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Highlights of Luntz Poll of American CEOs Shows Broad Support for Progressive Policies


Highlights of Luntz Poll of American CEOs Shows Broad Support for Progressive Policies

Mary Bottari

When considering American CEOs as a category, "empathetic" is not the first word that comes to mind. Yet, the fact that these top executives have empathy for their workers is a major take away from a closed-door webinar about a new poll taken by LuntzGlobal, the polling firm of promient GOP pollster Frank Luntz.

The polled executives want to raise the wage, expand paid sick and maternity leave, and support predictive scheduling. Their desire to "keep health care costs low for American families" far outstrips their opposition to the Affordable Care Act.


"CMD was provided with a copy of..." (Third paragraph.)

This was the point in my reading of this article where I had to ask myself how stupid was I not to know what CMD was. Can we, as well intentioned individuals, please edit our articles for readability? Yes, I was able to scroll down and discern what CMD represented, but should I have been forced to do so? Let's revive the editorial process. This reply detracts from the narrative because I was distracted from the narrative. Please keep me focused on such important messages.



I suspect the C men and women are getting worried about being at the wrong end of a pitchfork.


Interesting also that CEOs in local and regional companies - presumably actually HIRING people in their communities have their feet to the fire on REAL ECONOMICS. Very much a matter of 'scale' and balances of living people and direct impacts. Compare Halliburton and Blackwater; Shell and BP - operations that have become almost entirely dissociated from the real meaning oikos- they're profiteers of the chaos of IDEOLOGY of DOMINATION.


One of the problems with these types of polls is that CEOs that answer them see their answers as being Public Relations.

CEOS of a firm like Wall Mart are going to give all of the "right answers" because they are afraid the Public would get a hold of those answers and they want to give a positive spin to Wal Mart as an employer and a place to do business.

The target audience for this PR spin is not only the Public at large but the worker as well. If you want examples of this go to the Wal mart site or the Macdonalds site and read all of the "Career opportunity" sections. They all make it look like the greatest place in the world to work.

If employers and CEOS really wanted all of these things they would give them so for the life of me I can not see how any study can conclude CEO's as "progressives".


Right. So this article shows that many of the changes that ALEC and others are pushing for are really for the 1% and not for the majority of business owners. Interesting!


I congratulated John Queally for putting up this story in the News segment, and Mary B, et al should be congratulated here.

The inequality that has been nurtured and entrenched makes it easy for us on the bottom to suspect honest sentiment for some sort of attempting to please PR response. This is a mistake. Many small to medium business persons recognize the rottenness of the system. They are as trapped in it as everyone else. Play by the rules being promulgated by the 1% or become road kill on the business highway. Small to medium employers are sick of dealing with a hostile, disgruntled, and ever-shifting workforce (looking for greener pastures and many circling back again.)

I haven't read all of this slowly and carefully yet, but I did not notice any mention of that polling asking about support for Universal Single-Payer Health Care. I suspect the support for that would have been even more lopsided than for the other issues. This year Fed reporting requirements attached to the ACA kicked in and have placed a huge time and cost burden on all employers. Many local CPA firms don't want to touch this for their business clients with a ten foot pole, and even those that will (for exorbitant fees) don't really understand the convoluted rules. The ACA has actually worsened the situation for business owners.


I assume you are being sarcastic. The majority of business owners and the "one percent" are pretty much the same thing.


You and Suspira make good points, but sometimes it works the other way too. Our local union-busting corporate hospital monopoly "UPMC" recently announced it will (over 5 years) raise its minimum wage to $15 per hour (although if they are counting already existing fringe benefits that will mean no raise at all). But that was only in response to polls showing that UPMC and its CEO Romoff are pretty much the most hated corporation/person in the whole rust belt.


OK, CEOs. what's stopping you?


Yunzer: what the article says is that most CEOs do not agree with the positions of the CofC. Most business owners have small businesses - that's what runs this country - but they don't have the clout of the fewer big guys.


Yes, almost all "small business owners" I've met are some of the most extremist, union-hating and Ayn-Randite, of them all. They are the core of the "Tea Party". And most of these "small business" owners are, if not in the top 1% ($400 to $500K per year) are in the top 5% (@200k/yr).

Note by "small business owners" I don't mean the swelling numbers of precarious "independent contractors" (aka "1099 employees" or "Schedule C filers"), or the occasional urban hipster/anarchist-cooperative bookstore of coffeehouse or art space types.