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High Drug Prices Could Result in Premature Deaths of More Than 1.1 Million Seniors in Next Decade: Analysis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/23/high-drug-prices-could-result-premature-deaths-more-11-million-seniors-next-decade

How about getting big pharma money out of Congress and then restoring price competition?

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Only the greed of big Pharma would kill the golden goose … the


What competition? Too many of our drugs now are being manufactured by one, or at the most, two companies. Even worse, many of them use the same exact overseas factories and components to make their “competing” drugs.

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Man, every time I see a headline like this – I literally hate this country.

One more time: I walk into the pharmacy and pay $5 for my monthly prescription. The elderly gentleman I was speaking with in line empties his wallet of $110 for the same monthly prescription. In what bleeping universe does this make any sense? A carton of milk at the grocery is the same price for EVERYONE.

Year after year, decade after decade, this never changes. Why? Because big business, pharma, insurance, et al own our government. Despite a lame subsidy here, and a phony discount there, this is this way by design. It is meant to wring the last beeping dime from those that need it most.


The rest of the world shakes their heads in disbelief at what Americans put up with in our “healthcare” system. Why politicians like McConnell aren’t hanging from DC lamp posts is beyond me.


There but for CHAMPVA go I.
CHAMPVA is the Veterans Administration medical program for spouses and family of vets. My prescriptions are free, my medical visits have only a small copay. If the government can do this, why can’t it do the same for everyone? Ah…that would be (gasp) SOCIALISM.
We can’t have that. Dammit!


Before we get too far off track with potential solutions, keep in mind there is one that would fix it all. Single Payer.

1.1 million seniors who cannot afford their medicines will die in the next six months. Without single payer, that number could easily be in tens of millions in ten years.


My wife is on CHAMP also. It takes work to get qualified though. A veteran with a disability to start with, and then a considerable amount of leg work, and many phone calls.
We have to do (something) about healthcare costs. Insurance level care won’t cut it.

Remind why Obama didn’t fix this? Biden could do with an executive order saying the VA is the purchasing agent for the US government. He won’t. The obama bush drug deal was the worst thing to happen to this country facilitated by a Democrat in the field of health.

To Kenny, author of this article.
Because no matter what the price of medicines or vaccines, we need production, freezers, logistics by U.S. Army, And seniors will be billed for tests, madicines and vaccines.

1,1 million seniors or even more may be dead within 13 months from cordova.
formerly called covid19.

They are dying at fastest rate ever here in rest homes, assisted living and hospitals.
It ain’t going to slow down. This is a Kissinger fast war. Casualties take red numbers off the
DC spread sheets.

Unfettered capitalism costs lives.

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How about removing all patents on drugs? How about making drug manufacturing publicly owned? The seeing to it we pass an improved, expanded to include everyone in Medicare For All?

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In the middle of a pandemic this is what we face. Just listen to this video:

h ttps://youtu.be/nBFei_-hG9A

Seniors can not afford life saving drugs, hospitals price gouge beyond all reason, people infected with covid do not seek care as it will drive them bankrupt and Biden refuses to consider M4A. Where is the breaking point?

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We are living in a house built in 1776. The foundation was slavery, genocide, unfettered capitalism, rule by elites and now that house is collapsing around us. It is time to demolish it and rebuild something better if that is possible, but regardless it is becoming ever clearer that this system, the house, can no longer protect us from the elements.

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The elites we have elected for the past generation are deficient.
That is the real problem as I see it. The governance outline
we have is OK.

bill clinton and cheney
even a quick review results in revulsion

The young peoples coming up are darn good.
I had hoped Biden would bring in some of
these to be cabinet members, etc.
They will spend their entire careers
building an american society.
Younger boomers, who are the
tea party dolts need to die off first.

Sorry, but what you are saying is that rule by elites is fine, just choose the right ones. I disagree as, to paraphrase the immortal George Carlin, it is a big club but you are not a member. Democracy can work as states with direct referendums have shown time and time again - they are the leaders in this country in creative solutions and implementing bold new ideas unlike this so-called representative democracy. This system is neither democratic nor representative.

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It is very important to elect good people to local offices.
such as school board.
town council,
county council
county departments such as treasurer, auditoe, assessor, etc.

For electoral college, each state may choose winner take all or split the states vote by the percentage of the whole states vote or by district or even by zip codes. The legislatures and governors take up this task. The republican already know they will be back in charge January 2023. Likely win presidency in 2024 too.

The democrats are forced to waste their power cleaning up the mess left behind by the fourth rate white house staffers and cabinet appointees. Not to even mention the nutcase Trump.

We can go to elections every Sunday, 2 pm until 7 pm using internet, phones and walk in to a poll booth. Even from your car window.

Would this have unplugged Joe McCarthy?

Beware of people telling us to do things as long as we’re under state capture, also beware of anything now that includes the words “innovation” and drugs.

Its time to get out of the WTO and abandon its horrid TRIPS deal, which is what has led to the huge increases in drug prices. yes, dump them, and all the criminality they have created…