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Highlighting Government Failure, News Agencies Tally Killings by Police


Highlighting Government Failure, News Agencies Tally Killings by Police

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Highlighting the failure of the U.S. government to keep adequate records on the number of civilians killed by police, news outlets are now undertaking the task of tallying the lives lost to police violence.

According to a new database launched by the Guardian on Monday, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are killing people at twice the rate calculated by the U.S. government.


This article made me remember something my brother said decades ago when we were kids. He had asked my mother how many police does it take before its a police state. That questuon stuck in my head for multiple reasons, one being the lack of understanding my mother had of the question. My brother had just read 1984 in 1984. Funny sorta, that certain books read bring about certain questions. So now ask, as an honorably discharged vet, to my fellow citizen: how many police does it take before you consider yourself in a police state? As a sociologist, i can help people figure this out. The formulas can be: 1. Count the number of police cars, bikes, foot offices. Divide it by the number of hours in a day, and you’ll have the number of police per hour seen. 2. Find the number of police hired in the last five years, or if your adveturous, since 9/11, and divide it by the number of years. That will give you a percentage of hirings per year. 3. Think about these numbers. Compare them to before the first time Trade Towers had been attacked (Reagan), you will soon see why people refuse to wait for bells and whistles letting them know they are in a police state. Why is it that people wait to figure these things out? I mean no offense to my fellow citizens, but when are we going to wake from the ‘gotta get mine before you gotta get yours’ mentality. Rascist whites can blame our dark skinned brothers and sisters for what they put them into, but it will never settle the real question that faces us all in this nation: Are you part of the human race, or only a sub race based off of skin color? And by the way, it was whites that developed this so called ‘race’ by skin color. I dare anyone to look up the etymology of race.


Is it really the number of police, or is it how people are treated? I submit that when a person can be jailed for a misdemeanor because they don’t have the money to pay bail, but a cop who has killed somebody on video is released on their own recognizance, we already live in a police state.


If these numbers of deaths were by “terrorists”, we would be spending billions of dollars to fix the issue. Same thing for construction worker deaths, natural gas and automobile deaths.


I know, you want so hard to set the constructs of the setup. How did it get this way? One of the issues with 8788’s interpretation, is that it takes no historical perspective or any analysis other than the general street talk of the day.

This “just the current facts” type of thinking is so limited, its like being dropped in a war zone and saying, “Based on the incoming, the enemy must be those people over there”

The US supports the dictator, then when the people can take no more abuse and rise up they are anarchists and terrorists. Had nothing to do with the previous decades we supported Assad or Hussein or the Shah of Iran or Netanyahu or Noriega or Batista or…

For God sake we have torture chambers in Chicago that everyone knows about except DOJ.

You can’t point fingers in the middle of a battle 8788.
You need to make true friends with your fellow humans.

If you parked a peace ship in the Mediterranean instead of the US Fleet, and really gave a shit about how the Palestinians were being treated. Brought water, food, electricity, housing, jobs, a damned economy, HUMAN RIGHTS.

And do this FIRST, for the rest of time, for every second rate country the US has shit upon, you might find ISIS unable to recruit.

Cause when you have a job, a home where your family is safe, and you are building a life with purpose and dignity, you ain’t gonna go hunting for trouble.

That’s all they are asking in the ghettos of the US.
That’s all anybody is asking for…


► Is “discretionary enforcement activity” your euphemism for murder, or have the cops actually stopped discretionary enforcement activity to prove their worth?


Please tell us, what official records in the US, government or corporate, are not cooked for effect?

If the US Government says or does it, it is not reliable.

Welcome to a collapsing empire.

It has been exhausted by deficit spending on the military arms race with…with… the black markets the US military arms gluts have created.


► Oh, I think they’re human, and I think they’re jiving, too - pretending they can’t do their job if we investigate their lynchings.


Funny how in countries where there is good control of guns, there are far fewer murders and in the UK the police don’t carry guns. Funny how other police forces don’t feel the need to shoot people.

The USA murdered around 80 000 of its own people between 1965 and 1975;in the same time the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese army only managed to kill 56 000 USAians.


You can always tell when the toilets overflow. Sewer detritus like planet8788 come crawling out. What’s the matter cesspool breath, no Chomsky videos on YouTube to percolate over? So many cold war propaganda bs comments just lying about and not getting used. You must have felt as if you were going to burst.

By the way Hoss, that was a good line you used. Bemoaning all that violence, all that shooting violence…yet accusing anyone not acting like a dung pile of being “probably one of the same idiots that are for gun control…TOTALLY ILLOGICAL.” Ha, that was a good…illogical indeed. Apparently right wingers are as fond of contradictions as they are of privatization. Like police departments. But without the median income, and the benefits, including a union…and we just gotta’ do somethin’ about that retirement welfare stuff. Yep, privatize. Too much government putting their hands on our social security and medicare. Can you believe that stuff!? And just think, metaphorically speaking, with a bit more evolution you too will be able to exhibit irony. Oh, that’s right, you don’t believe in evolution, do you?

Psst, just between the two of us, Hoss, do you still get the hots over Ayn Rand? A lot of us white people with guns would really love to know. You know what I mean? And we’d all love to hear you thoughts on inbreeding. Because right wing culture was not as corrupted 70 years ago. You know what I mean? Well, hope to hear from you again when the plumbing acts up. F-L-U-S-H.


Thanks for the article. Very interesting. My guess about crime waves is quite simple; where one has poverty caused by “austerity” governments and Prime Ministers like maggot Thatcher, people get annoyed, or desparate, and steal etc. The UK was once a decent social democracy and I was never worried about walking in interesting places at night.


Having lived in the UK, I probably know a little bit more about the place than your good self. When the UK was “socialist” as you good Yankees like to imagine, between the years 1945 and 1979, it worked. Not perfectly, but it worked and it was a decent place to live in. Granted, Scandinavia did it better. However, within 3 years maggot Thatcher’s right-wing loony tune Reaganomic policies had increased poverty levels from 1.in 10 to 1 in 4, and had created unemployment levels equal to those of the Great Depression. And it just got worse. Poverty breeds anger, cynicism and crime and now there are two generations who know nothing but “austerity” and the comcomitant lack of hope and opportunity. THAT breeds trouble. It has nothing to do with quaint USAian ideas about “leftism” which seen from outside the USA are really rather peculiar. But then, the USA is a peculiarly exceptional country that can’t even manage to organise a decent public health service because it is seen as “socialist” or “leftist”.


Among any ghettoized people crime occurs at disproportionate rates. It is the peculiarity of Fascists to take this fact and use it as justification for the deployment of yet further repression. That is certainly how it worked in Europe. Is this what you really want?