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Hey, Democrats: Robert Mueller Still Isn't Going to Do Your Job For You

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/25/hey-democrats-robert-mueller-still-isnt-going-do-your-job-you

Nancy, Chuck, and the rest of Third Way are all hoping for this 2020 scenario. Win the White House back. Hold the House. And then of course tell everyone that we should “look forward” and just try to forget the ass raping that Donald Trump just gave them. And just like in the post W days, the hierarchy at the DNC will be just as happy as little clams as they won’t have to do anything but stay the course.


What rankles most are Democrats like Pelosi who accuse Trump of being “above he law for political ends”, but stubbornly put themselves “above the law for political ends” rather than do their constitutional duty to enforce the law and start impeachment proceedings against Trump. And then these pious hypocrites dare to accuse those who do not vote and have given up on the political system of not doing their duty. Is it any wonder, then, that the largest voting bloc in 2016 was voters who refused to vote for the scum vomited up by our two corrupt parties? Are these gutless Democrats actually trying to suppress voter turnout in 2020 by proving that those wo didn’t vote in 2016 were right?


Corporate State Democrats absolutely want Trump in power to run for reelection.

And if a Corporate State Democrat like Biden or one of the other shiny new ones like Beto win, then of course they will be good with that…and if Trump wins, they will also be good with that.

The only outcome that Corporate State Democrats would consider a loss would be a win for a truly progressive candidate like Sanders (with all of his faults).

THAT is an outcome that Trump and Corporate State Democrats are absolutely united against.

Who would Nancy vote for if Sanders (nearly impossible) was the Democratic Presidential Candidate? Think for a second she would vote for Sanders?


Yes. That is barely even worth arguing.

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msnbc and cnn ‘panel’ members constantly promote the get out the vote necessity for the democrats to gain power in DC, states, counties and localities. demographics are agin them! the 2016 Detroit (Wayne County) results prove it. in 2012 there were 12,000 votes for third party candidates - in 2016 there were 36,000. trump won Michigan by about 12,000 votes. Hmmm!

year 2020 will have too many elderly who voted in 2012 dead. Their adult grandchildren are not active nor interested in government.

But dems biggest error is having Nancy as speaker. She does not inspire…

This is all political theater - absurdist to the core - with the Democratic “leadership” determined to “Russia to judgment” to “exonerate” themselves from “losing” to this bileful buffoon, and to make impeachment impossible by avoiding the mountains of evidence that lie beyond the Urals.

If Killer Clown “wins” again, it will be in no small measure due to these Machiavellian machinations

And we may not live long to regret it.


A case against Trump builds itself. It just has nothing to do with Mueller’s investigations, nothing to do with Russia, and everything to do with Washington and New York and the running of the country and so forth.

You could campaign against Donald Trump because he’s warlike. But of course the party cannot do that because it is spoiling for war.

You could campaign against Trump to get the money out of politics. But then you would have to make some show of getting some money out of politics.

You could campaign against antidemocratic factors in the Republicans’ management of nominations and elections. But of course that might draw attention to the Democrats abuse of their nomination process, which has been fairly exposed of late.

You could campaign against Trump’s corporatist nepotism, but of course that does not bode well for the Democrats that the party tries to pass off as “centrist”–and that’s who is making these decisions.

Really, this just goes on and on.


This whole travesty is nothing more than a fanatical bunch of right wing extremist Democrats, (i.e. Republicans), placing all of their faith in another lifelong republican, (Mueller), to resolve the fact that they lost to Donald Trump, (Republican), Fair and Square, according to the rules of the game that they, (Republicans), constructed.


Wording it like that does a really good job at showing that there is indeed no opposition party in the U.S.