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'Highly Significant' Victory as European Human Rights Court Green-Lights Youth Climate Lawsuit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/30/highly-significant-victory-european-human-rights-court-green-lights-youth-climate


The young are mad, this is great! Rip at your elders!


Indeed. Rip up the ruling class or RIP.


Saying NO to a toxic world for profit is a NO BRAINER! Power and good fortunes to these kids! Let the first domino fall.


I may not be young in years but I love and join their righteous anger. This is an existential crisis we ALL face along with the nuclear menace. And along with climate, ecological destruction we have unleashed pandemics.


This is just great. Its important to recognize the significance of lawsuits against these thieves for stealing our planet.

Which is murder against all of us.

Earth is all of ours, its also all animals’ PROPERTY.

Corporations are trying to steal as much and as fast as they can of it, in their global theft campaign which is being pushed by countries like the US, UK and many other captured nations, which were never intended to become fronts for corporations - As they must represent people, not non-people.

Humans here in the US are no longer represented as corporations have expropriated everything, as part of a global theft attack, BUT corporations are legal fictions and do not and can not speak for anybody except their non-human, money obsessed, amoral, non-human-or-animal-existent selves.

They are not even conscious, and should not be entrusted with anything. They have no responsibility, they were created to evade responsibility.

On the other hand, all living things are literally holy because we carry the spark of life and consciousness and empathy, and we ALL MUST have OWNERSHIP RIGHTS IN PLANET EARTH.

The global theft campaign must end.


Coincides with the ICC efforts to define and criminalize Ecocide

Keep on Walking, Keep on Talking
Marching down to Freedom Land


People have no idea how organized and destructive this theft of democracy globally is. None of these thefts are reverse-able, they cancel out voters and make it so we have no standing in anything. The result is this theft of the whole planet while we are distracted with histrionics.

This is the US’s hidden agenda now, facilitating the theft of the planet by corporations. We need to restore democracy. Moving the deck chairs on the Titanic around should fool nobody.

The lifeboats have been stolen!


It would appear that these kids may and do. And by going to court are in fact trying to shout it out at the top of their lungs to those who don’t get it, and may never get it. N’est ce pas?


I am having second thoughts because I realized that these schemes may be just another way to take taxpayers money. What exactly do they want to be done? As far as I know the only way we reduce GHGs is by not burning them.

Corporatiions are skillful beyond most’s imagination in sucking up tax money into a black hole of deceit.

Yeah, that too.

While I haven’t read the lawsuit, hold corporations liable and force them to stop I would imagine.

Stop what, and how?

As they say, the devil is in the details. Here is what I am afraid of, these days, absolutely nothing is what it claims to be.

Here in the US, schemes that claim to be green have a great potential of being disasters for all people, because they cause churn. Churn from so called redevelopment due to higher prices will almost certainly make tens of million people homeless if we stay on the opathe we’re on now because they will have to move to aniother aopartment. These days affordable rents are tied to one apartment, the one the long term tenant is living in now. If they have to move because that old building is obsolete and has to be replaced, there will be no affordable apartment to replace it, that is simply impossible. IMPOSSIBLE for 99% of those displaced. Because all apartments for rent cost a LOT more than the rent stabilized apartment they live in now. There is no way around this So that means that a very lucky few will suddenly have to make twice as much as they do now or become homeless and lose everything they own, or move in with relatives. And by far the vast majority of those displaced will find nothing, its literally impossible for them to find a place within an hour or more likely two driving time. But,m shit, they dont own a car or know how to drive. yes, a huge number of Americans dont own cars. They cant afford them, Up until now they have lived in cities. But…

large numbers of people will find that within just a few months, or maybe over two years not only themselves but their entire support network, family, friends, employers and co workers probably get the eviction notices themselves that their apartment building is going to be torn down too the next month. Because redevelopment is coming. Thats what happened in San Francisco when I was living there, a long time ago. And they did, huge parts of the city - the entire Fillmore district, it seems, and large parts of the Western Addition, were literally razed, it looked like it had been nuked. You can bet this will happen all across the US, to literally millions of people if the energy prices rise what they were predicting a few years ago.

Churn is like warfare, it always hurts the poor and enriches the already rich.

Okay lets save our climate. I’m going to try to decipher this on the fly.

Name some things we are going to do to address the disaster unfolding on Planet Earth. Pick any scheme you want to save our precious planet.

Its the biggest emergency ever so we should spare no expense.

(note this is an attempt to point out some of the problems with this approach, I am not trying to denigrate the very real need to reverse this trend, however, I am trying to actually address this, not just spend money or just move around the GHGs, which is a very very real danger.)

For example, exporting fossil fuels just means they get burnt somewhere else, adding to the GHG burden.

We should know that lots of political insiders have huge investments in these companies and they have no intention of reducing any kind of pollution. However, they are world experts in stealing the taxpayers money.

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Public Relations Theater -

Blow some smoke around and abracadabra,
Nothing will change and everyone is happy.

A fitting choice of verse to quote.

With jobs, even ones here in the US being funneled to the labor exporting countries in large numbers, Social Security and Medicare likely being privatized, the cost of energy likely rising a lot, and the nations existing affordable apartments being redeveloped out of existence, looks like its going to be a real disaster for a lot of people.

Hey folks, better become millionaires quickly, or find a normal folks friendly country. Soon, before the rush.

So, my prediction of Trumps wall likely ending up keeping Americans in will likely hold true, sooner rather than later.

Please don’t expect these schemes to create jobs for Americans, they are likely being promised away in the soon to be pending again environmental goods agreement.

This is why actual Democrats need to leave the Democratic Party or resign themselves to spending their lives being props in a movie featuring our country’s theft and self destruction in order to become chum for global corporations.

What is it that we haven’t fucked up? Can anybody name anything?

We’ve been bamboozled by these creeps in every way, fooled by dishonest fake politicians.

The five senses and thought.

We could collectively quit using money thereby removing the motive.