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High School Students Walk Out in Response to Racist Threats


High School Students Walk Out in Response to Racist Threats

Ashoka Jegroo

More than a thousand high school students in Berkeley, California walked out of class on November 5 in a protest against racist threats left on a school library’s computer in support of the Ku Klux Klan and threatening a “public lynching” next month.

“This is an act of domestic terrorism,” one student attending the protest told Fusion. “This is terrorism and it should be treated as such.”


The school head and students are right to protest against this hate message. One thing though: such events always provide opportunities for students to miss classes and not do their class assignments.


Your first sentence is feigned support of these students. My advice, if you can't even write anything close to convincing subterfuge, give it up.

Your second sentence reveals that you have zero respect for these students and your purpose in posting this bullshit is to detract from the important issue of racism ongoing in this country.


Maybe we need to start labeling this type of behavior domestic terrorism. Threatening to lynch someone is an attempt to inspire fear, and transmit a political/social perspective via threat--the very definition of terrorism. So far, white violence has been tolerated and pooh-poohed--boys will be boys etc. I dunno. Jes' saying.


WTF. Good god man, or woman, or whatever the hell you are, "armydildo". This is "terrorism" - a word so grossly overused that it has no practical meaning at all - according to the FBI and the CIA and all your home grown, psychopathic white boys who infest this population of the Good Ol' USofA in these our times. What rock did you crawl out from under? Go out and get a life for yourself, and stop bothering the commenters on this site.


Threatening to "Lynch" People of African descent is not a casual event or joking around to play tricks on a people who have suffered greatly without any one brought to justice for the thousands of lynchings already done. America, has yet to name those Black People who have been lynched nor the great numbers of who's lives were taken. Those black women found hanging in their cells, many of us believe they are lynchings. For those of you who are talking about these Black Children are using this as an excuse to ditch class, mind your own business and butt out! If it was your white child who was threatened by a well known evil entity such as the "KKK" who has terrorized and murderd Black People for centuries, you would be at the school yelling and threatening everyone and you would remove your child from the school. We, who are of African Descent know what racism feel and look like. America, supposedly a Christian Nation which has led to many rightfully so, non-believers of the Christians philosophy hands are filled with blood of many Black Lives and one day the stolen and revised European religion that was forced upon a spiritual people gig will be up. Even the Catholic Pope and their priests pray to a Black Egyptian woman and her Black son.