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'He's Not Slowing Down': Sanders to Rip Trump, Push Single Payer on Midwest Tour

'He's Not Slowing Down': Sanders to Rip Trump, Push Single Payer on Midwest Tour

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As new polling data shows President Donald Trump's support flagging in several electorally crucial Midwest states, Sen.


Bernie doesn’t have to ‘speed-up’ — he just has to, as I’ve told him many times, “Be a real socialist” — “and speak-out about the Empire, Bernie”.


Exactly. Mum is the word on American Imperialism. If Bernie was the real deal he would have broken from the Dems, ran as an Independent; and spoke the truth about the evils of our empire/militarism. Bettya he would have won if he did!

But let’s be honest, he wasn’t in it for that…was he?


Meanwhile, back in the real world Republicans and Democrats in the Senate are planning to work on fixing Obamacare when they return after the recess. Of course, I’ll believe it when I see it. Republicans and Democrats working together to do anything sounds like something from the history books,


Go, Bernie, Go! Still feelin’ the Bern!


Obamacare is not fixable. It’s a For-Profit system that already has millions with no healthcare at all and millions more who can’t afford the premiums and deductibles.
Dems and Reps may well work together to save that system for their insurance and pharma donors, who hear the clamor to do away with them. But it’s too late. A majority of us see where we want to go, and will not settle for less.
The Real World has plenty of countries that guarantee healthcare as a right. We will join them.


You might want to try Non-Ordinary Reality once in a while. If you think The Swamp Thing that is D.C. is real, that is. If the people you think are problem solvers were any more plastic, they’d be somewhat ok, because they could at least be recycled.
The reason Sen. Sanders is going into the Rust Belt to deliver the word is our Capitol is full; of low rent kleptocrats, 1%er lobbyists and Uniparty careerists. Your kind of folks, in other words.


Yes, he would have won easily – in the seven or eight states where he’d have been on the ballot. The Damnoc­Rats handed the election to Tweetle-Dumb by pretty much ignoring Bernie’s delegates at the convention but at least he’s now the most-liked statesman in the country, whereas before the 2016 campaign coverage his name recognition nationally was at two or maybe three percent at best and would still be in the single digits if he had run as an independent.  Bernie’s not perfect by any means, but he’s WAY ahead of anyone else I can think of.

I wrote in “Bernie & 'Beth” in 2012 – How many people even knew who Bernie Sanders was before last year’s campaign, and how much media coverage would he have gotten running as an independent?  Ten minutes??


I take that to mean, that you want Bernie to form a new progressive party.

  • That has never worked; just ask Ralph Nader and Ross Perot
  • It will never work
  • The system with the appointment of electors gives an insurmountable advantage to the two party system.

We will never have a President Bernie, Elizabeth, or Tulsi, unless we hollow out the rotten core of the Dem. party and replace it with true progressives,
Instead of beating a dead horse, click here and get to work on something, which has a chance to succeed: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/s4p?source=bnc


AMEN!!!   It’s time to DITCH the Bug-Eyed B****!! *   And while you’re at it punt Podesta, purge Pelosi, and chuck Chucky Schumer out the door – along with ALL THREE Clintons!

* A succinct term for DWS used by three or four of my adult female neighbors to describe Hilliary Clinton.


The best way to fix Obamacare is to replace it with single payer. ie medicare for all Everyone would be covered. It would be complete coverage including physical health, preventive medicine, mental health, prescriptions, maternity care and I think it would most likely include the ER Nobody would be turned down. IMO the public option seems to me a good solution since this would mean there would be a choice between regular health insurance and single payer At the very least there would be aclear choice.


I say real world because with the Republicans controlling the House and Senate it is a certainty that Sander’s single-payer bill has no chance of going anywhere. Is McConnell going to send it to committee? Obviously not. The Republicans have finally agreed to look at Obamacare in committee. For them that is big compromise from where they were from the beginning of the session to their last futile attempt to repeal Obamacare. The Democrats have been calling for the Republicans to work with them to fix Obamacare. What Bernie is doing is creating litmus tests. He has three of them going, single-payer, free-tuition, and increasing the minimum wage the to $15. The purpose of this is force Democrats to take these positions. Those that don’t will risk defeat in primaries. I guess the question is whether the Democrats really need any more litmus tests to divide the party or should they unite to take on Trump and the Republicans.

Yes the Dems should unite -

around single-payer, free-tuition, and a $15 minimum.

Anything else is just uniting around the capitalists.


The picture show Bernie shaking hands with a steelworker’s union leader. I may be wrong, but I think a lot of the service sector is without unions.
The service sector is the group that will benefit most from minimum wage hikes.The service sector has many companies who are not even on the list for paying taxes in the US because they have moved their headquarters abroad. I think somebody needs to bring the headquarters home, or arrange for a way to tax them anyway.
It is not just about bringing jobs home. It is about setting up the companies straight.


Bernies right about this i hear a lot of people saying we gotta get these corporate jobs back . Now I’m not going to argue with you they gotta pay higher taxes because they do but you don’t grasp bernies approach to job growth to trumps they are different . Bernie wants to build more small business and medium size business via bank loans to local banks and unions as conduits it’s in his platform . That coupled with lowering the tax bracket for small business so they don’t pay as much as a bigger business, regulation on big business competitors so they are not run out of business , and higher wages bernie has a good sell. We don’t need corporate America people we need to break our dependence on them we need to build a new economy local and that’s bernies plan. I invite everyone to join us in this mission who care about job growth in 2018, and 2020 in the bernie revolution


It will never work

The Dems love that kind of attitude. They have no reason to change when they can count on your vote every time!


Bernie Sanders is walking the walk and talking the talk - it may not include or focus on all the issues some demand of him, but strategy and building a coalition is critical to first getting elected.

I think Sanders is right to focus on issues that directly affect people’s lives like universal single-payer health care, economic fairness, education, environmental protections, civil rights, restored tax responsibility for wall street and the richest, ending banker usury, and the war machine, and not get bogged-down now in the most divisive issues - focus on building, not dividing - those issues will be addressed after a person gets elected and can put together a strong administration to energize and inspire people - have a little faith and read between the lines.

Don’t let nay-sayers divide us with BS false charges claiming “betrayal” or linking Sanders with establishment sellouts, they delight in sowing doubt, not leading anything - whoever leads, we must get out of this cesspool of greed, corruption, and stupidity and work for the Common Good!




Of course they can, but it will be a much revised kind of Dems when the get my votes in 2018 and then again in 2020. :laughing:
Having settled that, maybe you can now post something constructive?
Or is that not the real reason you are here for?

I want to believe that Bernie can get elected. And I believe he can do the three things he has on his list to do.But I don’t think there is a person anywhere who can fight the war machine.
Pessimistic, maybe. I don’t see an opening.

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Fixing Obamacare is like putting a new coat of paint on a house burning down. Waste of time and resources but then again centrist democrats are good at wasting time/resources in service of their donors.