

I also wonder how many of us would actually know about Pocahontas had there not been a Disney cartoon with that name. She wold be just as well known as Malinche.


Actually in this case she was the one claiming substantial Indian ancestry. Trump just latched on to that during the campaign. Turned out she has no more Native american heritage than ten average American.


At least she had the grace to apologize, unlike Drumpf, who has to double down on every lie, insult, racist or sexist remark, and every other abomination that daily spews from his pie hole. Grace is just one of his seemingly bottomless supply of lacks.


Very relevant lyrics, thanks for posting. That would be a great theme song for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign!



A “mob boss” is an apt description and if we shorten Trumps first name to DON that fits him to a T!