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"Highly Secure"? Security Guards at US Nuclear Weapons Base Used LSD


"Highly Secure"? Security Guards at US Nuclear Weapons Base Used LSD

Jon Queally, staff writer

There are a lot of safe and responsible places people have found over the years to ingest hallucigens in order to experience their pleasures and explore the challenges their potent properties can present, but it's a judgement statement to declare that a U.S. military base which houses some of the world's most powerful atomic weapons would qualify as such a place.


Looking through that window pane…far out man.
People got really weird, I hear, in Nam doin’ that sorta thing.
Spooky story, hope there are no ghosts left about.


Sounds perfectly normal. Why wouldn’t they take LSD?

What sounds insane?

Let’s make nuclear weapons.


Could be a good thing. Maybe they could get some insights on the larger picture of the nightmarish reality of nuclear weapons.


Lysergic acid diethylamide is a much safer substance than enriched plutonium or uranium

(and the music was so much better in the 60’s and 70’s !!)


Dose the world and get rid of war.


Truly, how many times in the last 50 years have you heard of anyone doing something ‘really’ stupid while on psychedelics? Twice…three times, maybe?


Anybody thought this might be leftover stock from the CIA ?
But seriously, this is the result of the War on Drugs, most hard drugs are undetectable after a few hours in a urine test, marijuana can be up to 45 days. This is what has pushed so many people towards hard and prescription drugs.


LSD or endless war? Which is worse?


Morons, If they Only knew.

Can’t imagine how much infrastructure was built “under the influence”

Course Prosac and Zoloft are okay…Right?

And the approved standby…AllCall for Alcohol.


Even incoming NRA president Oliver North—his treason, his war crimes and his cocaine trafficking aside—had this right: 90% of school shooters were on one or more FDA-approved, legally prescribed and legally dispensed psychiatric drugs at the time of their crimes.


Not to mention having Trump as “Commander-in Chief” with the aiding and abetting of war mongers Bolton and Pompeo.


Insane, this is the kind of stuff you would hear in some Twilight Zone-like fiction, though I guess to be fair if I had to spend my days guarding weapons that I know anytime could be ordered to incinerate the world I would probably take something to loosen my mind too.


Damn straight.


Anyone doubting the absolute and utter failure of every layer of every stinking government agency is a loser of such magnitude they should be deported from Earth.


maybe they used LSD to alter the reality of the jobs they had


Well, there ya go.

Thank you!


A lot of downtime in the military services. In Vietnam one hooch was filled with heroin users and nobody in charge cared. 100 pre-rolled cannabis joints cost $10. Taking and keeping the edge off.


My bud and his shipmates did LSD on board the USS Oriskany during the Vietnam War. It was pretty widespread at the time. Duh.