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Highlighting Trump's 'Promises Broken,' Sanders to Give Saturday Address on Biden's Plan for the Economy and Working Families

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/29/highlighting-trumps-promises-broken-sanders-give-saturday-address-bidens-plan


WTF? Is Biden too busy reassuring the banksters to deliver this address himself?


or possibly another attempt to keep Biden’s dementia under wraps for a while longer.

Bernie, tells us more about how Biden wants to keep the parasitic health industry intact while making Healthcare ‘affordable’ … for people that have no jobs.


The speech must have been over 15 minutes, and we all know that Joe’s public appearances are kept at 15 or less, and of course he always seems to have a chaperone.
We are going to see a shit show.


you’re correct. Ol Joe never seem to be there alone for very long anymore Hmmm…


Jilly always seems to be there, squeezing his hand to let him know when it’s time to shut up, or move on. My wife used to do the same thing during the last year of her fathers life, letting him know when he was starting to sound a little crazy with just a subtle look or hand squeeze.
Oh well. If he can win by giving little 8 minute speeches from his den, I say let him. But boy, I worry about debates. Of course those may never happen as we have seen Trumps people began to insinuate this week that they may want changes to the format.
How uniquely American in 2020. Both political parties fear putting their senile old candidates in a public forum where they may not be able to control the narrative.


The prospect of Kamala Harris serving as our next Dick Cheney gives me the heebie geebies.


they’re never going to like you Bernie. But by all means, keep trying. Maybe you can get Secretary of Silly Walks.


My biggest fears seem to be coming to fruition. The democrats find themselves running the same playbook they did in 2016. Hide their candidate. Limit pubic appearances (remember Hillary’s excuse was pneumonia or something) and march Bernie out to try and sheepdog progressives to the polls.
Remember folks, Hillary was up by a similar margin after the conventions four years ago. She then went on to run a very low energy campaign, all but ignoring black (and especially) Hispanic voters, and taking progressives for granted. Her poor performances in the debates and Jim Comey calling her out in October, along with Trump running to her left, sealed her fate.
Just a reminder folks. In 2016, Bernie made more campaign appearances for Hillary than she did for herself. Yet, after the election, the party apparatchiks blamed Bernie and progressives for her loss. They are warming up to do the same thing this year. If Biden loses we progressives will be vilified.


The focus of many including Bernie is to rid us of the pathology and critical dangers of trump & co - most knew Joe was, and is, not up the task, especially of confronting trump, who will likely eat his lunch, and if not for neoliberal stooge and despicable uncle-tom Jim Clyburn we might have been in a very different political place now.

"if Biden is elected, the progressive movement will not give him an easy ride. “We are a fire and the fire is burning and making it very clear that business as usual is not going to be accepted. We’ve got two dragons to slay as I see them for leftists, and that is to slay the dragon of neo-fascism and then slay the dragon of neo-liberalism. - Nina Turner

"Cornell West says he voted for Stein in 2016, which he does not regret, but will vote for Biden this time “because I consider myself part of an antifascist coalition to push the gangster out of the White House. But a vote for Biden is in no way an endorsement of the neoliberal disaster that his policies will produce. It’s just a way of preserving the condition for the possibility of any kind of democratic practice in the United States”


~https://peoplesparty.org/ - People’s Party Convention link


Bernie’s walk isn’t nearly silly enough at this point. But maybe there are Zoom seminars, to brush up.

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I can’t wait to see the “means tested” hoop-jumping gobbledygook plans biden/harris and the DNC come up with.

Got my popcorn ready - or should i say “cornpop”?


Ah, and here we have it. Americans really do want socialism when they’re told what it means for them and their lives, only they’ve been brain washed by both political parties that they don’t because socialism is a dirty word. And of course Americans swallow the Wall Street Capitalist conservative BS slander hook line and sinker. Why, because the average voter has an attention span shorter than a gold fish combined with an average reading comprehension level somewhere between the likes of palin and drumpf! And certainly Biden can’t be seen moving to the left, because it would raise the ire of the clinton camp. Besides, he’s counting on conservative voters many of who won’t show up for him now that there’s a black woman on the ticket. And, and, still no mention of student loan forgiveness which could mean as many as 14 million votes based on the 2008 turnout when compared to 2012. Damn donkeys still trying to figure out a way to finish second in a must win race.


Also if Biden were to win, despite deploying all the heavy artillery of hidebound DNC incompetence – in that unlikely event we also would be vilified. The dice are loaded against us, apparently.

Possibly behind the scenes of the usual stage-managed Democrat defeat, some are worried about the electoral alternatives sprouting up in USA’s cities, today. Who knows, we could even see Big Labor wake up to Basketball’s example (nah, that’s a stretch, I know). Push seems to be coming to shove: either democracy itself is permanently surrendered, even as an aspiration, to preserve the status quo tragic trajectory, or else some very angry people in USA will wind up with more access to power than before.

It’s balanced on a knife’s edge, and just can’t keep hanging in the same uneasy equilibrium I’ve seen all my life. It has to go one way or the other, pretty much right now.


In other words: KABUKI


I doubt Biden even finishes a first term. So there’s that


It makes sense… Bernie is more liked and - more importantly - more trusted than Biden or Clinton with most demographics.

The Democratic Party is run by a nest of vampires. They will suck the life out of Left movements and feed us back more war, cops, privatization and austerity … but governed by women and people of color who acknowledge that science is a real thing. So, you know, it’s all good.


Just FYI

Bernie Sanders’s Five-Year War

How he lost and where we go from here.



Shylock Schumer laid out the DNC’s strategy four years ago - escort progressives to the dance, then ditch us and spend the rest of the evening flirting with the Never Trumpers.

It’s enough to make you want to go full-blown Carrie on the party.


Well Kamala did run for POTUS, looks like she may get her wish.