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Hey Media, We Don’t Need Another Glossy Profile on That Nazi Dork


Hey Media, We Don’t Need Another Glossy Profile on That Nazi Dork

Adam Johnson

There’s been a recent wave of press for a certain unnamed Nazi Dork who threw a gathering in Washington, DC, for his Nazi friends this past week, attempting to use the Trump victory to raise the profile of himself and his Nazi “think tank.” The man who coined the term “alt right”—which has become a popular euphemism for those unwilling to use “white supremacist” or “neo-Nazi”—has of late received fairly softball interviews in Mother Jones (10/27/16), the LA Ti


this Nazi is named Peter Spencer and he is a complete racist through and through a triumphalist for white supremacy and does believe that all non-whites so-called others are less than human. He is a dangerous and deluded young man.


Glossy profiles are an indispensable part of celebrity culture propaganda. Sick indeed.

Ry Cooder's No Banker Left Behind is a fitting song for the Trump inauguration.

Perhaps Ry Cooder could produce an additional inauguration song: Party Like its 1933 in Germany ?


Thanks for the article. I've been railing about the media going along with its compliant use of the word "Alt-Right" -- the correct word is "Neo-Nazi." Now we get to witness the banality of evil, but with Ray Bans.

The media helped bring us Trump, and it will help with the rise of Neo-Nazism as well. Edward R. Murrow is rolling in his grave.


NEVER give a Nazi an even break.


From SS to GQ

Fashionable fascism on parade


Instead of Alt-Right, how about Alt-Reich?


While I was reading this article I kept thinking it is so time for the guillotines, but then it dawned on me that using one on this 'nazi dork' would be tantamount to doing exactly what he wants to do to our fellow peons. So now I'm thinking the one thing that would really affect him would be if no one paid ANY attention to him as it seems what he craves every bit as much as a world created in his image is fawning attention directed at him. Ergo, the nazi dork doesn't need to be guillotined; instead, all attention paid to him and his lunatic ideas needs to be GUILLOTINED!


Throwing around the word "Nazi" does not make it true. Like many other labels tossed around today, it just loses its power from overuse. To try to say today's unfortunate political climate is a "return of the Nazi's" only shows an ignorance of history, and who and what the Nazi's represented. My opinion. Happy Thanksgiving.


there is a good article circulating on Facebook(of all places!)
Alt-right is a name that seeks to make 'white supremacist/ white supremacy' O.K. I will not recognize it. I call it what it is. No white washing :slight_smile:


They played these games with the Orange Man instead of calling him out early in the game before he gained traction. Evidently they still have not learned their lesson.


I agree, also in my view, Trump is a dangerous and deluded old man.


And it seems the term "zombie-sycophants" is being raised to new levels of meaning by these newspapers. Kissing the ass of a monster makes you what--?


Interesting. I see lots and lots of parallels. In fact, it's almost "in-your-face" obvious.