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'Hiding It Like Cowards': McCain Returns to Help GOP Pass Secret Trumpcare Bill


'Hiding It Like Cowards': McCain Returns to Help GOP Pass Secret Trumpcare Bill

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With Sen.


Senators and Representatives from both parties are mostly cowards killing poor people in poor countries and stealing health insurance from poor people in the US.

Most senators and representatives are actual cowards. So are presidents that sign bills on new year’s eve when most every one is distracted by the festivities.


Trump to the American people:
I will replace the shitty ObamaCare program with an even shittier health care program even if it kills me or others.


I believe it was one of Carlos’ books regarding Don Juan.

The question was asked, “How does one find true Integrity for one’s action?”

The response was,

View your Action as if it were the Last Action you could perform in this World.
and then ask yourself
Is this Action worthy of being my Last and most Integritous act of My Life?


This will be interesting. McCain may just decide to give a huge FU to the Republican Party and vote against the Repeal and Replace effort. He likely won’t be around much longer so what will he have to lose?


I retch every time I see that Old Age Mutant Ninja Turtle looking motherfucker who has health care provided by taxpayers, but wants to take it away from poor and working class people!


“This will be interesting. McCain may just decide to give a huge FU to the Republican Party and vote against the Repeal and Replace effort. He likely won’t be around much longer so what will he have to lose?”

Or he may decide to support his party and approve the Motion to Proceed. If he does, and if he supports the next terrible bill supplied by Congress, maybe he will voluntarily agree to lower his own healthcare provisions to meet the Republican bill(s) because he “knows” how good it will be for all Americans in his shoes.

This is a response to Helen, sorry Geezer and Helen both.


McConnell has been getting away with outrageous, near treasonous behavior for nearly a decade now. From vowing to obstruct President Obama at every turn, to denying his right to nominate for the Supreme Court. Now he’s getting away with demanding a vote on “secret legislation’” that only a selected few of our elected representatives (of his choosing) are privy to. Why is no one outraged enough to be raising holy hell? Of, course, I mean those among the “honest” Republicans, as McConnell has made it clear that Democrats will be made totally impotent in the process of governing.


I have long regarded McCain as a person with integrity. Given that the bill that the Republicans want to get signed is likely to be a ROTTEN one, I will be disappointed if McCain signs the bill! What I would have LIKED to have seen him do is become a leader within the party to ensure that the bill would have corrected all of the defects in the ACA.


I can’t explain this except to say they behave as a cult. All cults are a collectively expressed mental illness; “mad,” to all intents and purposes. If McCain votes “yes,” and I expect he will, he will be immortalized by the Chicago School neoliberals; a saint in this cult of mammon.

This debacle is literally making me ill.


The lunacy of this spectacle would be comical, if not so tragic. We can only hope they will wheel him in in a wheelchair to make this reality show more “real”. The world may or may not be watching but if they are, no one will ever again trust America to do the right thing. This Titanic of a country has lost it’s soul. We can only hope he will have a brain fart and come to his senses. Is that possble? I wish the man no further ill will as he is not long for this world but there are many things worse than death and passing this utterly disastrous bill is one of them. My comments are no less callous than the pain they have inflicted on the 99% for as long as I can remember.


One of the Keating Five and warmonger to the hilt…we’ll see.


I do not think, that this will happen and if not, he should be made cognisant, that he will be sent to his grave with at least 23 million curses. As an atheist I do not believe in the power of curses, but he appears to be religious enough, that it will affect him, and that is what counts.


There is a cure for the cancerous oligarchy that kills millions:


Hello Garrett_Connelly, Let’s stop talking about health insurance. Insurance won’t give you health. Single payer for all at least gets you to see medical personal and not get bent over the table by the continually increasing costs by the MIC (Medical-Industrial-Complex)!!! One payer no bills. We all pay collectively when millions and millions are uninsured!


You say you don’t think this will happen – why not? Of course, I don’t know if it will either, but it would be a wonderful way to give a huge FU to both the Republican Party and to Donald Trump.


Is it true that his North Vietnamese captors called McCain “Songbird?”


If McCain votes to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, my modicum of sympathy for his brain cancer will evaporate: “What’s good enough for me is too good for everyone else”!


I guess what Trump said about McCain is true …He is a loser…RIP you won’t be missed and your legacy will be that of pure evil and plain old ignorance…We will dance at your funeral you self-righteous piece of shit.


He is too “dyed in the wool” and will march in the GOP step. He has largely benefited from the “hero” role of suffering captivity and torture. But in my book that does make him a victim rather than a hero.
A hero is somebody, who takes voluntary action which which causes him/her hardship and or danger to help others.

No, McCain is a jerk, who who unfortunately suffered an extremely rough situation, but still a jerk, who will not hesitate to shorten the lives of more that 23 million people in order to enrich his already wealthy buddies even more.

Having said that, I hope fervently, that I have to eat my words, before this day is out, but I don’t really believe, that I will have to.