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High Drug Prices Are Killing Americans


High Drug Prices Are Killing Americans

Bernie Sanders

All across the country, Americans are finding that the prices of the prescription drugs they need are soaring. Tragically, doctors tell us that many of their patients can no longer afford their medicine. As a result, some get sicker. Others die.

A new Kaiser Health poll shows that most Americans think prescription drug costs in this country are unreasonable, and that drug companies put profits before people. Want to know something? They're right.


Well, who can argue against a position that drug prices should be lower and drug companies should be prosecuted for violating the law?

Let's run this through the faux-progressive anti-Bernie lens:

He doesn't say drugs should be free. He doesn't say people have a right to drugs! He wants poor people to die! He's supporting genocide against the poor! And minorities!

He isn't trying to do away with the whole for-profit model! He's not a true socialist!

It's just more of the same - just like every other Dem!!!

Who can argue against a position that drug prices should be lower and drug companies should be prosecuted for violating the law?

Watch this thread for more examples.


If one didn't know who wrote this piece, they might think it was Ralph Nader as he's been HOT on this topic for a long time, too.

The thing is, if Bernie Sanders can make headway on this issue alone--how many thousands of lives would be saved?

While my own preference is a regulatory model predicated on "first do no harm" which by itself would minimize the toxic overload and exposure that's a product of food additives, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, chemical preservatives, irradiation, and worst of all--genetically adulterated, typically unlabeled "foods," this sane drug price initiative by Mr. Sanders is certainly a good start.

You see, the model that puts the onus on big Pharma, Big Agri, and Monsanto types to PROVE the safety of their products would go a long way in NOT creating a SICK population that is so needful of and potentially reliant upon Big Pharma's cocktails.

Mother Nature heals best and most reliably... if people eat natural food and live lives in accord with The Great Mother. Currently, SHE is absolutely overloaded with tonnage after tonnage of toxic residues.


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At last! A war on drugs in which progressives can believe! Oh if only Nixon could have lived to see this day! I really like this part:

"Congress should instruct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to
negotiate drug prices with the pharmaceutical companies on behalf of
Medicare. We should use our buying power to get better deals for the
American people. Other countries do it; why aren't we?"

Ha ha ha ha ha!! Can't you just see Bernie going up to Capitol Hill and giving a "peel the paint off of the walls" speech demanding such a provision? Then the collective whores who occupy the Congress will (through their leadership) say to him, "Please take care of your financial arrangements with our K Street pimps and then come back to see us and we will perform your pleasure".
If Bernie wanted to say something constructive he would first of all berate the whore houses of the Congress and the Senate and their K street lobbyist pimps who hire them out to the highest bidders. Then he would tick off his wish list of worthwhile changes that he would like to make but will not be able to do if the US electorate keeps sending the same old hacks to the Congress and the Senate.
Of course Bernie is never going to say any such thing because Bernie himself is a creature of both the Congress and of the Senate and that is why his own and the candidacies of all the rest of the presidential wannabes are nothing more than well- intentioned pranks designed (like the Olympics) to provide both entertainment and spectacle every four years to the slobbering masses.


I recently went to the doc for my spine, he prescribed a drug I had used before and had been approved before by my insurance company. This time they said NO. One, because it is costly to them: two, because we now have a 2 tiered healthcare system. I get medicare and part D along with help from the state for my healthcare costs. My doc isn't able to serve his patients and his patients are just told to suffer through it all. I have been disabled now for 22 years, it is just recently that I feel I am being told to just disappear, become invisible. Capitalism is literally on my back about being disabled and poor. I will not go away! I don't have any money but I sent some to Bernie, the first political contribution I've ever made. Since we humans are social animals, then doesn't democratic socialism make sense?


Hey Bernie, you could buy a lot of drugs for Americans who need them if you shut down the drone program and pulled all our troops out of all those other countries.

And even more if we stopped sending all those billion$ to Israel, where they get free health care.

Of course, you'd have to stand up to AIPAC for that to happen.

Easier just to talk the talk.


Another issue is that much drug research is paid for by socialism via grants paid for by the taxpayer then the drug companies gouge us on prices. Socialism only seems bad when others receive it in this corrupt country.


Drones are also killing Americans, Bernie. Any comment?

But thanks for looking into the script drug thing.



This is why we in New Zealand do not want the TPPA.
The american drug companies are ripping off americans, and we don't need the same here.
We have our own regulation body that works, the american drug companies want it scrapped.
Quess why.
America needs to do something about them.


Many generic drug prices are skyrocketing.


I for one do not argue against this very humanistic, strong piece of writing and advocacy by Sanders. It's helpful to say these things, and I support him for it. This positive rhetoric may help to bring about needed change. But I hope you aren't going to put me in the "faux-progressive anti-Bernie" bag if I also say that I find it shameful for any US senator, including Bernie Sanders, to go along with the billions upon billions of US taxpayer dollars going to maintain a military that is literally killing us and many others beyond the US borders. He is in a key position of power as a US senator, and while he is using this power and the power of a populist campaign to rail against economic inequality and big-money electioneering in the U.S. and related issues, he is declining, from his position of power, to fundamentally question our US militarism in any significant way. Perhaps that makes some political electoral sense in the US currently (although I'm not convinced of that; I think there is room even now for opening up more populist ire about the great burden of US militarism and the need to start dismantling it), but it doesn't, in my view, make sense in terms of advancing popular mass movement to address the full confluence of the crises we face. I am a critical supporter of Sanders because while I support his economic populism, I do also see his important limitations, which reveal limitations about our political system itself that we need to expose fully. And I think that silence about and often playing along with extreme militarism is an important limitation.


And it's not just drugs. I had some fairly routine blood work done last week for which Medicare was charged $1500! And I was one of perhaps a dozen getting blood drawn that morning. I'm speechless.


Senator Sanders need pragmatically work with Congress to get bills passed. Diplomacy is instrumental.


What, another Kiwi on CD! I have been screaming to my fellow Kiwi's that John "Big Money" Key is selling out the whole country to either the rich Chinese or the stupid american policies. If we don't wake up soon, NZ will be just another US state. I post this article on my FB, please do the same and spread the word to our Kiwi brothas and sistas. I even went to the protest a couple of weeks back.


That is not all private money. There is charity and educational money in it too. Plus, we all know here, save you, that they use bribes to make their monopolies unbreakable. That number you quote is their number not the real number of costs and research.


Thank You Senator Sanders for raising a real issue! And there are so many dis-functional parts to the US healthcare system-and have these real issues ever really been debated in a presidential election. Its not only congress bought and paid for by the healthcare industry,our current president and more significantly the media put profit before people. This issue of healthcare so exemplifies the horror of capitalism. This is an issue that effects every American and yet our Orwellian media keep people in the dark on real issues about healthcare-political leaders on the take-the costs for medicine and procedures hidden by insurance companies-and the countless thousands of people who die everyday because of our for profit healthcare system.


Well, Wangdoodle is all over the Bernie threads spouting his pessimism. We've heard it before, Wang. If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem. So, keep the complaints coming. It gives you something to do.


Back in the 20th century such dynamics were called fascism, not socialism.

Obama's TPP, TTIP and TISA will result in the 99% in the signatory nations also being subjected to the same extortion that US drug consumers are experiencing.


They probably turned around and sold all that blood at A profit-