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Hey Fox News: #TalkPoverty in the First Republican Debate


Hey Fox News: #TalkPoverty in the First Republican Debate

Marisol Bello

TalkPovety Editor’s Note: This piece kicks off a campaign at TalkPoverty.org where advocates and people struggling to make ends meet will ask 2016 presidential candidates about how they would significantly reduce poverty and inequality in this country. This campaign builds upon The Nation’s #TalkPoverty campaign, which sought to achieve a substantive conversation about poverty in the 2012 elections.


Poverty does not exist in the social Darwinists’ narrative. The “compassionate conservative” meme complete with the “bootstraps” imaging inoculates them from compassion. They will, however, be happy to reach into your pocket to fish for whatever change may be left. Past time for a reset…


Corporations don’t allow their selected candidates to discuss issues like poverty or universal healthcare. Obviously these issues won’t be discussed on Corporate America’s favourite TV (FOX) network either.


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The Republican Fox News so called debate tonight is not a debate, it will be a dog and pony show for the sheeple and brainwashed right wing conservatives with a Trump, clown thrown in the mix.


It’s so difficult to be human in this monstrous, inhuman world. Even for the best of us. Alas, the candidates for the Republican nomination do not represent the best of humanity. In my opinion, they represent the worst. Walker, Bush, Trump, Christie, etc, etc–these people are disgraceful. They are monsters of viciousness, prejudice, greed, arrogance, opportunism and utter stupidity. Have you ever seen an intellectual lightweight like Scott Walker? Or a boorish oafish bastard like Christie? Trump is unspeakable. Jindal is ridiculous. Bush is disgusting. These people can never command respect from anyone with half a heart and a quarter of a brain. Only the brain dead brainwashed 100% “Americans” find something to admire in the sociopathic charlatans who call themselves “republicans.”

There will be no “debate” tonight. The monsters agree on the all main issues: tax cuts for the rich; more power to corporations; more power to the military state and the police; more slavery for women; fewer regulations of the “free market”; more racism and discrimination against gays and lesbians; more mindless patriotism and subservience to the Empire; more support for Israel; more drilling for oil; more war in the Middle East; fewer protections in the workplace; the extinction of unions, especially in the public sector. The monsters will huff and puff and pontificate, but they will all be saying the same thing: the USA is the greatest country in the entire history of the Universe and “we” should send “the Mexicans” home, tell “the blacks” to go back to Africa if they don’t like it and get “the homosexuals” to simply disappear back into the closet. This will be phrased as a matter of “protecting traditional marriage.” The real Republican agenda–to make everyone slaves of the ruling class–will be left unspoken.

My stomach turns at the prospect of witnessing this “debate.” I think I will opt for the better, saner option of watching paint dry…


During his white house tenure didn’t Ronny the big government slayer convince us that the “poor” were just waiting to be elevated to untold wealth once the 1% trickled down wealth upon them ?


I always thought that “trickle down economics” was TPTB’s inside joke from the get-go.