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Highlighting 'Extreme Carbon Inequality,' Oxfam Study Shows World's Richest 1% Emit More Than Twice as Much CO2 as Poorest 50%

When I came back to Texas from the SF Bay Area (Santa Rosa) after grad school in 2006, people fought me online for all they were worth when I told them about peak oil (and what it would have meant without fracking), global warming, climate change, and the Sixth Mass Extinction. I had Richard Heinberg as one of my teachers in BA Completion year, and I surely don’t know all about it, but I know that some humans knew this day was coming when capitalism launched in the late 17th, early 18th century powered by the physical absurdity of infinite growth on a finite planet About 300 years later, most people still don’t know about the 6ME, because it’s not in the 1%'s interest for too many people to know it. Ecological literacy means being a Cassandra. So we think it’s global warming (it is) or climate change (it is), but not the 6ME. Capitalism is the sole cause of the 6ME, climate change, and global warming. It’s not carbon, which was happy in the ground. Capitalists pulled it out, and the planet suddenly supported, in 1800, twice the number of humans it ever had before, to spew CO2. About 8 billion humans (7.5 times overshot - out of 10 humans, only 2.5 of them are supported without fossil fuels) control 60% of the arable land on the planet, to feed themselves and keep capitalism afloat. That’s not counting the deserts it created on the way to this place. So the rest of the living things on this planet who thrived on the entire planet are no longer thriving - not on maybe 20% of it now, while capitalism continues to create deserts - and pandemics. Capitalist culture is a desert that does nothing but serve capitalism. Like fundamentalist religion, you check your brain at the door if you want to do something besides capitalism. California made if free to get a PhD and capitalism had to send Reagan to defund the state’s public education system (to stop people getting it about capitalism) and it’s gone national. Now, like CA, we spend our pub ed funding on prisons and militarized police running social control security for capitalism. Since Reagan got to be POTUS, 75% of wildlife that was here before him is gone and 50% of the CO2 in the atmosphere got there since Reagan. Large mammals that make large demands on Earth are seriously depleted. Humans are, of course, large mammals. The 6ME will stop only after capitalism is banished and disempowered (the Founders were all capitalists, the majority slave “owners”) or humans are extinct.
We’re the middle of a shit sandwich because that’s what capitalism needs for us to be, with zero capacity for critical thinking, which is what CA pub ed used to teach. I happened to hit a college in Houston just before critical thinking got to be job training, mostly tech, when a new guy came to end the subversion. Critical thinking is no fun, right now, unless you can filter out ecological literacy. Once you get ecological consciousness, it’s like stepping into a new world. Aldo Leopold said ecologists live in a world of wounds. That’s true, and nothing we do will fix the planet so life can stay here until we kill capitalism graveyard dead.
Any ideas of how to do that nonviolently? It’s not Biden/Harris.

I believe somebody has figured out the carbon dioxide equivalent of each greenhouse gas. All CO2 emissions account for almost 80% of total effect, methane for about 15%, oxides of nitrogen about 5%. So should probably tax greenhouse gases based on carbon dioxide equivalent…Rather than tax and dividend, might make sense to ask national governments to use greenhouse gas tax to pay for damage done within the nation collecting the tax maybe even clean up some of the mess.

I suspect that short of killing capitalism it might help to tax greenhouse emissions (carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide) and use the tax revenue to lend to electric utilities to capture and put in long term storage underground greenhouse emissions. If some revenue is left after controlling greenhouse emissions, replace some burning of carbon base fuel with electricity from solar panels and from wind turbines and energy storage. If anything left after that help the poor by having utilities use that extra carbon tax revenue to pay utility customers overdue electric bills.