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Hey Joe, Where You Going With That Pentagon in Your Hands?

This IS one of Trumps big strengths—he is really an isolationist --but he has pulled back somewhat and stayed away from new involvements.

This country is sick of war-----this is a winning issue-----and there are Senators on both sides who want less military involvement. With a 50/50 Senate you could get a compromise.

Have the left put out real names that Biden could pick-------of course we are all caught up in the Truman show.

I agree with you that the story of progressives pushing Biden anywhere is not looking good. His feet are quite comfortably cool. But in this narrow argument about how Solomon thinks, I don’t know if he would put it as relying on McConnell, but perhaps that too is accurate. I think it would be great to get all the Senators who are remotely progressive (how many is that - 5?) to vote against Flournoy and many other horrendous picks that will be made. But it won’t matter - McConnel has already said he would give Biden the cabinet he wants, because I’m sure all Biden’s picks are just fine with McConnel in which case progressive senators have zero leverage. It’s only if there were an actual progressive nominee for any post might McConnel and the Rs balk in which case you’d need every Democrat to vote for them - and in that case, probably Joe Manchin and others wouldn’t.

On war, it is already shaping up to be worse than I would have thought. I haven’t completely given up on at least a bit of positive movement on a few environmental agendas only because Trump was so horrendously bad on that front. Someone told me GM has pulled out of the lawsuit against California in terms of opposing tightening emissions and mandating more BEVs now that Trump lost. But big changes needed to really address global warming? - I don’t have my hopes up too much. It doesn’t feel like the betrayal from Obama in 08 because I actually voted for that guy and had real hopes. This is just depressing from the get go.

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Amerika has been and is for all intensive purposes a military dictatorship pretending to be a democracy. Biden is just their latest war mongering, stooge and the reason he was allowed to become POTUS.

The Orange Sphincter managed to kill 250,000 and counting, and still we are in seven wars.

The time for change was during the primaries. But Americans shit their pants in the presence of Republicans.

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