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Highlighting Western Victims While Ignoring Victims of Western Violence


Highlighting Western Victims While Ignoring Victims of Western Violence

Glenn Greenwald

For days now, American cable news has broadcast non-stop coverage of the horrific attack in Brussels. Viewers repeatedly heard from witnesses and from the wounded. Video was shown in a loop of the terror and panic when the bombs exploded. Networks dispatched their TV stars to Brussels, where they remain.


As for me, I think it will be awesome when Bernie Sanders is droning and bombing in the name of imperialism, oops, I mean humanitarianism. Feel the burn!


My Lai woke a lot of Americans up to the reality of war. They've been lulled back to sleep and the M$M is under instructions not to awaken them again.


Right and thanks for the opportunity to reintroduce a true American hero who was decent enough to speak truth to power and suffered mightily for it. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugh_Thompson,_Jr.


My guess here:

Since there were almost no terrorist attacks for ten years after 911, the MIC is trying to invent a new generation of terrorist children, growing up in the ruins. Trillions in Fake War Budgets and HomeLand Stupidity Scams depend on it!

Sanders says he wants to reduce our military engagements in the Middle East and have the Muslim governments take care of radicalization themselves. That folks, is as peaceful a prospect as we are ever likely to see in this violent world.

Donald "Hair-Dump" by contrast, says he wants to expand the military and the police state at home. The Red Queen, "OFF with their heads-Clinton!" is even more dangerous judging from her bomb-happy performance as Secretary of State. She's going to get us into a world war and assure our extinction via global warming. Nothing heats up the planet like war. Nothing.

After he gets in there, Bernie may go full Dove. Take the gamble folks! You aren't going to get another candidate like Bernie Sanders in a million years.



I just find it very difficult to fully comprehend the attitude of Americans- It is as though Human life only exists between the Rio Grande and the upper reaches of Canada- All of these innocent Civilians that are bombed and droned are like extras in A movie cast, expendable and after all, dark skinned and not really Christians anyhow-
I jumped in this big braggart's face at the Casino A year or so ago, while bragging about killing A Viet Cong, just in the nick of time- The conversation went to all of our boys killed over there and I mentioned the fact that about 3 million innocent South East Asians died in that War, and he just shrugged his shoulders and said "so"- I lit into him and told him they had lives too and their lives were every bit as precious to them as ours were to us- I almost wish I'd have knocked some barnacles off of this big slob...
How do you even begin to reason with such garbage as this?
This is the attitude of far too many out there, and names like gook, slopes, rag heads are only meant to dehumanize them so that they are more easily expendable.... It is one SICK World we all live in....


I read on my facebook page....words to the effect of be thankful for the soldiers who bring about peace....I commented that saying is backwards...
but now we are propagandized to believe that soldiers are the "peacekeepers" and "heroes"...
Orwell would be chagrined to see how his prophecy has come true....


Belgium & France avoided war with Iraq when "W" was POTUS. Now that Obama is POTUS, they've moved closer to the USA. Those 2 nations used to be much calmer than they are now. The West kills far more people outside the West than anyone that kills people in the West. We hear very little about it. The Western media focuses much more on Western victims. They talked about 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, other attacks in France, the recent attacks in Brussels much more than they talked about Abu Ghraib, the war in Yemen, Afghan, Iraqis & Syrians killed by Westerners & the victims of drone attacks.


And, as you may well know, Nick Turse's recent Kill Everything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam documents--from the Defense Department's own files--how there were many dozens of My Lai's, not to mention the more prosaic aerial bombardment day in and day out for years on end, completely indiscriminate mass killing as intentional "counterinsurgency" strategy. That "war" (killing machine) has only spread, it never ended.


You were likely talking to a brick wall, but there were other ears hearing the echoes, and witnessing how a human being speaks up for basic humanity, for caring about people. Thank you!


Yes Apples, there many in that room that agreed with me, most all- This guy comes around and tells this story every so often and I just had enough of his BS-
At times I think the guy feels bad about what he did but doesn't realize how much it bothers him- I have never heard anyone, other than him, brag about what they did in Viet Nam-


By president Nixon and Henry Kissenger. Kissinger, Hillary's friend and someone she admires.


Enough already of what the media does. We know that, we see it everyday. We need more of why and who is behind the scene controlling the narrative.


They are the same force that doesn't cover Bernie Sanders and dozens of other news stories where common people rise up. They are a handful of corporate media organizations that own over 60% of broadcast markets, whose only goal is profit. Rather than informing us, they're infotaining us--to death.

Best thing I ever did was cutting the cable cord to my TV. People would actually be better informed if they quit listening to the Corporate Owned News (CON) all together. At least they would have their common sense in tact, and they wouldn't be paying to be made ill-informed.


Unfortunately many Americans believe that they have the right to do any atrocities in any part of the world in the name of national security. Except a few intellectual persons majority of them are clueless because MSM fully blinds them by delivering the misleading news. Since the nation never faced any wars in this land so they don't have any idea how devastating it could be. Due to economic downturn, now a significant number of young people realize and become acquianted about the real news through the internet. But the misadventure and misexpenditure in the name of national security will go on until the large population would change it. It wouldn't be easy. First thing to be done is to stop the lobbying. Just take a look and you would see that by effective lobbying, the most heinous group in earth, AIPAC is controlling a large and most mighty nation like this one. How dare they could be when six out of ten citizens do not want to send any free aids at the expense of taxpayers' money especially when act so belligerant way. Besides the arrogant racist leaders of that country show no remorse to kill people and destroying their homes.


Thanks, EOW. I liked Bernie's response better than Trump's:


Yes, the US has bombed some fourteen Muslim nations since 1980 and Mr. Sanders has consistently voted to fund these activities since the Clinton administration.


One of the most important lessons any of us should learn in childhood is that anybody can hurt anybody. The strongest bully in the playground can be brought down by a rock thrown by his tiniest victiim as soon as his back is turned. Children who are terribly abused by larger and stronger adults will sometimes set fire to the adult's bed while they're sleeping. The point is that angry kids will find a way to inflict pain or even death on those who are far stronger physically.

This is the pattern of human behavior that Greenwald describes here. When a nation like the U.S. uses its high tech military to inflict pain and death on people who lack those weapons, they will find the equivalent of a rock in the playground and throw it. Or the book of matches to set fire to our beds.

In everyday life, most of us understand that you cannot hurt people, or even be rude to them on the highways, without the risk that they will strike back in some way. Unfortunately, as a nation we fail to understand this fundamental reality.


Is there a comparison between battle focused 19th century warfare and modern warfare? 'Devasted' to me means having your cities reduced to a pile of rubble.with dismembered bits of innocent civilian dead bodies peeking out. The US got the tiniest of tastes of it in 9/11 and many Americans still talk about it now as though it was the worst thing that has ever happened in human history. Compared to Stalingrad or the Blitz, Dresden, Yemen, Aleppo etc etc etc it was a glimpse.


Not sure I'd call the US Civil War an industrial war. It was pretty similar to wars raging on in Europe around that period, not much different in battle-focused style from the Napoleonic Wars, Crimean War or Franco-Prussian War. The first Industrial War I'd say was WW1 in 1914. Mass civilian casualties and major urban destruction of whole cities through bombing developed subsequently. The romanticisation of war is always going to be a problem of those who've not experienced it first hand, hence we have Hollywood, truly juvenile in it's potrayal of war and macho heroes. There is some, but little, equivalent in European or World Cinema. Only the US could come up with Rambo!