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Hey, NYT–the ‘Relentless Populist’ Relented Long Ago


Hey, NYT–the ‘Relentless Populist’ Relented Long Ago

Jim Naureckas

In the New York Times‘ lead news analysis after Donald Trump’s inauguration (1/20/17), White House correspondent Mark Landler wrote of Trump, “It remains an open question whether he will continue to be the relentless populist who was on display on Friday.”


It's pretty hilarious to watch the Times -- a paper that over the decades has consistently diminished the size and impact of protest demonstrations and marches by, among other things, reporting absurdly low numbers for turnout, would suddenly learn how to count demonstrators now that the demonstration is against Trump, and not the Democratic establishment.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


My memory must be going. I thought one of the biggest predictors of Trump's failure--before the election--was Paul Ryan's refusal to support him and his ideas. It was proof that the GOP was falling apart.

Looking at Ryan's face in the picture, I must be completely mistaken. That expression alone should dispel the myth of populism in Trump.


An unpopular populist strikes me as an oxymoron. Trump is more an anti-populist - unpopular in word and plutocratic in deed, nationalist, protectionist, reactionary and anti-social. And dare we add possibly treasonous? Definitely conflicted.


Anybody who ever watched Song of the South should have a clear understanding of how the GOP operates.

The Trump election is the most recent example of the GOP successfully following the Brer Rabbit formula that has worked for them so many times before.

When the GOP was criticizing Trump prior to the election they may as well have been saying "please don't throw me in the briar patch". Post election, their actions have "I was born and raised in briar patch" written all over them.

All Trump needs to do for the next four years is hold the gate open for the GOP to check off every regressive item on their bucket list.


In my view, Trump shows every sign of being an empty shell, which the Established Power Structure is Inhabiting, as it attempts to continue its March, in the Same Direction, as it has been going, since it overthrew our Democracy in1963.


You can't possibly be asserting that Trump is against that very establishment are you? That corporate servicing establishment that has comprised the power center of the Democratic Party since Al From's DLC spawned Bill Clinton.

To suggest this is to suggest that Trump represents anything but a ratcheting up of corporate power and governance.


Oh if Trump were merely an empty shell. It is far more ominous.

Won't be long before that stark reality becomes known. Nothing to compare this with.

In one fell swoop he has defined the acceptable people in his "unity" at a church, used CIA as a platform to attack the press (ALL press that doesn't go along with his blatant lies) and level a veiled threat, then in the most blatant fashion sends his Press Secretary to launch the first official attempt to hold two fingers up, and insist that there are three.

It is terrifying, and it has only been two days.

I know you get this, I'm just venting.


Trumps draining the swamp by filling it first.


Lets face it the New York Times is perhaps the clearest example of fake news there is. Judith Miller, Judith Miller was she the Helen of Troy that armies sailed far across the world to savage Iraq over the fake news of Judith Miller at the New York Times. Of course she was not alone, there were all of the TV networks, there was NPR, there was the BBC, there was Colin Powell.

Now a lot of people knew that it was fake news at the time huge demonstrations Peace Marches! The elite ignored it all. The neo-con agenda of A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm (of Israel). Which called for destroying all the perceived enemies of the pathetic fading nightmare that is Israel. Of course the wars were not for oil. That was the diversionary line of the controlled left to take the heat off the zionists.

And now we find the controlled left working in lock step with the likes of John McCain and Lindsey Graham (can it get worse than these criminals?) to take down Trump in order to get their wars on. Wow.

Let's work for peace. Let's blow up NAFTA and help Mexico rise, Let's stop listening to the purveyors of fake news.


You can't be a billionaire capitalist without being a major pillar in the establishment. trump's supporters were gullible to think he'd be anything otherwise. Telling the truth for what it is doesn't make me a liberal elitist. If trump's supporters don't like being called gullible, then they can stop being so gullible.


The NYT is a shit box. Trump is a fxcking, lying, fxcking fraud. He's a major league POS. The Times is a major league POS. Why are journalists/expository columnists sifting through two steaming piles of shit, trying to find a kernal of nourishment, and always finding a stinking pile of spoiled corn? The Revolution Will Not Be In The New York Times.