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'High Alert': Ukraine and Russia Building Up Military at Crimean Border


'High Alert': Ukraine and Russia Building Up Military at Crimean Border

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Both Ukraine and Russia are escalating military activity along the Crimean border, as tensions between the two nations—largely stoked by the West—mount once again.

On Thursday, a Ukrainian spokesman said that in recent days, there has been "a strengthening of the [Russian] units that are at the border."


The viral model of power and consumption, which holds constant growth as its primary driving force, devoid of grounded recognition of our common home, has become precisely the void of what it has denied from its inception.


We've been poking at that hornet's nest for some time now, its stupid to think something intense won't follow. NATO has been pushing right up to the Russian borders, we've been enabling the Ukraine, provocative military 'exercises' have escalated, Defense Secretary Ash Carter continues to talk his smack---why shouldn't we be on this brink?
Think of it as a warm up for life, short as it may soon be, under a mad empire headed by one H. Clinton.
Don't take your eyes off the China Sea, either, things are coming to a boil there, as well.
There IS ONLY ONE PEACE CANDIDATE RUNNING, it is not H Clinton or D Trump. If ever an election were crucial to our collective well-being, this is it.
We do not have time left for this 'strategic voting'/lesser evil idiocy, this may be our last opportunity to effectively counter the insanity through the voting process, even as iffy and cynical the system may be.


Putin knows that war is coming. Recently fired the Admiral in charge of training for the Baltic fleet because the training wasn't satisfactory. Beefing up his forces on western Russian borders. Deploying mach 6 cruise missiles no later than October.

Hillary will declare a no-fly zone over Syria, and that's all brother. Everybody enjoy the summer 'cuz it's going to get REALLY hot this winter!


We have ex CIA directors suggesting that the CIA start killing Russians in order to "send Russia a message" even as Nato pushes even more troops to the borders of Russia. We have the fact that the West orchestrated the coup in the Ukraine in favor of Fascists. We have the fact that there was no country called the Ukraine until a few short decades ago and that the Crimea was part of Russia for centuries prior to that. We have the fact that spokespeople for the US Navy have claimed Russias presence in the Black sea as "provocative" even as they insist the US navy needs a stronger presence there,

I look at a map of Russia and one of the USA and wonder why it is the USA thinks the Black Sea as waters their Navy needs a presence in.

NATO and the west have been prodding and poking the bear sleeping in its cave for decades trying to garner a response and now that it has got up and growled are whining that the growl scared them.

It this simple. NATO as an arm of the Corporations and one percent are peering into the bears cave and seeing a whole bunch of stuff they think theirs by rights and they want it all even if it kills us all.


Interactive live map of conflict news - Ukraine Latest News - liveuamap.com


The United States is instigating a war in Ukraine. Killery couldn't be happier. Russia, a la Putin, has embarrassed the idiots of our dysfunctional federal government, which its members spend their time mostly extorting money, has no problem forcing Euro-land into a fight.

"What we are experiencing at the moment seems to be very exceptional….
This means that we are entering into the world which has no equivalent
in the past."

Beware: ActBlue is stealing from people who have used their service.


WAR GAMES TURN INTO WAR! Stop the madness, before it is to late!


The question becomes, who will be less likely to support NATO and possible nuclear intervention, Hillary or Trump?


I see... Russia responds to a bully by standing up for itself but not "hitting back", and THEY're the Bad Guys. Ukraine holds ethnic Russians on the eastern provinces hostage under a neo-Nazi dictatorship and Russia's the Bad Guy for wanting to protect them.

Up is indeed down, and Left is Right. War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery... where is Winston Smith when we need him?


I don't think it's relevant who is likely to drag us into a war with Russia because it might happen before Election Day if things keep going they way they are.

Both Johnson and Stein are "Peace Candidates", although Johnson has no plan on breaking the Oligarchy's hold on our government, which leaves only ONE candidate who can end this madness.


The return of Crimea to Ukraine will never be on the table for Moscow. If it happened, there would be a NATO naval base in Sevastopol in very short order and this is unacceptable to the Russians for obvious reasons.



That map appears to be a crock of pro-western, pro-NATO propaganda. Nowhere on the map on the blue "good guys" side are you seeing any of the atrocities and military "drills" that NATO are conducting right on Russia's border, yet every Russian "formation" and "sounds of warfare" on the Russian side are reported with red "explosion" symbols.

The only thing missing are the Coors Lite girls holding pom-poms and screaming "GO TEAM, GO!"

Something else - When you get to the United States, where are the incidents of police shootings of unarmed citizens? After all, if you're going to report on an "unknown body" found in the Crimea, the least you can do is chronicle the home-grown state terrorism that's happening right here, don't you think?


By the way while the examples are many I would use this one to demonstrate how two faced a member nation of NATO is when it comes to issue of the Crimea.

When Quebec joined The Dominion of Canada in 1867 the Northern portion of what is now the Province of Quebec was not considered part of the newly formed Province of Quebec.

These territories were not transferred until some 60 years later . The independence movement in Quebec were seeking to secede in much of the 1980s and 1990s.

Under the Clarity act the Government of Canada indicated that among other things.

If Canada was divisible by referendum under International law than so too was Quebec.

If the peoples of Northern Quebec wished to remain as part of Canada after a successful vote for independence by the majority of people on Quebec , they had that right.

There no provision under international law to ignore one countries territorial claims while ignoring the others. From this they maintained that since the territories of Northern Quebec were never deemed a part of New France or the areas controlled by what became Quebec when it joined Canada , the Country called Canada had a legal claim to said land if Quebec separated.

The claims made that the Crimea illegally annexed are bogus.

If you want examples of illegally annexed territories look to Hawaii or to Palestine.


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I'm not sure if Trump wants to start a Cold or Hot War with Russia. Hillary on the other hand, is part of the WS M/I/I neocon/neolib Complex who want another profitable Cold War.


The big bully/terrorist is at it again. Literally poking the bear, Putin will only go so far before his ego kicks in and he does something foolish.
This of course is Clinton's wet dream. She wants to play with those war toys so badly (for humanitarian reasons of course).
Sadly, the world watches as the insane Americans run her or Trump for president. I'm sure they are not too thrilled with either with their neocon views.
Obama, the peace president (not) is setting it all up so she can step in and run it home.
We are so screwed.


The Crimea has been a Russian base for some time hasn't it? Why would anyone think they would give it up.


WWIII is just around the corner.


Has West annexed Crimea? CD is aiming to pick up any far fetched Putin theory and spread it around.