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"He's So Proud of How Little He's Done": Watch McConnell Laugh When Confronted on Covid Inaction

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/13/hes-so-proud-how-little-hes-done-watch-mcconnell-laugh-when-confronted-covid


Moscow Mitch is one of the most despicable cretins ever to hold public office.
He and his foreign agent wife are traitors, and the “man” obviously has no conscience or soul.
He is evil personified, an enemy of democracy, and given his collusion with Fuhrer Trump and the disastrous handling of COVID, a serial killer.
Hard to believe there are enough braindead losers in Kentucky who keep reelecting this monster.
Unfortunately, the Democrats put up a war criminal neoliberal to run against him.
Talk about LOTE!


His record for all the decades he has been a politician, a powerful one is horrible. In all the important aspects that matter for citizens, the state is last, or at the bottom and yet he has been elected over and over. Voters as a rule seem to prefer to vote for those who will never benefit them, or the state. That being said, his wife certainly has made out as well as their wealthy friends and associates.


I certainly like Amy McGrath’s politics, but I thought she could have done a much better job as a debater. She should have gone for his turtle throat and not let go. Where was her Marine training. Lean in Marine, don’t worry what you might be called, you know you are right, sound like it. Turtle soup ain’t made on the low setting, after all. Channel your drill instructor, if that will help.


McConnell’s up by double digits. Rational arguments don’t count much in that election.


Wow, I don’t see how any progressive person can “like” Amy’s politics, or the fact that she volunteered to be a fighter pilot killing people for Empire.
Marine training? You mean where people are brainwashed into becoming killers for Empire. Somehow that’s admirable?
For true progressives, nothing about Amy McGrath is admirable.
There was a true progressive in the primaries running against her, and he could likely have beaten Moscow Mitch, but the DNC squashed his campaign to rescue McGrath.
Amy is another Joe Manchin, and she’s a war criminal.
Other than the fact that she’s not Moscow Mitch, there isn’t anything a progressive would like about her.


A tiger like that can’t change his spots he never will . Zero humility and no compassion.

He’s too old to change ,his mind has been mined since he was a child.Is this America that leads by example. Is this the best it has ?

It’s pointless debating with this guy ,our only hope is raising conciousnes so we move from a primitive culture to a more evolved condition.
Transcend his beliefs and those of the dominant culture ,move away from lower conciousness kindergarten understandings.

Awaken The Species


I’ll not judge a person based upon the decisions made in their teens or early twenties, perhaps partly out of financial necessity (I don’t know her story). I certainly did not know that much about how the world worked when I was much younger.


The phrase “Moscow Mitch” is most despicable bigotry, most unbecoming from anyone who pretends to principles of human equality, and from forums opposed to inchoate hatred.

I’ll just keep denouncing the bigotry of it every time people decide to just shit on the poor people of Moscow like this. How are the people of Moscow supposed to be responsible for our own home-grown fascists? Why is it not okay to ooze assholitude in the phrase “China virus” but it’s perfectly fine, even funny & cute, to say “Moscow Mitch”? Why doesn’t the corrosive effect and terroristic example of bigotry per se seem to matter to anyone?

You proudly announce, over and over to the whole world, “Look what a bigot I am!” Some will be perplexed what you think you’re doing, why you’re doing it here in the Commons, where bigots are justifiably reviled. I’ve repeated begged CE to stop it with the white-supremacy and heteropatriarchy – entreaties always falling on deaf ears.


Moscow Mitch never waivers from his priorities…1) confirming young, fascist judges, and 2) bringing the bacon home to Kentucky’s elite. After the Russian aluminum plant in Kentucky is completed they will probably name it after him.


Disgusting bigotry from you too. Hypocrites. People who use such phrases instantly become hypocrites.


Sorry about the bigotry…let me add OLD fascist judges to my post.


Thanks. I get sick of people who are supposed to be progressive buying this shoddy narrative. You never hear Tel Aviv, Riyad, or Emerit before the name of their political puppets.


Damn right, thanks. This constant, casual bigotry of place has to stop, right this minute. We should be focusing on the bad people and stopping them, not looking for random targets to hate indiscriminately.


It’s not so much bigotry on the part of Dims so much as the need for a new cold war with an enemy capable of proxy wars to feed our military industrial base. The repetition of it is the kind of uninformed idiocy that make it all possible.


I’d say this sort of location/evil association is always bigotry no matter who does it for whatever reason – even if they refuse to admit it, that’s precisely and definitionally what bigotry is.

But your point is very well-taken indeed. The whole gambit which expresses DNC insincerity and weakness to the hilt, channeling resistance to Orangeman into Rachel Maddow’s bizarre russiagate fantasies, only because that way we can keep feeding the eternal cold-war military procurement beast – It’s been such a tragic folly, a much more profound foolishness which also should stop, if it could stop.


McGrath is the wrong person to run against McConnell.

Republican lite never beats a republican in a red state.


Being over judgemental is a problem. Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes first is always good policy.
Everyone who ever wore the uniform is a war criminal? That’s just hyperbole.


Better to be over judgemental than under judgemental.

t has been very clear ever since Buffy Saint Marie’s Universal Soldier was released during the 60s that everyone wearing a uniform during the era of pre-emptive occupations and wars is at least complicit. The last occupation or war that the US could possibly construe as “defensive” was Korea and that even falls into a gray area.

What if they had a war and nobody showed up ? You wouldn’t have much of a war, would you ?


The Russia gate fantasy you speak of has a lot of substance, from various agencies and organizations. They did interfere, are interfering, and we need to be aware of it. I keep reading that Russia did nothing only to see another instance of criminality. Just do a few searches, even I was surprised how many times Russia pops up. This has nothing to do with Donald, and is all about the protection of our elections and voters. As far as Mr. McConnell, he has directly ground our government to a halt with his desk nearly collapsing under the weight of all the bills he refuses to bring to the floor. The American people deserve better.