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High School Football Players Take Knee for Anthem Across Country


“liberty and justice for all.”

There is no federal protection for LGBT citizens in employment, housing, and public access.
There are only 12 states in the U.S.A. that have laws banning discrimination that include LGBT citizens. So, in short, there are 38 states in our Union that legally allow discrimination against LGBT citizens in employment, housing, and public access. The short of the long is that LGBT citizens are THE ONLY AMERICAN CITIZENS who have no federal protection against discrimination in employment, housing, and public access.
Just thought you might like to know that, in case you cared.


Thank Red Barber, now deceased many years, for the comments made while reminiscing about his involvement in a blood drive to help the war effort during WWII in Brooklyn.
“The Old Redhead” as he came to be known, began his major league announcing career in Cincinnati in the mid 1930’s so he was there both before and during the development of this custom.


Hey BKS! The reason that Tim Tebow has never made it in pro football after an outstanding collegiate career had nothing to do with his “doing a Tebow” routine. The reason Tebow never made it as a pro football quarterback was because he just didn’t have either the athletic talent or the mind to play the game at that level of competition.
He played college football for the University of Florida, winning the Heisman Trophy in 2007 and appearing on BCS National Championship-winning teams during the 2006 and 2008 seasons.
Tebow was selected by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft and spent two seasons with the team. He also played for the New York Jets in 2012. Additionally, he had preseason stints with the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013 and 2015 respectively.
Now he is going to try baseball which he has never played competitively since high school–we can expect that career to crash and burn quicker than the football career.


Seems someone else would have agreed with you.

“Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.”

  • Albert Einstein


Simply put: This is AMAZING!


Change starting from the Bottom Up.


Many kids have a different idea as to what America can be. Their information is not sterilized by propaganda through MSM. The result is a more accepting youth society and (gasp) liberal view points. This is why people like the Kochs want to take over our schools on all levels. Like the Chinese during their Culture Revolution, it will take “re-education” to remove some dangerous ideas. Thank you young ones. Lets all take a knee for mercy and justice.


It’s always a good day when the Right loses and the Left wins a discussion.


Back again. I want to address that unlearned preacher at McKenzie High School: Get back in your closet were Jesus told you to pray. Not on the street corner to be seen of men. Matt. Ch. 6


The kids are alright! Who, who are we? Taking a knee is a brave thing, indeed, in many locales in this very divided country. But, standing against a smothering Police & Security State, will have to be the norm in the future; if we the people, are to end this rights-robbing and narrowing of what is considered correct patriotic behavior. For starters, 20% of adult Americans and growing, consider themselves either agnostic or atheists. So, drop the " under god ", please. It is being used as a tape measure of patriotism by some of the sickest people in modern world history. Secondly, make it abundantly clear to the world that, Mr. Blankfein’s opinion not withstanding, we are not doing " god’s work " when we trample on the human rights of the poor and less well-armed sharing the planet, with America’s Empire and it’s corporate lust for profit and raw power. Finally, let’s end the canard that the pursuit of happiness is the same as the pursuit of property. And, human rights must have first priority in our legal, judicial and politically organized economy. Taking a knee for human dignity and equal treatment of all, regardless of their beliefs, is much older than the Bible we swear on in testifying about our deeply held personal truths. I think everyone’s own personal Jesus gets that old saw, " do onto others as you would have them do onto you ". So, please spare us all the " god, guns and guts " flag waving, public patriotic pablum, happy horseshit. It’d be really hilarious if it weren’t so damn sad. And entirely inappropriate in some places, too.


I look at the gesture as creative dissent w/o aggression, by attacking the status quo in a way that can only be described as gentle…


Yes, but he represents the best of America. He’s a role model for us all. Give an American white, conservative, pro-life, traditional marriage advocating, virgin male $6-10 million and he’ll try anything to fail honorably at. He may even run for political office or become an expert in public relations propogandizing. :wink: And, god knows, we need more of that on The TeeVee.


“Congress fuck something like that up”
They did it all through the 20th century, and are continuing into the 21st…


While this symbolic expansion of standing up against oppression seems like a positive development at first sight, on a second thought, it is sad to see how little of it there is. With tens of thousands of high schools or Univ. in the US, this should have taken fire…and we only see 5-6 cases…and even them with only a few standing down. I find it telling of the true state of freedom.


Wow! You really are pissed at this guy aren’t you?


No, Tebow is agitprop on the boob tubes. He’s gotten more mileage out of being a mediocre jock than most; but hey, how many abstinence-only 30 year olds, with right wing Christian values are left? Especially, in sports, where there are more groupies than at a Bieber/Madonna concert. BTW- Do you still sing the words to Jesus Christ ,Superstar! on Sundays?


as I recall from my teen years in the 60’s, it what kids do, and this is one situation I don’t mind seeing repeated in my lifetime. I do, however, regret the continued necessity of this protest.


A gesture or action is always absurd (or insane) if it doesn’t agree with your personal views.

I guess Kap don’t like the US, Tebow thinks there’s some kind of God somewhere. Depending on your personal views they might either be heroes or nuts.


In 1976, some bank or other had an essay contest to celebrate our nation’s second century and to usher in our third. I entered the essay below. As I used to be a calligrapher, I wrote it on parchment in rubricated calligraphy.

  • As it was sponsored by a banking firm, I just got it sent back to me. When Jimmy Carter was elected, I sent the original to him on his election. No answer. I’ve bolded or italicized some of the things I recommended at the time. I think they are still valid suggestions, but probably not in the Reich.
ON 4 JULY, 1976, the UNITED STATES will embark upon its third century as a nation. I think it appropriate, this year, to look back to our origins and reflect upon what the founders of our country hoped. our nation would achieve. With these aims fresh in our minds, we can look toward our future with a new perspective, and hopefully establish goals worthy of their vision. 
*  WHEN reading the papers and letters of Jefferson, Adams, Dr. Franklin, and others, one is first impressed with their sense of history, both past and contemporary. They read and absorbed the histories of governments and peoples, observed their successes, and analyzed their failures. When the time came for them to design a new government they were determined to avoid the fatal mistakes of the past. They were keenly aware that here on the American continent they had the first opportunity to lay the foundations of democracy on unspoiled, unbroken ground. where land and people could grow together. 
*  TO begin this, a revolt was necessary against what had hitherto been considered the finest government in man's history, for it had grown unresponsive to the people and arbitrary in its decrees. The people were taxed, regulated, and punished by a king and parliament which held themselves aloof from their petitions and pleas. _Many in the United States today feel that these conditions again exist between the people and their government; that again we are faced with taxation without real representation, that justice has become selective, and that moral leadership has died in America._ 
*  THE colonies were as diverse as our present states, with widely differing outlooks and customs. Dour mercantile Puritans in the North and .landed country gentlemen in the South felt themselves worlds apart; yet through discussion, negotiation and compromise, they worked out a system of government employing the best ideas of human history and, avoiding many of the pitfalls. They recorded this system on parchment, giving us our Constitution; a living document designed to guide our country in a position of world leadership, not through power, terror and greed, but through setting an example of truth, tolerance, justice, and humanity to all men. A doctrine of love and consideration rather than hate and expediency.
*  OUR first century was one of struggle, testing these ideas in the crucible of freedom and purifying them of most of the waste and error that had crept in. In the closing years of that century the nation was tempered in fire and blood, and survived, though left with a legacy of bitterness that has lasted to this day. 
*  THE second century has not been so fortunate. It started with high hopes, but the seeds of Hamilton's fiscal policy of close ties between big business, banks, and government had found fallow soil in the industrial revolution and had produced lush, but bitter fruit. The ideals of freedom and opportunity became twisted into unlimited license for the powerful to take what they could while the poor went without, and were taxed to pay the bill. The faith that the rest of the world had begun to build in us started to evaporate as we succumbed to the lure of empire building. We, as a nation, began to swagger like Romans. After playing a key role through two world wars in stopping would be world rulers, we began a policy bent toward establishing a Pax Romana of our own. 
*  NOW we find, as our second century draws to a close, that we have become little better than those we fought, using force against force, fear against fear, and balancing terror against terror. We back dictators and juntas against their own people, feeding their graft and corruption as long as they will allow our big business to exploit their resources and labor. We have overthrown, or attempted to overthrow, popular movements of people attempting to achieve the same human dignity and control of their destiny that we did at the cost of our blood two centuries ago. Some of these peoples have modeled their constitutions after ours, yet we don't seem to understand this; I think because our own goals have altered beyond recognition. 
*  _WE must, as our third century begins, make a determined, conscientious effort to turn ourselves around, re-establish our goals and priorities, and begin again to lead by example. It is a pitifully easy thing to destroy the world; the difficult and challenging task is to preserve and enrich it._ Moral leadership is not easy; the temptation to fight error, greed, power, and cruelty with its own weapons is strong, but it can and must be resisted. _The technology of the twentieth century must be bent to raising the quality of life on this planet, not toward producing trash for the enrichment of a few at the expense of the many. Our surpluses should feed the hungry both here and abroad, not be used as pawns by power brokers to increase the profits of international cartels. We must seek to set an example to the world, of what democracy and freedom can be; it already has plenty of examples of what to avoid._ 
I would like to suggest two changes to serve as a symbolic bond to reestablish our goals and to help keep them before our eyes in the century ahead. _Our **pledge of allegiance** should be changed to the **CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES**, or to its spirit, for it is unstained, though rather dusty from neglect. If we pledge our allegiance to a living document, we may come to reflect upon it and its meaning, and use its philosophy to shape our lives._ _The flag that has flown so proudly at Valley Forge, Mt. Suribachi, and on the moon has also flown proudly at Wounded Knee, Manzanar and My Lai._ Most Americans are now well aware of that fact; especially so when asked to pledge their allegiance to it. 
*  WE had no formal national anthem until the Star Spangled Banner was adopted almost by default by Congress in 1933. The navy and the army had chosen it and it was certainly appropriate for them, but there were some other strong contenders for the honor. _Instead of bombs and rockets before us at every formal event, signifying the dubious glory of war, I would suggest the singing of **America the Beautiful** as our national anthem, for_

**_America! America!_**
**_God shed His grace on thee,_**
**_And crown thy good with brotherhood,_**
**_From sea to shining sea._**

_must promote a far warmer and more humane feeling in the heart._ I pray that whatever creative force or being that guides our universe may look with favor upon us and strengthen our endeavors to lead mankind to a higher way of life, where truth, liberty and justice truly exist for all.
  • It saddens me to think that I wrote that forty years ago, and now, in the twenty-first century, look where this nation has gone. It is definitely time for Empire’s end…


When I have to make the “Pledge of Allegiance” I simply make a slight change.

  • “And to the Republic for which it stood.”
  • Much more accurate and to the point.