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Hiding US Role in Yemen Slaughter So Bombing Can Be Sold as ‘Self-Defense’

I don’t think ISIS/Al-Qaeda/ISIL/Al Nusra are a big enough threat to justify the massive expansion of the military budget Clinton’s MIC backers want. They’re old news and, since we’re supporting them in Syria because they’re fighting Assad, opposition to them might not stand up under close scrutiny.

Plus, the neocons think the battle against Putin is one they can win.

They’re totally delusional.

So yes, the Trump scandal will disappear like the accusations Kerry’s purple heart was undeserved - the damage done, no one will care if the accusations were substantiated or not once the election is over.

But Putin is next up on the neocon hit list. The new axis of evil (U.S./Saudi Arabia/Israel) wants him gone.

Vote Sane: Vote Green.


Bullshit. You’re on a progressive site accusing progressives of racism.

Apparently you missed Obama’s whistle blower prosecutions, drone strikes, expansion of oil leases, government surveillance, continuing wars…

You don’t need to be racist to dislike Obama, just informed.


Birds of a feather stink stick together.

I agree. I have no intention of voting for Shillary. I detest both of the Clintons. It will be Stein and hoping for a miracle that my vote will contribute to at least a 5% total to qualify for federal funding in the future. That could have been much easier if Gary “What’s Aleppo” Johnson wasn’t polling much more than Stein, and especially frustrating to see so many of the 18-34 group favoring him. Ugh.

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It’s hard to believe someone could be so imbecilic as to have missed the high number of civilian casualties caused by drone strikes, or that they’re being used as a way to ignore borders and the right of governments to say what military actions take place within their borders.

Your accusations of racism are just a way for you to troll a progressive site.


By your own theory of racism you, by criticizing Obama’s drone policy, have just admitted you’re a racist.

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Aren’t Canadians known for their politeness?

Are you an immigrant?

Did they ask about your racist attitudes when you entered Canada, or did you bypass customs and just slip across the border?

Come to think of it, I wonder if you’ve any association with Canada at all.

Pop Quiz: What popular Canadian announcer was known for his wide collars?

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I think it important to remember as well what lead to the Gulf Of Tonkin.

Prior to that the USA was involved in the war. They were sending their Naval vessels up and down the coast gathering Intel on North Vietnamese positions. They were transferring that Information to the South Vietnamese and ground forces on the ground UNDER US oversight would then conduct raids into the North to destroy these installations.

They sent US Airmen to fly and operate US Aircraft , painting them in South Vietnamese colors so as to provide cover and the claims of plausible denialbility. They were involved in helping intercept North Vietnamese ground forces and provided direct military aid and training to groups in Laos and North Vietnam.

In other words even if the North Vietnamese attacked those US Vessels , they had every right to under international law.

Just as Yemen does.


There must be some legitimate reason that this person, D, exists, but for the life of me I can’t think of what it might be???

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Remember the Maine!
Another phony war cooked up by the oligarchy.