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Hidden Costs of US Air War


Hidden Costs of US Air War

Nicolas J. S. Davies

USA Today reported on April 19 that U.S. air forces bombing Syria and Iraq have been operating under new, looser rules of engagement since last fall. The war commander, Lt Gen Sean McFarland, now orders air strikes that are expected to kill up to 10 civilians without prior approval from U.S. Central Command, and U.S. officials made it clear to USA Today that U.S. air strikes are killing more civilians as a result of the new rules.


Thank you, Mr. J.S. Davies for this scathingly brutal accounting.

I've been saying THIS for years... and daily met by the Message Squads who repeat their Talking Points that U.S. citizens know (what's going on), and simply don't care:"As Major Ralph Peters, an officer responsible for “future warfare” in the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, wrote in a 1997 military journal article, “We are already masters of information warfare … we will be writing the scripts, producing (the videos) and collecting the royalties.”

"Post-Cold War U.S. military strategists have theorized that sophisticated U.S. “information warfare” can shape public perceptions to remove political constraints on the use of U.S. military force.

When individuals become as programmed as Pavlov's dogs--in this case by wholly false narratives of occurring events outside of their range of scrutiny--to argue that people came by their opinions by some natural means is just another part of the Great Fraud.

In response to this, I suppose it's a tough sell with a million refugees washing up on Europe's shores:

"The presumption that U.S. information warfare could brainwash the world to provide political cover and impunity for systematic U.S. aggression and other war crimes is collapsing under the real-world impacts of U.S. policy."


When the US media sanitized military slaughter of civilians by coining the phrase "collateral damage" prior to the 1990 Gulf War, many Murkins, unfortunately, saw it as a sign that "collateral damage" was nothing more than an essential component of keeping the world safe for democracy.


"On the domestic front, the U.S.’s information warfare has proven so effective that most Americans know almost nothing of the real impacts of U.S. military operations." and, "But successive U.S. administrations have proven unable to resist the lure of military expansion and escalation at each new stage of the crisis, unleashing wars that have killed about 2 million people, plunged a dozen countries into complete chaos and........."

Is there no way that US citizens and the signators of the Geneva Conventions cannot bring the full weight of the law down on all those who have directly caused this mass destruction and the many millions of deaths? What was good for the Germans after WWII should be good for........!


The glaring absence of any serious discussion of non-combatant deaths by U.S. drone and air strikes during the Democratic debates is all telling. Same for any talk of significant reductions in the military. Discuss who is the real Democrat or who has the best "progressive" credentials or who has the best military plan for stopping ISIS? Sure. Continue the war in Afghanistan? Sure. Continue Obama's drone program? Absolutely. More planes, more bombs, more military "advisors" in the area? That's just good business ... oops, it's supporting all our wonderful allies. Stand up to the evil Putin and reignite the Cold War? Bring back the good old days, you bet.

Get labeled a pacifist? Horrors! Not in an election year. Discuss state sanctioned murder of innocents? Can't have that, not with the Democratic party being an equal partner in the daily slaughter. Prosecute anyone for war crimes? Yeah, right. Allow a whistle blower to make the military look bad? Pardon Chelsea Manning? Never. Label our troops as less than heroes? That's treason.

The frightening truth is that the military is now beyond the reach and control of elected officials, to the point of risking assassination for an official to even threaten the war machine and its covert CIA and special operations. The military and the CIA now control the government and have for a long time. A vote for R or a vote for D isn't going to change that.


And of course, ISIS kills no one. Like the 250 Kurdish women.


Well, I have sympathy for the article; and as @jneastra points out, this country has no compunction against killing civilians in large quantities. Leaving aside that we created the conditions that have led to the need to remove these religious fanatics from civilian areas, how exactly do we handle a situation like this?


I have faith that a vote for Bernie is not a vote for a "D" as we now know it.


As Major Ralph Peters, an officer responsible for “future warfare” in the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, wrote in a 1997 military journal article, “We are already masters of information warfare … we will be writing the scripts, producing (the videos) and collecting the royalties.”

People should have a look at that article. These are the kinds of people who get control of power. It's truly nauseating.

You know, I think this is the real problem. It's not this or that war or other perfidity. It's these kinds of people. Right wing authoritarians (Altemeyer) or sociopaths or ... whatever you want to call them.



That's the problem. CNN made war entertainment and assured everyone that Desert Storm was a "surgical strike" war that only nailed the bad guys. I knew differently. I had friends who lamented the extra action after the mission called "rolling in on targets of opportunity". Some guys did it and some didn't. The Baghdad road to Syria was always jammed with refugees trying to flee the bombing. It was out in the open desert and all it took was one deserting military vehicle in the line of passenger cars for the strafing by an A-10, F-4, F-16 or F-15 to kill off everyone. Did anyone tally those deaths? Not a chance.

When an honest reporter embedded in a tank unit like David Bloom, decides he's going to do some real reporting on what's going on, Abra-Kadabra, he mysteriously dies riding on top of the tank. Was it illegal shelling? Then there's the little matter of the military actively bombing Al Jazeer headquarters in Iraq and Reuter's Reporters on the Manning Video "Collateral Murder" in Afghanistan.

ALL wars have torture and genocide in them. ALL. ALL wars have war crimes in them. ALL.

This system of war for profit is the global warming kernel of evil that we have to excise if we don't want to turn the whole Earth into hell (Venus our sister planet is 800 degrees F at the surface and can melt lead.) The problem is Wall Street Profits. The economy is sick, sick, sick and their answer is world war.



AND, in case you have been asleep for the last 6 years, ISIS has been supplied by the USA (via its NATO allies) with much much weaponry. ISIS, used as the bogeyman for the masses, is a well fed child of the USA. As you know, the media story is that the USA is in Syria to fight ISIS. But you dont have to look very far to know that they are not. They have trained them and the facilitation of weapons to ISIS is ongoing. They are using ISIS to overthrow the government of Syria.