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'Highly Disturbing': Facebook Blocks Viral Video Outlets Critical of US Foreign Policy and Corporate Media

'Highly Disturbing': Facebook Blocks Viral Video Outlets Critical of US Foreign Policy and Corporate Media

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Journalists and advocates of press freedoms are once more directing outrage and criticism at Facebook for selectively censoring pages on its platform and refusing to explain the reason behind a decision that appears to many as a clear double standard applied to outlets critical of U.S. foreign policy and corporate interests.

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Common Dreams have been fairly consistent in their critical coverage of neo-McCarthyism as far as I can tell. Can you point to articles where they have attacked Russia, RT or other foreign media?

The charges that the Obama Administration filed to try and extradite (render) Julian Assange relate to documents released and supplied by Chelsea Manning. No charges have been filed against Assange or Wikileaks concerning the Mueller or DOJ investigation into the 2016 election. If you view Wikileaks as deserving of journalism protections, then their exposing the emails, no matter the source, is probably not illegal under US law.

Facebook’s days are numbered.

The Government Nazis are having Facebook do their dirty work.

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An insidious part of Russiagate - writ large - is the suppression of dissent. Thanks for publishing this.

I used to debate whether to open a Facebook account, as everyone I’ve ever known has retreated to using it exclusively to stay in touch. I never could bring myself to do it and now I am certain that I never will. RT, AJ, TeleSur are all news sources that I find much more reputable and professional than American MSM. Trump isolates only himself with his attacks on the press, and FB has chosen the same path.

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I always looked at FB as an ego stroker, and gossip venue. I figured that if I can resist grabbing a National Inquirer at the grocery counter, I can do without FB, and have. Full disclosure: I still use a flip phone, and usually it stays at home turned off.

Good logic.

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