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Hey, Congress! #DoYourJob on High Court Pick, Say Groups Across Country



If congress can block the president in an election year by refusing to do their sworn duty, presidential terms of office are now three not four years.


They defund or destroy everything they touch. Their hatred of Obama is obviously racist so they should be deemed a hate group and not allowed to participate in politics. We are paying their salary for them to sit on their butts and do nothing but make trouble. It's unAmerican, undemocratic and unstatesman like.
They need to be sent home with no pay and no office to come back to. How long are we going to do nothing while they destroy the fabric of our country? If enough of us unite in this we can get something done.
What do you say?


Voting them out doesn't work. They just buy their way back in. We need a large movement to get this stopped.


If we vote them out of Congress, they walk into a K Street lobbying gig that pays 5 to 10 times their $174K annual Congressional salaries. Its win-win for them and lose-lose for us.


hey crybaby groups review your hero bidens comments and actions on this very same thing


Bring back the guillotine? That would be MY choice! Hack 'em ALL, let their gawd sort it out!


Feel the Bern!