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Higher Power: Joining with Pope Francis in the Fight for Healthcare Justice


Higher Power: Joining with Pope Francis in the Fight for Healthcare Justice

RoseAnn DeMoro

Imagine if the tens of millions of nurses in the world start working actively together with the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, 16 percent of the planet’s population, on confronting the health consequences of climate change and environmental degradation.

And, jointly pressing all nations – including the most recalcitrant, our own – to accept healthcare as a fundamental human right.


Thank you for this quality piece of writing, Ms. DeMoro.

Let's hope the Pope's moral authority can help to shift the direction of things and move Power to show that it respects this planet and those who seek to live their lives upon it.

The following could not be repeated often enough:

"We know that climate disruption has been linked to a wide range of health problems associated with the unexpected spread of contagious disease including Ebola, cholera, bird flu, dengue fever, yellow fever, and other epidemics; malnutrition linked to drought and deforestation; bacteria-related food poisoning; and the escalating occurrence of super storms.

"And we have warned that fossil fuel pollution, and other environmentally associated contaminants that infect air, rivers, lakes, oceans, and food supply, have been directly linked to dangerous increases in heart and respiratory disorders, cancer, birth defects, skin and gastro-intestinal illness, and other health factors leading to premature death."


I join with others who rejoice at the compassionate and necessary pronouncements of Pope Francis. He truly acts as his namesake, who cared for the wretched of the Earth.
Please forgive me for inserting politics into these comments, but I feel inspired to say that Senator Bernie Sanders is the only 2016 candidate for the USPresidency who shouts, flatout, that healthcare should be/needs to be a HumanRight, and that the US is alone among so-called "advanced," certainly "industrialized" nations that does not have a single payer type of healthcare.
Sanders is further the only candidate speaking out for sincere family values and societal human values, which include vacation pay, sick pay, and immediately-after-birth-bonding time with one's newborn.
Sanders refuses corporate support; his so-called PAC is a "peoples' pac of tiny sums, approximately $30. each
IMO the Republicans are sociopaths and Hillary has sold out to corporate interests now, however progressive her views USED TO BE.
As my late sister used to say, "used to is dead."
Visit www.citizensagainstplutocracy and sign up to write in Bernie's name +enroll 2 others to do the same, just in case the Democrats DON'T choose Bernie to run for President. He will beat any GreedIsGood deranged Rethuglican if each of you reading this pledges to write in his name should he not be the Democrats' standard bearer.


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The health consequences of climate change cannot be addressed anywhere near adequately in a privatised health-care system. Would the writer, the world's nurses, the Pope, and the Catholic Church in general support the kind of national health service that ran very effectively in the UK and Sweden until the start of the "greed-is-good" movement championed by Maggot Thatcher and her acolytes since 1979?


Wasn't it Nancy with a P congresswoman that said single-payer is not on the table when debating the ACA? I've never liked that woman since. Healthcare here is for profit, for debt.

I like this guy, this new Pope, he's real. Just like The Honorable Senator from Vermont, Bernie, he's real. Neither are perfect and for that I'm mighty happy, they are humane instead.


This new Pope is speaking coherently on multiple key subjects: GMOs, toxics, corporations, capitalism, climate change, social justice, ecological justice, economic justice, poverty creation, extractivism, consumerism, cooperative economics, health care for all, etc. How did this happen?


No, Sanders is NOT the only candidate to speak out on these things - check out Jill Stein of the Greens - this stuff has been on the Green Agenda for ages, before BS entered the arena ....

It really does get old hearing folks say "BS i s the only candidate, blah, blah, blah ...."

If Sanders doesn't get the Dem nomination - the logical place for his supporters to go would be the Greens .... The GP is a better choice even if he does get the nomination ....


Well, they would say in the Church - the Holy Spirit ...

Too many folks for too long have been ignoring, denying or underplaying the existence of that "lefty" wing of the Church that has always been there but suppressed by more recent hierarchy - Francis is opening the doors to it again ...

It won't be enough for the "patriarchal religion" bashers, but it is welcome, indeed, by many of us ...


Wait, does this mean a boost for Biden?


You gotta be kidding ....


C'mon, they're both Catholic! Lunchbox Joe just needs to work in a few supportive references to the Pope's positions, and presto! Total credibility on economic and climate justice!

And all those right-wing Catholic Supreme Court Justices will be swinging their minds around to the left now...


You won't get any "support" of the Pope's positions from right wingers - and anybody can "work in a few supportive references" to the Pope's positions if they want to entice Catholics ....

As to your last sentence - "from your mouth to God's ear" LOL! Wouldn't that be nice ....


Nice way to turn a positive into a negative. Even though the CC is reactionary on many issues (abortion, women's issues, its handling of abusive priests, etc), when it is right on something, we should laud its efforts and pronouncements. DeMoro is wise and strategic to look for this unifying moment. And though putting theistic beliefs aside many years ago, I do recognize the great difficulty this pope has in turning such a reactionary institution around. Mostly likely he can't due to the entrenched right-wing cardinals JP II put in the ranks, but Francis is at least the finger pointing at the direction even though to except him to single-handedly right a capsized ship, as some have done,not you in your post) is protesting too much. You have to remember that the CC is a far cry from its attempts to reform itself in the early 1960's, and JP II killed liberation theology, which is not making inroads again due to this pope.


Here, here. I second that.

USAins are so myopic, ill-informed, narrow minded, and egocentric.


No, being a South American, the Pope's world view was shaped in the time of liberation theology in South America. The Anglo's play no role in it. Could mean a boost for Sanders. It could also be a backup for the Dems if Clinton's bid falls apart. Oh those wily DNC'ers, they're triangulating themselves.