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'He's Making Fun of Genocide': Trump Appears to Joke About Trail of Tears in Tweet Mocking Elizabeth Warren


All murdered by a lone nuts? Make that an on loan to the CIA nuts!


Maybe the episode referenced below will help us understand Trump’s admiration for Andrew Jackson:


We are many things: Good, Bad, In-between, We are most definitely not a Democracy,


I wonder how long it will take Native American “leadership” to express outrage at the rPresident for his bigotry the same way the expressed their outrage at Warren for demonstrating she had the tiniest amnount of native blood running through her veins.

Native hypocrisy is right up there with the Talibangelicals and AIPAC.


I’m kinda partial to ”El Pendejo.”


Since Israel has Remembrance Day maybe its time for America to have an
Indigenous Remembrance Day.
And American government, you made a legal tender coin for ----Sacajawea. Americans use pennies, and nickels and dimes and quarters a lot— So corporate America start making machines that use this coin. : )
The disappearing Sacajawea coin is as sad as the Susan B. Anthony which everyone thought was a quarter-----sigh–a BIG SIGH----these examples show a lack of sincerity–which grows wider each year towards so many Americans who are not a part of the criminal government and corporate classes : (


At present I would say that “Kleptocracy” or “Kleptocratic Oligarchy” would be the most accurate name for the type of government the U.S. is currently under.


Paul Revere and the Raiders and the Buckinghams played our city often in this time period.
Reminds me of that cute song “Running Bear.”


Isn’t it telling, that if you support fairness you are up for an assassination.
If you are an a-hole liar, crook, and womanizer no problem.


I’m going to have to wait for the next topic. You guys have used all of the good word descriptions on this one already.


Yes, and where are all the evangelical, preachers in America condemning their president who is guilty of all the things you describe. It is their height of hypocrisy…not a peep!


Since we all know this, I wonder if any of them feel guilt or remorse for their unrelenting support of IT.


Not to mention they didn’t fuck the place up like the Europeans did.


And American exceptionalism was born among us invaders.


Shan –

“The Don” –

Others have suggested “Mob Boss” – think Cuoma was the first?

But – it rankles that none of the nicknames that have risen for him actually stick.


Or “el supremesist blanco”.


il Drumpfe der Gropenführer is waaaay too stupid to know 3 Native American history references. It’s important to know who’s feeding him this stuff.
Pocahontas he could have gotten from the Disney thing, but Andrew Jackson, Wounded Knee, and the Trail of Tears? No way. Who’s the writer?"