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High Stakes – Cleaning Up After Harper


High Stakes – Cleaning Up After Harper

Hannah McKinnon

Canadians couldn’t have been much clearer on Monday when they hit the polls in numbers that haven’t been see for decades: The Harper era is history after some ten years of Conservative rule led by outgoing Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. Elected with a decisive majority, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada have been given a mandate for change.


It's still unclear (to me) why so many voters are so gullible when it comes to the Harpers, Camerons and Bushes ad nauseum of the world. There's either massive voter fraud behind the election of these public "servants," or millions of people endorse what they offer the populace.


I am happy for Canada. Harper is out! But now, let's see what Justin Trudeau really is. Will he do a flip over like Obama did? I for one, will be watching the tar sands issue very closely. That will be the defining moment of Trudeau's leadership.


Is this guy just the usual lessor of two evils?


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The last of the Liberal leaders I had a use for was Pearson.

The last of the Conservatives was Diefenbaker.

This not because I may have agreed with their policies but because this a time before politics became a business.

Since that time there have been better leaders and worse ones but the trajectory the same and that more and more to the right and under the thrall of money.


His actions on first nations and tar sands won't matter if Trudeau continues to support TPP.

According to Vancouver Sun reporter Vaughn Palmer, the first issue Obama raised in his congratulatory call to Trudeau was continued TPP support.

Canadians have far more to lose from TPP than Americans do.


Just to clarify, the final tally was Liberal, 184; Conservative, 99; NDP, 44, Bloc Quebecois, 10; Green, 1


See who owns the "news" media. There lies the answer to your question.


Sad and true George_ lll- Once upon A time here in the USA we had something called the 'Fairness Doctrine", which established two forms of regulation on broadcasters: to provide adequate coverage of public issues, and to ensure that coverage fairly represented opposing views. The FD was revoked in 1987 by our FCC under President Reagan- The decision has been credited with the explosion of conservative talk radio in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s up until today- And then Clinton came along and let 5 HUGE Corporations Consolidate all Written, spoken and Printed Media- And then along came "Citizens United"-

I watch the few true sources of honest Journalism here on the internet consistently scratching for donations to stay afloat- I would like to see this Government subsidize in some way the American people's alternative, progressive News sources here on the internet since they allowed the Right Wing Corporations to OWN ALL of our Main Stream Media-
Seems as though just keeping the NET its'elf from being totally compromised by Big Brother is the big challenge- Yes, Power of Media is HUGE-


I voted for the Conservatives, not because I espoused their ideology but to get the fraudulent Liberals out of power. The country had just gone through the advertising scandal. What infuriated me most was that old fool, Chretien, saying, "it was only $170 million and it was worth it to keep Quebec happy". I detest that kind of stupidity. The Liberals have been in purgatory for a long enough time and unfortunately Harper got worse and worse as he consolidated his power into his own hands. He may have been the PM but he was not our elected dictator. It was time for him and his lackeys to go!


Before they were turfed, the Liberals introduced bill C-36. Which was a nicer version of C-51, they're not likely to repeal the things they like.


Wow,I just discovered Common Dreams and read this article.Such amazing insight from someone who appears so youthful.Truly an impressive and rare piece of journalism,great work Hannah !! I look forward to following Common Dreams.


Its also called being in the control of the banking cartels.


and don't forget the Bank$ter$...