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'Hideous Milestone' in Yemen, says Red Cross, as U.S.-Backed War Results in One Million Cholera Cases


'Hideous Milestone' in Yemen, says Red Cross, as U.S.-Backed War Results in One Million Cholera Cases

Julia Conley, staff writer

"This suffering is the direct result of a fractured healthcare system due to prolonged conflict in the country."


Cholera - facts, figures from World Health Org: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs107/en/

When cities/villages/towns are leveled along with water systems, electrical boards, roads, streets, etc., the decimation brings diseases such as cholera (water contamination, untreated raw sewage running down streets). When caught early enough and treated, death is averted. As long as the bombing, assaults, and the like continue, there will be no brick and mortar hospitals to treat the sick and the disease spreads unabated.

Obviously, DJT and his military monsters take delight in body counts and war games regardless of the cost in human lives and destruction of villages/towns/cities. The end game is not only bragging rights but access to and control of yet another virtually undeveloped fossil fuel reserve in N. Yemen. Between the Saudis and the US interests, wonder who will win out with the major portion of that reserve and its future profits…


Well, you can tell what the Fourth Reich thinks of people. Just look at Puerto Rico. Supposed to be under our protection as a “colony.”
*It was essentially wiped out by a monster hurricane. Months later, there is still no health care, people have no clean water, electricity is sporadic, food is scarce, and the Orange Dotard says they’ve got to go it alone, the US Fourth Reich can’t afford the expense, its got wars to run and trillionaires to be enriched at the people’s expense. Puerto Ricans, too, are suffering from a Cholera Epidemic, for the same reasons as Yemen, but instead of rains of shells, it was a hurricane that destroyed their infrastructure and medical system.
*But, “we cannot afford to help them,” says the Dotard.
*The rest of the world had better step in soon, as each day, this nation gets more Nazi and the Nuclear Clock gets closer to midnight.