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Hiding US Role in Yemen Slaughter So Bombing Can Be Sold as ‘Self-Defense’


Hiding US Role in Yemen Slaughter So Bombing Can Be Sold as ‘Self-Defense’

Adam Johnson

To hear US corporate media tell it, the US was dragged into a brand new war on Wednesday.


Here is good discussion regarding corporate media (and other topics) from Oct. 11 for your Sunday listening pleasure.




Warmonger Martha Raddatz had warmonger Gen. "I think with my little head and not with my big head" Petraeus on ABC this AM talking up the wars in the Middle East and Africa. They both explained away the murderous role of Saudi Arabia in Yemen as being necessary to the defense of the United States. What a crock.
Obama's new war fighting policy, which he will hand over to Hillary, is airstrikes and Special Forces Operations.
Obama has attacked more then a dozen countries this year using those tactics.
Somalia is the most grievous example.
Repeat after me: "America is a peaceful country who whishes no one ill will."


Not surprising to hear this about Maddow. People who compliment her for being such a good liberal should read this. Truth is, Maddow has bee a real shill for the future President Three Names for some time now. Hillary is an ardent neocon who has indicated that she is in full support of the idiocy and brutality that passes for U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.
I also liked the comment about how TV reporting is even worse than what we are getting from newspapers like the hacks at the New York Times by delivering the news with the expected spin and "no context". Instead of being called journalists these people are more accurately described as "stenographers to power" who have no intention of losing their big salaries and access to the VIPs (Very Important People) by actually doing their jobs. An example of a real journalist is the wonderful Amy Goodman of "Democracy Now!" who has ominously been charged with breaking the law because she had the nerve to actually report about the indigenous people's protest against the XL pipeline project.


And to think that Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. What a contemptible hypocrite he is. I wish it could be rescinded along with the one awarded to the warmonger Kissinger.


Joy Reid is the worst offender on MSNBC. She is so far in the tank for Hillary that she uses a snorkel to breath.
But, you're correct that the MSNBC crowd long ago gave up their right to call themselves objective journalists.


Isn't it interesting that the worst war criminals in America always get the Nobel Peace Prize?


Yes, it is and it demeans this prize which has been given to people who
really deserved it. I really don't understand the Nobel Committee. They
awarded the prize to the loathsome KIssinger because of his role in the
Paris Peace Talks that helped end the Vietnam War. However, since he was
such ah aggressive factor in its prosecution to begin with, combined with
his appalling support of the overthrow of Allende in Chile and backing the
fascist Pinochet I think that the prize was woefully inappropriate. As to
Obama I'm still not sure why he was awarded this prestigious prize. He
traveled to the Middle East and gave a speech of reconciliation or
something to the Arab countries but I really can't see how he deserved it.
It was hardly equivalent to the sustained work by dedicated people who have
spent many years in the cause of peace. Its possible that the Committee
gave him the prize because they hoped that receiving it would strengthen
his efforts to work for peace. What they got was the most militaristic
acceptance speech I have ever heard from Obama and a continuing of wars and
military aggression in that region and an expansion of the U.S. military in
Africa and the Asian pivot to let China know just how powerful we are. I
voted for Obama in 2008 and am now embarrassed by it. Also, when he says
that President Clinton will be "continuity you can believe in" that is
precisely why I can't vote for her.


Very well said. I would add that perhaps the Bernie Revolution will contribute many new candidates for local and state offices but as to the possibility of reform within the corrupt duopoly, not much. It really disappointed me to see both Warren and Sanders standing with the Red Queen because we just HAD to make sure that Trumpo didn't get into the Oval. You're also correct that the M$M did a great job of ignoring independent candidates like Stein. It now looks like Gary "What's Aleppo" Johnson is siphoning away enough votes that Stein won't even get the 5% necessary to receive federal funding for the Greens. I'm sure the oligarchy and the Hillary people couldn't be more pleased. In a real debate, Stein would run rings around Clinton. For me, Shillary will be more of the same old shit with more war. I am utterly fed up with this corrupt system.


The way the Pentagon and US Governmnet lies, coupled with that compliant Media , it impossible to tell if missiles were even fired towards a US vessel. See the Gulf Of Tonkin.


The Noble Peace Prize needs to be called what it is: THE IGNOBLE PEACE PRIZE!


Other questions not mentioned in news reports: (1) How far off Yemeni coast is this ship? (2) What in its mission requires it to be close enough to be spotted by the rather primitive Houthi capabilities?

Chances are that the ship was directly supporting Saudi attacks and so close that it was visible from shore. The Houthis do not have reconnaissance planes nor radar so it seems likely that the ship was right off shore and someone took a shot at it with one of the ubiquitous should-fired RPGs or something similar.((If even that happened )

Reminds me of the phony Tonkin Gulf incident of 1964.


This is precisely why I'm voting for NOTA this year -- None of the Above.
Trump is beyond the pale and Clinton's insistence on US Exceptionalism leads only
to more WAR - death and destruction across the world. Regime change in Libya seems
to be, in her mind, the Crowining Glory of her time at the State Dept: We came, we saw, he died!" followed by a
cackle and knowing grin. Nauseating.
I have also about given up on the US mainstream press that only parrots State
Dept and Pentagon propaganda.


Or the phony WMD'S in Iraq. Or the phony allegations in Syria. We can argue whether Assad is a thug like Saddam, in Iraq or Khadaffi in Libya, but the bottom line is they may have been thugs and dictators, but that was a bogus excuse, a red herring, because they were hurting the vested interests of the U.S. economic, elite and could not be bought or bribed, so the Fourth Reich had to resort to violence, like always! When that is the only option left... for the fascists. And now Assad is a threat to the same vested interests in thwarting their desire for a pipeline across Syria


I'm voting Stein but I don't think you actually read the article as its central point is exactly yours.


I gave up on Maddow a long time ago. It seemed once the Democrats were in power she switched from being a critic of war and power to being an advocate for the Neo-Con and Neo-Liberal policies of the Obama administration, because it's 'us' doing it now.

I wrote a blog years ago comparing her to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with a bit of Dorian Gray thrown in; she transformed into a monster but still looks like a liberal. It was when she was celebrating one of Obama's appointments of a free trading Neo-Liberal.

Her protege, Chris Hayes, also has followed her lead and is now a sycophant to the despicable Democratic establishment.

But the most disappointing thing for me is that Keith Olbermann is now shilling for HRC on YouTube.

Thank Goddess for Jimmy Dore and Lee Camp, is all I can say.


Emma said, "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal."

The Democratic Primary proved her right. :frowning:


You are so off base on this it is unbelievable.

Yes, there are those who despise Obama because of his being a Black Man. But check on what they attack him for: being 'too weak,' supposedly, in exercising US military might and being a 'socialist.'

But we who are on the left who are not fans are upset for precisely the opposite, he is too much engaged in the USA Military Imperial Project and he is a Neo-Liberal. We join the ranks of people like Cornell West and Ajuma Baraka in this critique.

This attack on the left is the same attack that said we were for Sanders because we were sexist. Well, that's nonsense too since many of us are actually for Stein.


There are more than two choices, you know.

Unless you are in Nevada, Oklahoma, or South Dakota, you can vote for Dr. Stein and the Green Party and not just do a protest vote, but help build a viable alternative for future elections. 5% is the key. We need every vote to get to 5% so we get 'major party' status next cycle.


When Obama won it, I thought it was straight out of The Onion.