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Hidden Origins of Syria’s Civil War


Hidden Origins of Syria’s Civil War

Jonathan Marshall

Since the Syrian civil war began in 2011, nearly a quarter million people have perished and fully half of the country’s inhabitants have been forced from their homes, creating the worst refugee crisis in the past quarter century.


As America chews on the corpses of the rest of the world, it has the temerity to wonder why the bones of the oppressed are perforating its colon…


This has been going on for a very long time. Over 40 years ago, his Dad obliterated the city of Hama and killed 30,000 people. His target…the Muslim Brotherhood. There truly are no good guys in this fight.Neither side is strong enough to defeat the other, endless civil war is the result.


All Civil wars come to an end unless a foreign power meddles so as to extend it.

Had Europe meddled in the US Civil war as some countries wanted to do the war there would have went on another decade or more.


Sometimes they meddle and it ends anyway. Like Spain in the 30"s.


Were it not for the aid received from Italy and Germany the coup of the Fascists would have failed as they failed early in their campaign to capture much in the way of supplies and munitions. It was with that supply of arms goods and soldiers that they were able to launch their offensive.

(Further while no expert on this war I am certain that before launching the coup said support was solicited by the Fascists in Spain from their contemparies in Italy and Germany)

I suggest it would have failed year one were it not for that aid.


Yes, you are right on that. Without German and Italian support Franco would have never gotten his army over from Morocco in the first place. The worst is where you have two proxies fighting on either side and supplying arms. This is certainly going on in Syria.


Afghanistan was very much the same. They always had factions that did not like one another but over time the conflict between such groups would wane and then stop and they would have peiods of peace where social advances made.

Inevitably one of the so called “great Powers” would then decide to stir up trouble.

The vast majority of those conflicts are stoked from the outside.