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Hey Joe, Where You Going With That Pentagon in Your Hands?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/23/hey-joe-where-you-going-pentagon-your-hands

I can’t wait to hear Biden’s horrific cabinet/transition choices tomorrow - they’ll be a flaming middle finger jammed into the eye of all progressive voters.

Norm… are you having buyers remorse yet??


“Extricating the Unites States from the grip of the Military-Industrial complex will require massive and sustained organizing”, and leaving the dem party to the dustbin of history.
That grip will never loosen staying inside the corporate party, the “party” leaders will make sure of it.


From the article:

“Warning and petitioning Biden to dissuade him from a Flournoy nomination probably have scant chances of success. But if Biden puts her name forward, activists should quickly launch an all-out effort to block Senate confirmation.”

Solomon spent months shaming people into voting for Biden and telling us that we’d push Biden leftward from day one. Now he tells us that pushing Biden won’t work and that to get what we want, we have to rely on McConnell.

There’s a sucker born every minute, and Solomon sure knows how to play them.


War of choice = Total failure of imagination.


I’d quote from Norm’s many columns urging support for the war criminal Joe Biden, but fact is they all came down to: Orange Man bad!

Note that here, Norman is urging grassroots resistance to the warpig Flournoy, but not to the Democratic Party itself.

Give it up, Solomon. Your credibility is nonexistent.


My god, this woman looks like a Batman villain. And apparently her resume is for one as well.
Face it Norm, Joe is no peacenik. Far from it. He, like most in America’s political hierarchy, genuinely believe that America’s military is to be used not only to open new markets and protect existing ones, but also as one of America’s most successful jobs programs. Ever since the dark days of Teddy Roosevelt suffering from little mans disease, America’s military has been our biggest business.
And business is good. That policy will not change under Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. As a matter of fact, as America’s economy flounders in the days of the post Covid recession, we can expect even more spending to prop up the biggest employer in the USA, our military.
Remember kiddies, global warming will only be addressed if it becomes a clear and present danger to our precious military.


And as far as “pushing” Biden and the democrats to the Left, good luck with that. This is a republic. A politician in a republic doesn’t recognize what the voters want after Election Day. All they know is, you voted for them, therefore you already approve of everything THEY espouse.
Only the threat of losing their jobs could possibly cause a shift in their attitudes.
Make them change? What a fucking joke.


Norman Solomon is one of the cleverest neoconservatives in the media.

He consistently makes the case for corporate privatization, pollution, and warmongering by insisting that

corporatizing, polluting warmongers who have blatant histories of lies and deceitfulness are the

only way to achieve progress away from what they have consistently enabled.

He insists that we have no choice but to betray our better judgement and that we must not abandon

our status as beggars.

To me he is a dangerously pathetic masochist who wants to keep as many of us in the dark for the

sadists who run both the republican and the democrat parties.

Solomon is obviously way, way too comfortable with hypocrisy and entrapment.

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Solomon believes in self-abuse and tries to herd others into his dead end alley so they will also be

abused by his masters.

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" During her tenure in the Clinton administration, Flournoy was the principal author of the May 1997 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), which advocated the unilateral use of military power in defense of US interests." (Wikipedia) This distills her essence in few words; it is called nationalism or America uber alles. If we go for one word, try “chicken hawk” naturally she’s never served in the military. She’s just another intellectual warmonger; sending other to do the dirty work of fighting while sending oodles of tax dollars to her MIC friends and sponsors.

For a so called intellectual she’s really not very astute; the days of unilateralism are over. American hegemony is dying.


And… Away we go…

Joe Biden’s New National Security Picks Are Very Troubling

Joe Biden’s first national security hires have been consulting for defense contractors or working for industry-funded think tanks. The picks are of a piece with Biden’s entire career of backing US imperialism rather than bucking it.

War Profiteers, Chickenhawks & Consultants
The members of the incoming president’s agency review teams are a rebuke to the idea of a Biden administration getting pushed left, writes Kevin Gosztola.



Unless its national security, its subject to procurement rules so will likely be outsourced to our trading partners. Unless they can somehow turn everyday jobs into ones involving national security and requiring a security clearance.

This is why all the people hoping a “Green New Deal” would mean good jobs for them are almost certainly dreaming.

All the New Deal type programs have systematically been made FTA-illegal. Help in emergencies, even, has to be as limited as possible. Under the new GATS rules, anything like what people hope for on healthcare is plainly made impossible. It has been since the mid 1990s. Why do people here keep pretending GATS never happened?

On the other hand, war stuff is exempted from trade deals, or was until fairly recently. But as long as its military/war/Deep State connected, I think they will likely escape being brought before a WTO tribunal, etc, because other countries don’t want to outsource their military stuff either.

Other stuff, especially areas like environmental goods and services, we can pretty much bet on it happening. We won a similar case in the WTO during the Obama Administration because India was running a green jobs program in Uttar Pradesh that was designed to help local businesses and particularly, manufacturers, preferentially train and employ local unemployed folk. That was determined to be discrimination against foreign manufacturers of that equipment. We (the US) won the case.

So the Obama / Biden Administration sent a clear message to countries that would set up these kinds of schemes that two and a half decades or so ago were seen as a legitimate way of generating jobs with tax money. Not so any more, as they violate provisions of trade instruments that open economies to other countries for trade in both goods and services (jobs)

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I think he’s going down to shoot some peasants old lady
caught her messing 'round, with another dictator…
uh huh…


Caught her running down town with another ole white man .HMM HMM so he shoot knowing not a GD thing would happen .


It is nice to have Norman Solomon back in form so soon after an election. Keep firing (and no sarcasm here)!

Meanwhile, here’s a request that I suspect might be of broader interest.

Why not focus on how we can avoid supporting Biden or anything like him in 2024? We do not want to again land where we are, at a point where we find ourselves asking people to undertake projects “with small chance of success.”

We don’t want to sound too much like Gimli going out to escort Frodo and the Ring towards Mordor, do we? Outside of the movies, things with small chance of success and certainty of–well, cost, at least, if not death–usually fail.

Let us consider rather the longer term and organize outside. Consider the heavies a long-time merchant like Biden is indebted to individually, and make that the count of what sort of force would convince him to negotiate.

Work to supplant him.

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Norm Solomon encouraged people on the left to vote for what is in essence George W Bush. This is considered a “progressive move”. Chomsky and Ellsberg did the same.

Any Republican or right winger besides Trump could have ran as the nominee for the Democratic party and these guys would have been counseling the people to vote for them.

That they pretended to be behind the Sanders campaign was only to give themselves credibility with the left and their railing on as to how bad Biden is for the next 4 years will be done for that purpose alone. If Harris or another right winger is nominated the next time around they will get behind that person…


Norm Solomon is a millionaire several times over. In other words he can council those living in poverty to just hold their noses and vote against their best interests because Norm can handle the pain. He is not facing medical bankruptcy due to lack of health care or the risk of homelessness because he earns minimum wage so it all too easy for him to claim the people have the time to “work from within” to get the change that is needed.

He claims to be a progressive but is oblivious to the plight of the working poor who he continues to insist must vote democrat.

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$1.25 trillion / year = the military (war) budget – see the article at The Nation, magazine, May 7, 2019, by Hartung and Smithberger. More than half the world’s spending on arms and war is U.S. spending.

America’s Defense Budget Is Bigger Than You Think

Each year, Congress approves hundreds of billions of dollars for the US defense budget—but the real number exceeds $1 trillion. –

Let’s look at the federal budget, $4.5 trillion in 2019, $1 trillion to Social Security, and $1.25 to military. That’s half. Now add Medicare, Medicaid, social benefits, and regular government. The military has taken over - Biden is right in the middle pushing for more of the same.

seriously, solomon should’ve considered doing this instead of his essay.