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Hi America. It’s North Carolina. We Know What You’re About to Go Through


Hi America. It’s North Carolina. We Know What You’re About to Go Through.

Peter St. Onge

Hello America,

It’s North Carolina.

We know some of you are a little jittery right now about the 2016 election. We understand.

It’s not just Donald Trump that has you nervous. It’s Donald Trump and a fully Republican Congress. Next year will be the first since 1928 in which Republicans controlled the presidency and had such large majorities in the U.S. Senate and House. Just one year later, the Great Depression began!

Sorry. That’s not helping.

But we do know what you’re about to go through.


Wisconsin had further to fall than Carolina ever did, so yes, Wisconsin is at least as good an analogy as Carolina is.


The answers to the right wing reactionaries in both Wisconsin and North Carolina were inspiring...but not enough. Demonstrations are not enough. Turn protest into action. The first half of the action is resistance wherever possible - do not go along with the righties. The second half is resilience - actively implement the system that will replace the current one, starting in your own communities. In most places you will be joining efforts already underway, if you are not part of them already. Be the change you want to see in the world; the one that the vast majority of Americans, left and right, want to see.


It's not worth it.

Also, this creates nothing more than a reactionary movement that needs something to fight against in order to survive. It can't, and won't, fight for anything once the GOP loses some power. Such is the history of progressives in the USA.


So were the democratic candidates as arrogant and brainwashed in North Carolina as the ones so handily defeated this year at every level throughout the nation?


We know what some of you are thinking: Hey, it’s a diverse country that split its presidential vote. Surely, Congress will restrain its conservative inclinations at least a little so that it represents the interests of all Americans.

Kind of like the Democrats did in 2009 when they had the majority...(Obamacare - pushing it through so fast that no-one really knew what was in it until after it passed). Not saying it is right, but I have yet to see a party that is in total control at any level not use it to pass everything they have wanted to for years "Big bills, small bills, social issues, the environment, you name it." The idea of reaching across the isle is a word that the controlling party uses as lip service when they are in charge, but both sides do it....


2009 is unlikely to be comparable to 2017 when you consider that the $20 plus trillion dollar bankster bailout passed with zero GOP votes before Obama took office, foillowed by the ACA which was the GOP's 1990s "health care reform" proposal reintroduced in 2009 and passed with zero GOP votes in Congress, thereby dooming Congressional Democrats in the upcoming 2010 midterm.

The 2009 infrastructure "stimulus" was watered down, allegedly to please the GOP even though zero GOP votes were needed to pass it and no GOP in Congress voted for it. We all lost out on that one.

Since the GOP needs no Democratic Party votes to pass their agenda, 2017 will be all GOP legislation voted in by the GOP and a Scalia clone (or worse) replacing Scalia.


I smell another economic meltdown coming as a result of this over-reach. I just wish I knew of a safe place for my meager life-long savings. We all took a hit in 2000 and a bigger hit in 2009, 2010, etc. This one could be worse. Great Depression II.


No, what really happened was all the rednecks came out of the woodwork. They were pissed that they had a black man for president and they'd be damned to tolerate a woman for president. That hatred filtered down into how they voted for the local elections. Patriarchal racism is what it comes down to. Patriarchal racism is what now rules this nation. The 60s civil rights movement wasn't really that long ago and we clearly have a long ways to go.


I don't fully agree. The first rounds of bankster bailouts was handed out by Bush. Obama's mistake was to follow suite. He should have with-held just like many GOPs claimed they wanted but Obama would have had to make it loud and clear that he was doing so at the GOP's request and that all of the economic backlash to result was strictly the GOP's doing. But, Obama didn't have the guts to do anything like that. Mr. hopey change failed to deliver the change we were hoping for.


Except that Dubya could not have passed the bankster bailouts without enough Democrats voting yea. Most Congressional Republicans voted no and have won subsequent elections by pointing to their record of voting against the bailouts, whereas many Democrats lost subsequent elections as a result of supporting the bailouts.


“We are faced with determined, well-organised adversaries who care nothing about human rights or climate change; who would probably laugh at the very mention of geocide. They want only one thing: business as usual and a world in which they can make endless amounts of money using any and all available resources, no matter what the costs to nature and to human life. Unless we can accept this reality and confront these adversaries, as well as the public and private organisations they serve, I’m afraid we have no hope of ultimately preventing geocide.”


Excellent post, Peter St. Onge. I'm a North Carolinian and have been dismayed over McCrory and his Admin. And, yes, I am very nervous about the coming Trump Presidency.


Are you talking about 401k savings, or actual cash-in-the-bank savings? The only idea I can offer you on your 401K is to consider cashing out as much as possible right b4 you know in your bones the economy is about to crash (I realize you will lose some that way, but undoubtedly not as much as you would if you just hoped and held on).
I've been putting a few hundred a month in savings for a few years now, I set it up to be withdrawn from our checking account every month so after it's transferred I go in and withdraw it and put it in a safe in my house (hey, don't laugh at that -- the money that was in the safe when our house burned down 7 years ago came thru the fire just fine)! I started doing that when articles started talking about how the next time Wall St implodes they will do a bail-in of the money we peons have in their accounts -- not sure if that actually applies to the little hometown banks, but I figure it's better to be safe than sorry.
Anyway, good luck whatever you decide to do (you might try reading ZeroHedge b/c he always has articles on what's happening on Wall St). :scream: