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'Highest Level of Alert in Months' as Trump Aims Twitter Rage Directly at Mueller


'Highest Level of Alert in Months' as Trump Aims Twitter Rage Directly at Mueller

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just days after news broke that special counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed the Trump Organization for documents related to his Russia probe, President Donald Trump lashed out at Mueller directly for the first time in a series of tweets on Saturday and then again on Sunday, falsely claiming that his investigative team


Constitutional crisis? I really think Trump could care less!


Mad Dogs need to be put down, or caged so they cannot harm anyone.

I’m for putting them down.


By attempting to fire Mueller trump will be signing his own political death-warrant - digging his own political grave - even any remaining R’Cons who still have any shred left of integrity or dedication to America, the Constitution, and the things that make a nation truly great rather than being a pathetic playground for the ravings of a malignant narcissist criminal nutter and pathological liar, will stand-up and challenge any such attempted move - a clear obstruction of justice, a crime in itself - it’s always the cover-up that finally hangs the arrogant criminal…and politician.


Anyone still supporting him at this point is part of the coup!


Yes…and that is the big unknown. There are millions who choose to believe that everything he tweets is true. They have been conditioned to hate the Press, the Democrats, the Minorities, the Immigrants and anyone else who dares to question their “Savior”. Unfortunately, too many of them are sitting on private arsenals, eagerly anticipating this likely turn of events.

Do not underestimate the potential for chaos as this plays out!


Lets face it, the man isn’t smart enough to 1)keep his mouth shut 2) resign as Nixon did.

We have been in CC mode since 1-16-2017, just a minor correction.


Me too, but how?


Yes, but that would be almost the entire Republican party!


Or patently STOOPID!


This administration has taken “Hate” to a new level in this country.

I am absolutely sure Mr. Mueller has numerous ideas about how to cage this Beast, and there’s a multitude of citizens with ideas about how to put down the dog.

Stormy is pursuing one avenue.


Trump’s service to the Russian, Cinese and US oligarchs complete, with Putin re-elected in landslide and the Chinese president in for the duration, the koch problem in the US retrenched and fossil fuels dug in- thanks to the tea from Tillerman to keep power,climate chaos in full swing…he is now disposable.

So much for the try to leapfrog the remnants of civil law… that would take another generation and the faux house cleaning is just the revolving door being jet powered. What a crock.



Hurry Mueller!



Love it. I also like a similar take by Riders in the Sky:


Never heard of those guys before! MORE!!!
there must be kazilions of satire experts we’re overlooking…


This is right out of the textbook/the research: terrifying malignant narcissistic rage which occurs when the narcissist’s core instability is threatened----this will only continue to escalate.

Those enabling him are complicit and most likely narcissists themselves. They do not have the capacity for empathy or compassion. Their brains are different. They cannot be changed or reasoned with.

"This is the most severe pathology and the root of the most vicious destructiveness and inhumanity."



Stormy may be the best bet. But if she does not bring Trump down we are indeed in for stormy weather.


Stormy may be a porn star, and I’d also call her a patriot for her desire to speak Truth to Power.